ECW TV report


ECW TV Report for the 3 March


The show starts with video package of last week's title match, which was a really good, back and forth match, especially for TV. I particularly enjoyed the psychology of Christian's hand which although could be considered Wrestling 101 is something that isn't done enough by some members of the WWE roster.


Singles Match

Kane V The Boogeyman

Since this show the Boogeyman has released which although is probably for the better as he was doing relatively nothing however is a strange time to do it after giving him this match against Kane.


The match starts with Kane nicely accepting The Boogeyman’s worms, or maybe not as he drops then and delivers a brutal RIGHT HOOK. The beat down ensues with a low dropkick leading to 2 count. A scoop and a slam leads to a ducked flying clothesline. The Boogeyman looks to capitalise and delivers what a Stinger Splash before running into the big boot. The Boogeyman then gets some offence in to little crowd reaction before going to the top rope only to be caught coming down and his WWE career is ended with a chokeslam.


To be honest, I never saw much in the Boogeyman, he was a clear gimmick wrestler however WWE never seemed to sell merchandise or sell his gimmick in that way, which in some senses gave him no real purpose.


2:11 Pin


Singles Match – Money In the Bank Qualifying Match

Mark Henry V Santino Marella


Well who’s going to win this I just don’t know. Santino tells Henry that Women love his physique and he could have been in Baywatch and saved people, but no one could save Henry.


Henry hits Santino, who immediately runs to the outside. Back inside Santino hits Henry to no reaction and Henry quickly finishes with the World’s Strongest Slam.


The Money In The Bank is usually a spot on the Wrestlemania card that never disappoints and where I could have seen them getting away with Kane, Mark Henry is another matter completely. I can only hope they fill the remaining spots with both acrobatic and worthy superstars of such a match. That’s unless they decide to put Umaga and Festus in it too.

1:06 Pin


A Raw Recap follows with Orton/Triple H's feud becoming better every week. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had doubts about it when it first surfaced, especially after the interview Triple H did on Smackdown, however it's quickly regained it's form and after this great segment on Raw could be an interesting feud up until and after Wrestlemania.


Singles Match

Alicia Fox (w/ DJ Gabriel) V Natalya (w/ Tyson Kidd)


Before the match, Striker tells us that Natalya is the Anvilette, and brings a Cornucopia of styles to the ring. A belly to back slam starts us off which is responded to by a headlock and then a flying headlock. Reversals are exchanged before a dropkick sends Natalya scurrying to Tyson Kidd and the ropes. Natalya quickly regains advantage again with a Powerslam and works over Fox with the Abdominal Stretch.


Arm Drags and Slaps are exchanged before Alicia Fox uses a Sunset Flip for the 2 count in the corner, a move which in my opinion has been used too much of recent. A rollup gets her another 2 before what looked like an attempted dropkick gets reversed into the SHARPSHOOTER and the Anvilette wins on her debut.


Tyson Kidd attempts to jump DJ Gabriel after the match, which earns him a Suplex onto the ropes followed by a EUROPEAN Uppercut sending him to the floor.  This has the makings of what could be a nice little feud with 2 young new superstars with Diva to match.


3:04 Submission


Plug for John Cena’s new movie 12 Rounds, in which Striker asks Grisham “Is that really your best Segway?”


Bill Watts to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


6 Man Tag Team Match

Jack Swagger, John Morrisson & THE Miz V Christian, Finlay & Tommy Dreamer


So it’s the Champions versus the, err…Non Champions? Swagger won’t even wrestle Dreamer so THE Miz does his posing followed by some punches to Dreamer who responds with a Neckbreaker and then proceeds to drive Miz’s head into Finaly’s boot. Finlay is tagged in and the beating ensues. However the turnbuckle striking Finlay is enough to send him to the outside and a baseball slide attempt from THE Miz means him getting all tangled up in the ring cover. Swagger doesn’t like this one bit and while the referee tries to calm him down Hornswoggle gives the most pushed tag team in the company a Lope, which takes them both out. And on that puzzling note we go to a break.


We come back to see THE Miz still getting worked over (can’t a guy catch a break?) and Christian gets tagged in to a nice pop.  Some punches and kicks are exchanged before a Spinning Heel Kick sends THE Miz down. Dreamer gets tagged in, hits a double team manoeuvre and then immediately loses control as Miz gets the tag to John Morrisson. An Arm Drag, and then what looks like a Powerslam/Belly to Belly move means its Dreamers time to fly, and as he ascends to the second rope tells THE Miz to “Back Off” before receiving a Huuuge Kick from Morrisson to send him outside of the ring.


Swagger gets tagged in and proceeds to work over Dreamer’s, well everything. Swagger is out however as THE Miz is tagged in and Punches & Pin attempts follow before a chin lock is used. During this Swagger actually puts his fingers to his lips and tells the crowd to “Shhhh”.  A Bulldog into the turnbuckle gets a 2 count before Morrisson is tagged and a Double Back Body Drop. Now Swagger is in and applies the waistlock but Dreamer quickly gets out with a Sunset Flip for a 2. Dreamer gets to his feet only to be met with a thunderous belly to belly. However Swagger pulls a Big Show and does the move that none complete that Corner Slingshot Splash.


It’s a race for the tag and Swagger tags Morrisson only to have Dreamer kick him away and tag Christian. Now here’s a confrontation I wouldn’t mind seeing some more of. Punches. Slaps. Back Body Drop. Morrisson then sends Christian into Finlay and tries a Spinning Kick but walks into a Reverse DDT, which also see’s Christian ducking THE Miz’s clothesline and sending him to the floor. Counters and reversals are exchanged in the corner before, an…if you must, Sunset Flip for a 2 count.


A Moonlight Drive attempt then an Unprettier attempt before Christian is thrown into the Turnbuckle. He avoids being smashed and delivers impressive looking Tornado DDT. Christian delivers a hit to Swagger and then Dreamer pulls him off the apron in a spot that looked quite messy. Diving HEADBUTT connects and THE Miz breaks up the pin at 2 before Finlay clobbers him over the top rope dramatically flinging himself over as well.


We finish with Morrisson missing his SPRINGBOARD KICK and running into an Unprettier/Kill Switch. However Swagger had tagged himself in and delivers a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB to seal the win.


8:50 Pin


Final Thoughts:

Overall not a bad show by any means, although it could have been better. I’m usually quite happy with ECW’s amount of wrestling and today was no exception.  I’m hopeful of Natalya’s future, as she is one of a few Divas who can really wrestle. The Main event was decent although I’m unsure whether putting Jack Swagger over was the right thing. However lets hope for a nice feud going into Wrestlemania with hopefully a repeat of last week’s match there.



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