AAA TV report featuring Rey de Reyes part 2

.AAA Rey de Reyes (Part 2/2)
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 04/18/2009
The show opens with graphics announcing the unfortunate death of one of AAA's greatest stars: Abismo negro. He was 37 years old, and had a 23 year career as a wrestler. Rest in Peace, Abismo Negro. This was followed by a video package highlighting the career of Abismo Negro, in his own owrds. Very good package.
Dr. Alfonso Morales talks about how Abismo Negro left his mark in thw world of Lucha Libre, and how he joins Antonio Pena and Love Machine, to make an extraordinary trio of legends that abandoned this world. Morales talks about how Abismo arrived to Mexico City, in hopes of entering the Lucha world, even though he suffered a lot in his stance in the capital. Antonio Pena saw potential in Abismo, and sent him to Guadalajara to train. Then, he was given the gimmick of "Winners". With that gimmick, Winners made a great tag team with Super Calo. But that union split up, and their friendship ended in a "mask vs. Mask" match at TripleMania, where Calo unmasked Winners. His identity was revealed as "Andres Alejandro Palomeque Gonzalez". During 1997, he returned under the gimmick of "Abismo Negro", the King of Martinete. Abismo was known for using his trademark Martinete (Tombstone Piledriver), and got himself into a heated feud with the Brenan Twins. Abismo revolutionized the company when he joined the "Vipers" stable.
Abismo's family talks about how great Abismo was, as a friend, husband, son, and a father. Arturo Rivera now talks about how Abismo became a solid star by winning the Rey de Reyes tournament, after defeating Cibernetico by disqualification. Abismo also appeared in several TV shows in Mexico, making him more popular. Rivera also looks back at Abismo's last TV match, where he was eliminated by Latin Lover during the RdR 2009 tournament. Abismo also made several appearances in Japan. The Roldans and several wrestlers also remember Abismo as a fantastic wrestler and performer. Several wrestlers from many companies attended his funeral, thus uniting the entire Lucha world to remember Abismo Negro. Rest in Peace.
Rivera says the show must go on, and we will continue with the second part of Rey de Reyes 2009. A six ma tag team match, plus the "hair vs. hair" match, and the finals of the RdR Tournament.
1) X-Pac, Alex Koslov & Charlie Manson vs. Zorro, Teddy Hart & Jack Evans
-Only Fall: Teddy strats off with hard strikes on Koslov. Huge heel kick by Koslov on Teddy, but Zorro assaults him. Evans also tags in, and battles Koslov with a series of beautiful kicks. Waltman tags in, and cleans house with the americans, just to get his hands on Zorro. The heels start their triple team assault on the tecnicos, and Evans hits the Carwheel Dive on Waltman. Zorro does his Triangle Kick on Koslov, and Teddy hits the SSP on Waltman. Waltman makes the comeback with a reverse kick and a double clothesline. Zorro uses his kendo stick, but Manson dodges it. Zorro locks the Zorro Stretch on Manson, and he immediately submits.
Winners: Zorro, Teddy Hart & Jack Evans
-Aftermath: Waltman chases Zorro all the way backstage. There is a blonde fan cheering for the tecnicos, and Teddy brings her to the ring by hairpulling. Juventud Guerrera arrives to rscue his own girlfirned, and chases the Harts away. Juvi grabs the mic, and says he's tired of Konnan's abuse on the company, so that's why he decided to return to the company, along with his girlfriend. Juvi has unfinished bussiness with Konnan.
*Noti AAA:
-Aeostar claims he is the best aerial wrestler, because he's been inspired by a special someone. Aero asks Apache to let him go out with one of her daughters, until Billy attacked him. Billy then introduced his real girlfriend Sexy Star.
-AAA created their new "Cruiserwieght Championship", and made a 13-Man Dome of Death match kick off the tournament. This match should air soon, and hey teased possible matches between members of the same faction.
*Back to Last Week's Show: The Legion arrives to attack Mesias again. BAD MEDICINE!!!!!!!! DR. WAGNER JR. HAS ARRIVED!!!!!! He immediately cleans house with the entire legion, and Konnan backs away from the UWA Champion. Wagner gets in the mic, and calls out the Wagnermaniacs. He also came to congratulate Mesias for his win, but he also reminds him that Wagner is also a champion. Wagner challenges Mesias to a match to determine the real champion. Wagner tells Mesias "IN MY HOUSE, WITH MY PEOPLE, YOU MUST RESPECT ME!!!!!" This leads to a heavy Wagner chant from the crowd. Mesias welcomes Wagner to his world, which a labirynth of agony, pain and sadness. Mesias tells Wagner he's messing with the wring person, in the wrong moment, WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT!!! Konnan invites Wagner to join the Legion with his brother Silver, so they will give Wagner a week to consider their offer. Roldan tells Konnan that Wagner is with AAA.
2) Hair vs. Hair Match - Seconds' Hair on the line.
Vampiro (w/Joaquin Roldan) vs. Konnan (w/Arturo Rivera)
Prematch Comments: Roldan gets in the mic, to say that Konnan cheated last time he put the company on the line, ans he wishes a fair match this time. Rivera tells Roldan, that he has been disrespecting his boss Konnan, and Roldan will pay for that, when he is sent to the hospital again. Vampiro makes his entrance, but so does Konnan, with the ultimate item to earn a great deal of cheap heat from the crowd" A flag of Club America above his head (Club America is the most hated soccer team in Guadalajara). Konnan says he is the general manager, so he does whatever he wants. This leads to the arrival of the Hart Foundation to be in Konnan's corner. Vampiro simplies replies by saying he will destroy Konnan.
-Only Fall: The Harts immediately attack Vampiro, making this a 3 on 1 Handicap match. Konnan makes several pinning attempts, but Vampiro keeps kicking out of everything. Vampiro makes the comeback with hard strikes on the Harts, but the disadvantage is too much for Vampiro to handle. Vampiro makes another comeback, after Evans accidentally kicks Teddy. Vapiro does a Double Chokeslam on the harts, until Rivera hits him with a chair. Waltman tries to enter the match as a referee, but the Harts attack him. The referee refuses to count for Vampiro, and the Harts attack Vampiro again. This brings out MARCO CORLEONE, who destroys the Harts with left-hook punches, and the Suicide Crossbody. Roldan attacks Rivera, and and puts him across Konnan, the referee refuses to make the three count, but Waltman forcs him to make it.
Winner: Vampiro
-Aftermath: Roldan simply says he keeps his promises. Roldan also promises that when he regains his job, the referee will be the first one to be fired. Konnan says they needed help of outside interference, to beat the Legion. Since Konnan lost, he wants to be shaved. Rivera is willing to get shaved to please his boss Konnan. Roldan tells Konnan he has many aces under his sleeve, and Corleone is the first of many. Arturo Rivera is shaved in the middle of the ring. Backstage, Waltman claims he persoanlly brought Corleone just to thelp the company battle Konnan. Corleone simply doesn't like the way the legion works things out, and that's why he accepted to join the cause of Roldan.
3) RdR Tournament - Finals
Latin Lover vs. Silver King vs. Electroshock vs. La Parka
-Only Fall: Silver immediately attacks Parka, and concentrates in his forehead. Parka makes the comeback and uses the same tactic of Silver. Parka tosses Silver out of the ring, and latin tags himself in. Electro also joins the battle and goes after Latin. Silver brings out a table and sets it at ringside. Parka hits a suicide dive on Silver, while Electro battles Latin inside the ring. Silver fouls Parka, and electro helps Silver out. Silver hits an insane Tombstone Piledriver on Parka through the table. This move has KOd Parka, and the referee disqualifies Silver for using the forbidden move in Lucha. Electro has suddenly turned face, and stops Silver from another assault on the unconscious Parka. Medical staff carry Parka out on a stretcher, and Silver is kicked out of the ring. This leaves Electro and Latin to battle out.
Electro and Latin trade hard blows, until Kenzo arrives to help, and so does Elegido and SuperFly. Electro grabs the mic, and tells Kenzo he doesn't want any help, even though he is part of the Legion. Electro wants to win or lose alone, to a great wrestler. Latin recognizes Electro's act and wishes that only the best wins the match. Several pinning attempts by both man, only for two counts. Electro locks the Fujiwara Armbar, but Latin reaches the rope. Electro goes for the STF, but Latin refuses to submit and reaches the rope again. Superkicks by Latin, followed by a Pescado to take out Electro. Back in the ring, Latin locks the Sharpshooter on Electro, but he also reaches the bottom rope. Latin does La Casita, but Electro kicks out! Crossbody by Latin, but Electro reverses it, and latin kicks out too. Electro locks El Cristo and Latin finally submits.
Winner: Electroshock
-Aftermath: Joaquin Roldan enters the ring to hand Electro the sword that makes him Rey de Reyes (King of Kings). Latin says he lost, but he is proud of losing to a great wrestler like Electroshock. Roldan also recognizes the clean victory of Electro, and hands him the sword. Electro can barely talk, but he thanks the crowd, despite the fact that he is part of a heel stable. And the crowd cheers for him.
FINAL COMMENTS: Overall, a good show. I like how the company dedicated nearly one third of this show to remember Abismo Negro. All the video packages were nicely done, and this simply proves that Abismo was a true icon to the company. Rest in Peace, Abismo Negro.
Last week, I talked about the arrval of Dr. Wagner Jr., but it is now time to talks about the last two additions:
-Marco Corleone jumping from CMLL to AAA was a surprise to me. I don't know if its good or bad. I really liked seeing him as a performer in CMLL, but looks like he got tired of waiting for a title shot in that company. CMLL is not known for centering itself around one title, when they have like 10 titles over there. If Marco is looking to become heavyweight champion and get himself into crappy storylines, then AAA is the right place for him. Glad to see him in this show, but sad for the decision he took. That's my view.
-Juventud Guerrera also made his return, but I can already tell you this was a bad decision. I hate to spoil this, but his arrival already brought a bad backstage confrontation, and he's no longer part of the company. I really don't know the details very well, but he had a problem with Konnan and Jack Evans, that lead to his departure from AAA.
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