AAA Rey de Reyes TV report

AAA Rey de Reyes (Part 1/2)
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 04/11/2009
The show starts with a summary of last week's show. Joaquin Roldan was attacked by Konnan and company, leaving him in a bloody mess. This is a way to hype the "hair vs. hair" match between Konnan and Vampiro, with the hairs of Roldan and Rivera on the line. The announcers welcome the crowd to the show "Rey de Reyes 2009". For this part of the show, the arrival of the most charismatic wrestler in Mexico, plus the elimination blocks of the Rey de Reyes Tournament, in which 16 wrestlers will battle to find a spot in the finals.
*RdR Comments: Abismo Negro says only one person can win, and that person will be him. Plus he's going after both Black Abyss and Latin Lover. Latin says he doesn;t care who he has to face, because he is sure he'll move on to the finals.
1) RdR Tournament - Block 1
Black Abyss vs. Abismo Negro (R.I.P.) vs. Latin Lover vs. Dark Ozz
-Only Fall: Abyss and Abismo kick off some fast paced moves. Abismo tosses Abyss outside the ribg, and he lands on Ozz. Latin enters the ring, but Abismo tags Ozz in. Both Ozz and latin also apply fast paced moves and blows on each other. Abismo and Abyss trade blows and near falls again. Abyss misses a Moonsault, and Abismo rolls him up for the three count, so Abyss is out of here. Ozz hits a Corkscrew Crossbody on Abismo for a two count. Tons of near falls from both men, until Abismo pins Ozz with a Kneeling Piledriver. Latin surprises Abismo with La Casita, and it's over.
Winner: Latin Lover
-Aftermath: Latin tries to shake hands with Abismo, but he refuses and leaves the ring. Backstage, Latin says he's happy to be in the finals, and he'll give everything to win the tournament.
*Noti AAA:
-Tons of notes from RdR. Marco Corleone suprisingly jumped from CMLL to AAA to help the AAArmy. Juvented Guerrera also returned during this show.
-Referee Pepe Tropicasas was inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame.
-There was an extra match at RdR, involving the Apache feud with Billy. He announced his real girlfirned: Sexy Star.
*RdR Comments: Alan Stone says he came very close to winning the tournament, but he will win this time, even if he has to beat his friend El Elegido. On the other hand, Elegido says he doesn't care about his opponents, because the tournament has to be his. The Hermandad talk aboout the match, and they claim of them will walk out as the winner of the tournament. Silver King also talks, and he makes fun of his opponents, but he really wants to face Parka in the finals.
2) RdR Tournament - Block 2
Alan Stone vs. Joe Lider vs. Silver King vs. El Elegido
-Only Fall: Lider and Alan kick off with some headlocks and takedowns. Spinebuster by Lider on Alan, only for a two count. Powerbomb by Alan on Lider, but he kicks out. Silver keeps attacking Alan from the apron. Lider hits a Pumphandle Driver on Alan, but Elegido breaks the pin. Elegido hits an Inverted Suplex on Lider, for another two count. Silver tags in to connect with a Powerslam on Lider. Snap DDT by Lider on Silver, for yet another two. Elegido hits a suicide dive on Silver. In the ring, Alan pins Lider with a Victory Roll. Elegido enters the ring to pin Alan with a Double Underhook Powerbomb. Silver misses a Double Jump Moonsault, and Elegido tries to cover him, but Silver kicks out. Silver pins Elegido with a DVD, so it's over.
Winner: Silver King
-Aftermath: Silver says he really wants Parka in the finals. Long live Silver Rey!!!!!!
*RdR Comments: Superfly says this is his year, and he will make sure he destroys Electro once and for all, but he also wants to beat his master Octagon. Electro says he really has to watch for Fly and Octagon, and even his partner. But Electro is sure he's taking the group. Octagon wishes everyone good luck, but he really wants to see Fly to make the big jump to become a real star.
3) RdR Tournament - Block 3
Nicho El Millonario vs. Superfly vs. Octagon vs. Electroshock
-Only Fall: Octagon and Nicho start with fast paced maneuvers. Octagon locks La Corbata on Nicho, and Nicho submits early. Electro rolls Octagon, and pins him with the help of the referee's lightspeed count. Fly gets Electro into a Victory Roll, but the referee does a slow two count. Fly manages to connect with the Cartwheel Moonsault on Electro. Hurricanrana on Electro, but the referee refuses to count fast. Fly reverses the Full Nelson, into another Victory Roll, but the referee still does a slow count. Electro hits the Muscle Buster on Fly, and the referee counta fast this time, so Fly was robbed.
Winner: Electroshock
-Aftermath: Electro says he told everyone he would move on to the finals, and he will use his old school style to defeat everyone and become king.
*RdR Comments: Kenzo says in crystal clear spanish that he will win the tournament. Porky says he came very close from winning last year, but this time he doesn't care who he has to beat. Parka says he will forget about his friendship with Porky, because he really wants to get into the finals, to destroy Silver there.
4) RdR Tournament - Block 4
Kenzo Suzuki vs. Dark Scoria vs. La Parka vs. Brazo de Plata
-Only Fall: This time, there are no tags, and the four competitors are battling each other. Both Scoria and Kenzo suplex Porky, and Scoria picks up the pin, after delivering a Diving legdrop on Porky. Scoria misses a Corkcrew Moonsault, and Parka covers him. Kenzo fould Parka, and covers him, but the referee refuses to count. Brainbuster by Kenzo on Parka, only for a two count. Kenzo argues with the referee, but parka takes advantage fo this to lock the Fijiwara Armbar on Kenzo, and he immediately submits.
Winner: La Parka
-Aftermath: Parka is happy, becuase he will get his hands on Silver in the finals. He doesn't care about Electro nor Latin, he just cares bout finishing Silver.
*Promo Video: Long video to recap the fued between Chessman and Mesias. Mesias will make Chessman pay for turining his back on his fans. However, Chessman calls him a liar, who just tunred on many people during his past. Chessman will prove that he is champion material, but Mesias says he will destroy the heartless Chessman for the mexican people.
*In-Ring Segment: Mesias tells Chessman the time has come for Chessman to pay for his sins. Chessman turned his back on the fans and the company, but Mesias will make sure this is Chessman's last match. Mesias says Chessman just messed with the wrong person, in the wrong moment. Mesias claims he is now Mexican, whether Chessman likes it or not. This leads to......
5) AAA World Heavyweight Championship (Steel Cage w/Barb Wire)
Mesias (c) vs. Chessman
-Only fall: Chessman immediately attacks Mesias after he was done talking. The top of the cage is covered in barb wire, so they basically want the match to end in pinfall or submission. Tons of fast paced moves on this match from both men. Mesias uses a chair to hit Chessman's head. Chessman mesk the comeback, after Mesias crashes head first with the cage. Chessman now uses the chair to punish Mesias' abs. huge dropkick by Mesias on Chessman with the chair. Chessman tries a Moonsault, but he got caught with the barb wire on top. Chessman now uses the fallen barb wire as a weapon to hurt Mesias. Chessman tries to escape the cage, but Mesias stops him. Mesias hits a Crossbody off the top rope, but Chessman kicks out. The Secta guys hand Chessman a bottle, and he spits red mist on Mesias. Chessman spears Mesias through a table, but Mesias still kicks out. The cage door opens, and Mesias escapes, but Chessman hits another spear, and both land in another table. The Legion arrives to attack Mesias. The tecnicos also arrives to help Mesias. Aerostar even climbs the top of the cage and jumps off to take everyone out. You can see Rivera bald, so they spoiled the hair match already. Back in the cage, Mesias kicks out one more time. Chessman smashes large lightbulb on Mesias' legs. Mesias also grabs another lightbulb to smash it on Chessman's back. Chessman uses the cage door to attack Mesias, so that means escaping the cage is not a way to win. Both men climb the top of the cage again, Chessman hans on to the small plate on top of the cgae, but Mesias also gets there. Mesias throws Chessman off the top, and he lands in the table inside the ring. Mesias covers Chessman, and it's over!
Winner and STILL champion: Mesias
-Aftermath: Mesias celebrates with his fans, but the Legion returns to attack him. BAD MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!! DR. WAGNER JR. HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FINAL COMMENTS: Overall, a good show. The RdR matches were quite decent and acceptable. For those of you wondering, this was Abismo Negro's last TV match, so I guess the company will acknowledge his death on the next show, or the one after. The cage match was entertaining, but a little too long. The RdR finals will take place next week in th second part.
The arrival of Dr. Wagner Jr. was quite a good surprise (when I found out about it, and it wasn't during this show). The question is "How long will he last here?", because Wagner has a big attitude. but it will give the company new feuds, and new matches. But it should be interesting to see if he has any interaction with his brother Silver King. Next week, I'll talk about the jump of Marco Corleone and the return of Juventud Guerrera.
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