ROH TV report

Ring of Honor Wrestling
April 11, 2009
by rob mccarron
The setup:  The new ROH champ Jerry Lynn is in our main event tonight, where we’ll see really the first major example of displacement in continuity between the taped TV shows and current events.  We’ll see how ROH presents it.  It’s our fourth ROH episode, so we’re starting to see some guys work for the second time on TV, including Austin Aries fresh off of last week’s main event loss.
We begin the show with a recap of last week’s episode, and a preview of tonight’s main event.  Our hosts Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak welcome us, and discuss Jerry Lynn’s recent World Title win.  Well, that answer’s that question right off the bat.  We see a graphic of Lynn vs. Brodie to come, hyping that it’s coming up next, but that is false.  Our first matchup happens to be…
1) Kenneth “The New Guy” Omega vs. Austin “Vascular Vegetarian” Aries
Referee: Todd Sinclair
- It appears Kenny’s video promo may have been taped after his match, as his chest is bruised and beat.  Austin normally comes to the ring with Weezer’s “Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)”, but not tonight.  TV Music, yay.  The crowd gets on Aries early with “Austin A$$hole” and “You tapped out!” chants.  This actually came off well, as it was a rare instance where the crowd came off as lively, and it also played into last week’s main event.  One of the few times in the brief series where a wrestler came off as a star and a guy who drew a reaction.  Prazak called Aries the greatest man alive, referencing his usual music, but Hog was confused and had none of it.  Omega reversed some Aries offense, and posed to the crowd mocking The Vascular Vegetarian (Aries is a known vegetarian, as followers of Figure Four Daily would know).  Hog got excited at some near falls by Omega, but Kenny couldn’t get the job done.
Hog gets even more excited when Aries hit a leg drop to Omega’s face late in the match.  Hog’s spontaneous outbursts of excitement are awesome.  Aries, coming off of last week’s main event, has a strong showing in tonight’s first match gaining the victory over ROH’s newcomer Kenny Omega after the brain buster.  That hurt!  
Winner: Austin Aries via pinfall (brain buster) at 11:27.  
Interview: Jerry Lynn is interviewed about tonight’s main event.  He says Brodie Lee is a big guy, and the bigger they are, the harder they drop.  This man is your champion of the globe.  
2) Delirious vs. “Dirty” Ernie Osiris
Referee: Paul Turner
- After a longer than usual first match, we have a pretty quick one next.  Delirious, a former member of Age of the Fall, goes up against Ernie Osiris and his corn covered beard.  Osiris, the new man servant for Prince Nana in Embassy-2009, is a graduate of the ROH Wrestling Academy.  Osiris never got anything going, and Delirious finishes him off with the Shadows Over Hell.  
Winner: Delirious via pinfall (Shadows Over Hell) at 4:08.  
Interview: Jimmy Jacobs says that he doesn’t fight alone, and on the path to destruction, Brodie Lee paves the way.  
It’s time for the Women of Honor in a tag team match as we’re back on ROH on HDNet…  
3) Sara Del Rey & Sassy Stephie w/ Sweet & Sour Larry Sweeney vs.  Nevaeh & Daizee Haze
Referee: Bryce Remsburg
- Hog let us know that Nevaeh is HEAVEN spelled backwards.  Sassy Stephie was not amused with Larry Sweeney’s antics and come ons.  Del Rey was not amused with Stephie, either, but was forced to tag with her it seems.  Team Flower Power got control early, but it wasn’t long before Sara Del Rey managed to gain the upper hand over Nevaeh.  Sara taunted Daizee at times while beating Nevaeh up.  Sassy Stephie tagged in, Del Rey got mad at the job she was doing, so quickly tagged back in.  We then went to a split screen with Larry Sweeney getting into a verbal confrontation with a front row patron.  According to Prazak, Sweeney and said patron would be fighting after the show near the bike racks, and we better be there!  Oh, Sweeney will be missed.  In the end, Daizee hit a HEART PUNCH, then a Yakuza kick, but couldn’t get the pinfall before Sara broke up the count.  After some brawling, Daizee managed to hit the Mind Trip on Stephie for the pinfall.
Larry and Del Rey were angered.  
Winners: Daizee Haze & Nevaeh via pinfall (Mind Trip) in 5:10.  
We go right to our main event, scheduled for one fall with television time remaining…
4) Brodie Lee vs. ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn
Referee: Paul Turner
- Hog mentions the vast weight and height advantage of Brodie Lee, but Jerry Lynn has WISDOM and EXPERIENCE.  Brodie Lee has longer black hair, with a thick Necro Butcher-like beard growing.  He wrestles in a dirty tank top and blue jeans (making it the fourth consecutive match with a dirty/greasy oriented character - Aries, Osiris, Sweeney now, and Lee).  Adam Pearce likes it… dirty?  Brodie Lee is the extreme trucker, but isn’t afraid to lock up!  Lee toys with Lynn early, but Lynn shows restraint and isn’t going out of his gameplan.  Test of strength follows, and Brodie wins.  Lynn, though, with his experience, travels to the top rope gaining leverage, and subsequently counters Lee with his quickness and agility.  A good match, and a fast paced for much of it even with Lee’s great size.  Brodie Lee is a CHIKARA wrestler mainly, so is used to working with quick wrestlers.  Lee gets the heat on Lynn for much of the match, with Lynn throwing in
some offense hear and there without ever gaining control.  Hog said it best.. “BRODIE LEE IS JUST TOO BIG!”  Jimmy Jacobs doing his best Wade Keller impersonation came out during the match to the ring side area.  Hog was upset, and couldn’t fathom why Jacobs would get involved at ring side.  Lee took a low blow from Lynn, and Hog noted that THAT HURT! It hurt where it wasn’t supposed to hurt.  Lynn sends Lee to the outside with a dropkick later, and Jacobs looked worried and upset at the same time.  Jacobs shouted for his man to pull it together and finish the old man.  We go to the end of the match where Lee puts Lynn away with a black hole slam, or at least, he thought he did.  Lynn kicks out at 2, then as Lee goes for Lynn’s leg, Lynn rolls him up in a small package for the pinfall victory.  Jacobs and Lee are shocked in the ring as Lynn’s arm is raised in victory outside the ring.  Jacobs shouts at Lee to end our show.  
Winner: Jerry Lynn via pinfall (cradle) in 11:56.
Next week’s preview: He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s very European - Claudio Castagnoli takes on former NWA World Champion Brent Albright.  Thoughts…  Well, after four weeks, this show has held steady in its format.  We see either three or four straight matches, all with a clear finish so far, and interviews with the main eventers.  No week-to-week storylines really, and only a few of the wrestlers have been on multiple episodes.  It’s definitely a show for the hardcores right now, but it’s tough when ROH’s goal seems to be to introduce many names, and the style, all at once.  It’s tough to get everyone over, but they’ve done probably the best they could do right now.  No spoilers, but the second set of tapings show that future shows will be a bit different coming up in May.  Overall, good wrestling, but nothing too memorable.  It seems possible that TV is building up to Jacobs and Lynn later on.  
Quick Results
1) Aries defeats Omega in 11:27
2) Delirious defeats Osiris in 4:08
3) Haze & Nevaeh defeats Del Rey & Sassy Stephie in 5:10
4) Lynn defeats Lee in 11:56

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