Wrestlemania live coverage from Houston

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Welcome to our live coverage of Wrestlemania from Reliant Stadium in Houston.  We're looking for your thought son tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The pre-show match saw Carlito & Primo unify the tag team titles beat Miz & John Morrison.  Hot crowd, but big reactions for the near falls and the finish.  Morrison went for a suplex, but Primo got behind him and used the back stabber for the pin.

The one benefit is that clearly the big matches are going long tonight, as you've got eight matches, including the Divas match that has to be kept short, and nearly four years for them. 

Money in the Bank ladder match opens the PPV show.  Guess they've changed everything again. 

Thanks to Tazz leaving, the Spanish announcers are at ringside for the first time in a long time.  Anyone taking bets on which match destroys the table?

Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Kane, Mark Henry, MVP, Fit Finlay and C.M. Punk are in the match.

Kid Rock warming up so he's probably out early.

Punk won when he kicked Kane off the ladder after Kane shoved (supposed to be a choke slam) Christian off the ladder.  Some spectacular spots.  A few botched in the middle.  Kofi Kingston in particular did some great high flying spots, as did Shelton Benjamin.  Not the best Money in the Bank match, but really good opener.  

Kid Rock was there.  Welcome to Affliction: Banned

Divas Battle Royal was won by Santina, throwing out Beth Phoenix and Melina.  Santino in drag as Miss Wrestlemania.  This really sucked.  They gave no intros and most of the women like Sunny, Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, Molly Holly, etc. were in and out so quick that you actually never saw anyof them except Wilson.  Victoria got at least a little bit of camera time.  The announcers were ordered not to identify Santino even though it was clear who it was, pretending it was an unknown Diva. 

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat & Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka is next.  The build-up clips revolve around Mickey Rourke.

Now it's back to being called a handicap match instead of a gauntlet match.  I guess we'll see.  Flair came out wiht an intro.  Steamboat worked without his shirt and looks good for his age.  Frank Shamrock is at ringside with Mickey Rourke although not identified.

Jericho first beat Snuka with the crab.  Then he beat Piper with an enzuigiri.  It was horrible at that point.  Jericho vs. Steamboat had those moments where it was sad, but all things considered, Steamboat did some great near falls, sold well, but in the end Jericho pinned him after a codebreaker.  Then Flair came in and after a brief flurry, Jericho laid him out with  a codebreaker.  Jericho challenged Mickey Rourke.  They teased it for a long time.  Rourke got in and started boxing and knocked out Jericho with a left.  It was the Sports Center moment of the show, but it looked terrible.  I mean, like a joke.  Flair and Rourke celebrated together.  People didn't crap on it but it was that reaction of, "Oh, that was bad but we don't want to ruin it" reaction.

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy with  Extreme rules is next.    

Matt won by putting Jeff's head in a chair and using a twist of fate for the pin.  Jeff had just missed a leapfrog from an eight foot ladder over a ten foot ladder and missed a leg drop.  This was more one set up spot after another, with the big one being Matt being between two tables and Jeff doing a plancha onto the top ladder and through Matt and bottom ladder.  Good match, but crowd was quiet between spots and came off more like a good version of a garbage match than a great match.  They  also didn't give them enough time to have the match they wanted, but it was about the amount of time (13 minutes) you would expect they'd get. 

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio is next.  Mysterio pinned JBL in :21 with a 619 and splash off the ropes to win the title.   

JBL said he quit when the match was over.  It was done not to be emotional and to stay a heel.  I don't think anyone really believed it either, even though it's probably the case. 

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker is up.  Michaels had a cool entrance  

The match lived up to the hype as a genuine match of the year contender.  Of course Undertaker won, but it was spectacular, particularly the slow pacing of the last 12 minutes where they would build to near fall spots.  They kept kicking out of each other's big move, as Michaels kicked out of the choke slam and tombstone and Undertaker kicked out of the superkick.  The big move was Undertaker doing a dive over the top and Michaels moved and Undertaker crashed on a catcher posing as a cameraman.  They teased an injury and count out loss finish but Undertaker got back in.  Actual finish saw Michaels go for a moonsault block, and Undertaker caught him and then tombstoned him for the pin in just under 31:00.

Edge vs. John Cena vs.  Big Show for the WWE title is next

Cena won the title with the Attitude Adjustment on Show, then on Edge, and then pinned Show.  Right before the finish, Cena had both Show and Edge on his shoulders but Edge rolled off before he did the move on Show.  Good match.  They couldn't come close to following the previous match.  Cena was booed a lot at certain points of the match. 

They announced next year's show on March 28, 2010 in Phoenix.

They did the Hall of Fame announcement.  Really the only one who got a big reaction was Austin.  Austin changed and drove an ATV aroung ringside and drank beer.

They announced 72,744 as the attendance which sounds like a real number, if not close to it.

HHH vs. Randy Orton ends the show 

After a ref bump when Orton threw HHH into Scott Armstrong, Orton used the RKO and  brought in a sledge hammer.  However, as he was coming through the ropes, HHH punted him.  HHH then hit Orton with the sledge hammer and pinned Orton with the pedigree.  The crowd was shockingly quiet for this match.  Not a bad match, certainly not a great one.  In the end, it was a one match show and that bout overshadowed everything else.  The two title matches simply couldn't follow it. 

I expect they'll make a ruling tomorrow night regarding his using the sledge hammer which was banned.   


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