7-1-12 FREE Five Star Radio: MASSIVE UFC preview, not as wacky, pure analysis - best in the business

Bear witness to FREE STAR RADIO!!!! Yes, a massive 80 minute edition of the program that breaks down fights better than any other on earth - really. And this show is FREE for all! And in studio! Yes, Mike is back with what really is an excellent show. Spread the word to one and all because this massive show will break down the Silva v Sonnen fight in more detail, with more depth, than you'll find ANYWHERE else. No stone is un-turned. It is a fair and accurate appraisal of what has happened and what will happened. How each fighter has improved since 2010, the keys for each guy to win, why the first fight wasn't a fluke - for either fighter; and more more more! Then, Mike looks at the rest of the card: the other rematch no one's talking about; a few interesting upset-ish picks, and just tons of MMA talk. Rarely does this show pretend to be anything but ridiculous, but this really IS a good episode. It's accessible to new listeners and one and all are urged to give it a shot. Even if you didn't care for past shows, this one should make ya happy. And smarter than the average bear. AND IT IS FREE!!!!