AAA TV report featuring KENTA

AAA on Galavision

By: Xavier Hernandez

Show aired on: 03/07/2009


The show opens with Dr. Alfonso Morales complaining how the announcers have not been paid for nine straight shows. Rivera interrupts him saying not to talk trash about Konnan, and Zuniga says this will be solved soon because Konnan is sure to be fired very soon. Back to the usual summary of last week's show: The Apaches continued their battle with Billy and the Morenos. Konnan is making a good use of his latest signees "La Hermandad". Vampiro removed the belt from Chessman, but he got a Spinebuster from Chessman in response. Mesias and friends defeated the Legion, but he ended up crushed through a table by Chessman. For this show, Konnan assures someone from the AAArmy will betray the team. Plus Mesias faces Chessman, KENTA returns, and your usual TV main event tag match as well.



*Pretaped Segment: Konnan tells Zorro that someone from the AAArmy will betray them and join the Legion tonight. But he still pissed off, because people are accusing him of fraud, and that’s why he blames Zorro. Konnan says that’s why he hired the Hermandad, to help generate more profit, and Zorro says he can also manage that profit, but Konnan says "no thanks". Konnan says he already has enough problems with Marisela Roldan. The spy Rivera tells the Legion that Roldan just arrived to the arena. The Legion asks Rivera to handle Roldan himself. Rivera says he just became "Roldan's Nightmare". Konnan finally tells Zorro to finish X-Pac, but Zorro goes crazy and says he doesn't want more blood in his hands. NO, NO, NOOOO!



1) Mini Charlie Manson, Octagoncito & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Chessman, Mini Psicosis & Mini Histeria


-Only Fall: Octagon and Chessman open with some nice take downs. Many tags are made, with back and forth action, but the rudos suddenly snap for the triple team attack. Manson makes the comeback with a double dropkick for Psicosis and Chessman. Psicosis lands outside and Octagon hits a Legsplit Moonsault. Divina also attacks Histeria with a Diving Crossbody. In the ring, Manson pins Chessman with the Northern Lights Suplex.


Winners: Mini Charlie Manson, Octagoncito & Mascarita Divina


-Aftermath: Konnan and the Hermandad show up to destroy the mini tecnicos. Konnan insults the crowd once again with heavy words. Nicho talks in english, but Lider tells himnot to speak like that, because the corwd doesn't even speak english. Konnan says anyone that wants to wrestle in his company, will have to pay a price. Konnan addresses Marisela in the crowd, but Roldan gets in front of him, and throws a beverage in his face. Konnan says he won't be in charge of Roldan, but Rivera will. Konnan wants Roldan to stay and watch, to see the betrayal that is about to take place. Somewhere else, Manson and the Minis say they are tired of beign humilliated week after week by Konnan and the Legion. They will do something about it soon.



*Promo Video: This one hypes the heel turn of Billy, and how the Apaches are handling his attacks. Billy's purpose is to destroy the enitre family, for their rejections. Fabi says they will give Billy what he deserves.



2) Los Apaches (El Apahce, Fabi Apache & Mari Apache) vs. Billy Boy, El Oriental & Cinthia Moreno


-Only Fall: Both teams use several double team maneuvers to punish each other. The heels suddenly take control of the match, use various triple team moves. The Morenos tape Fabi's arms to the ropes. The Morenos accidentally hit Billy, and the comeback begins. Apache tries the comeback, but he gets busted opne instead by Billy. Mari's arms are also taped, and Billy uses a chair to choke Apache. The referee awards the DQ to the Apaches for excessive punishment from the heels with a foreign weapon.


Winners (DQ): El Apahce, Fabi Apache & Mari Apache



*Pretaped Segment: D-Mex talk about their opponents: Tiger and KENTA. Waltman says Parka and Silver will cover the Hermandad, so he can finally puts his hands on Zorro. Waltman also tells his comrades to watch out for the possible betrayal from someone.



3) D-Generation MEX (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov) vs. Extreme Tiger & KENTA


-Only Fall: Easily the best match of the night, and the best match of the month. Back and forth action from all men, with various aerial and striking maneuvers. Romero connects Tiger with a sick suicide dive, while Koslov hits a beautiful Diving Plancha on KENTA. Fisherman Suplex by KENTA on Koslov, but Romero breaks the pin with a dropkick to the face. Romero hits a sick Implant DDT on KENTA, but Tiger breaks it. Koslov locks the Crippler Crossface on Tiger, while Romero locks the Ankle Lock on KENTA, until Zorro appears. The foreings are distracted, and this allows Tiger to pin Koslov wih Air Tiger, and KENTA  to pin Romero with the Go To Sleep.


Winners: Extreme Tiger & KENTA


-Aftermath: In the middle of the match, the Hermandad cut a small promo, saying they will take out Parka and friends.



*Pretaped Segment: Parka talks to Silver, and says he doesn't believe that anyone will betray AAA. Silver suggests Waltman might turn on them, but Parka is sure he's not the one. Silver basically sells out to Parka, saying he supports AAA for everything.



4) La Parka, Silver King & X-Pac vs. Zorro, Joe Lider & Nicho El Millonario


-Only Fall: Regular TV main event match, with the exception that this is not the true main event of the show. Heels ambush the tecnicos, tecnicos make the comeback, Nicho pins Silver with his feet on the rope, and it's over.


Winners: Zorro, Joe Lider & Nicho El Millonario


-Aftermath: D-MEX arrives to attack the heels, and track down a scared Zorro. Waltman is seconds away from using the kendo on Zorro, until Silver kings stops them and attack the tecnicos. This makes Silver King  the traitor to the AAArmy, and new member of the Legion. With the help of the Hermandad, Silver smashes a lightbulb into Parka's head. Konnan arrives to the ring, and tells Roldan his AAArmy gets weaker everyday. Konnan assures there is ANOTHER member of the AAArmy that will betray them, and join the Legion very soon. Silver gets in the mic, and insults the crowd. Silver swears Roldan will end up in the hospital again. The crowd throws garbage to the ring, to show their disgust towards Silver. Somewhere else, Parka cries about Silver's unexpected betrayal and wants to know why did he do it. Waltman says he will get Zorro very soon, even if it is the last thing Waltman does. Parka is tired of so many betrayals.



*Promo Video: This one hypes the revived feud between Chessman and Mesias. Chessman claims he is the most underrated person in the company, but Mesias tells him to stop crying about it, and be a man. Chessman is simply "Chessman", but Mesias will teach him a lesson.Mesias says he had many great battles with Chessman, but this time, their battle will be different.



5) Mesias vs. Chessman


-Only Fall: Decent match, with two power guys going at it. The battle transfers to ringside, with heavy strikes from both men. Chessman brings chairs to the ring, and uses them to target Mesias' legs. Mesias makes the comeback with a Spinning DDT, but Chessman kicks out. Chessman replies with a Superkick, and takes the chairs again. Mesias kicks Chessman out of the ring, and connects with a suicide dive. The battle transfers to the crowd. The referee counts them both out.


Winner (Count Out) : DRAW


-Afternath: Both men climb to the upper bowl in the crowd section, to continue their battle. Mesias tosses Chessman off the upper bowl, and Chessman lands in a table, for a spectacular finish. This make Mesias look like the true winner of the match, and he celebrates with the crowd.




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