AAA TV report

AAA on Galavision
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 04/25/2009
Summary of RdR: Arturo Rivera was shaved, thanks to the victory of Vampiro over Konnan, with assistance from Marco Corleone. Electroshock was crowned as the new Rey de Reyes 2009, after beating Latin Lover. Mesias retained his title, by defeating Chessman inside a Steel Cage. Dr. Wagner Jr. made his shocking debut by challenging Mesias. For this show, a Dome of Death match, to kick off the tournament for the new Cruiserweight Championship, with 13 participants.
*In-Ring Segment: The announcers present Arturo Rivera with his new look, and yes he has the Star Wars theme as his entrance song. Rivera says he's not ashamed of anything, and brings out his boss Konnan. Konnan demands Ruvera to take the towel off, and show his head with pride. Silver King also talks, and says he is very pissed off because Roldan brought his own brother (Dr. Wagner Jr.), to fight against him.
1) Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs. El Oriental & Cinthia Moreno
-Only Fall: The new development in the eternal Apache feud, is the inclussion of Aero as the new love interest of Fabi. To kick the match off, nice tags. The Morenos snap and they begin the double team attack on the tecnicos. Fabi gets the worst part, and Aero is kept outside the ring by the heels. Aero finally gets in, but he also gets a share of the double team punishment. Oriental accidentally dropkicks his sister, and the comeback begins. Oriental gives another kick to his sister, and Aero takes advantage of that, to deliver a Springboard Reverse Plancha on the heel. In the ring, Cinthia does La Rueca on Fabi, but she kicks out at two. Fabi connects with the Double Underhook Facebuster, but Oriental saves his sister. Oreitnal tries his Triple Vader Bomb, but Aero blocks the third, and pins him with a Frankensteiner.
Winners: Aerostar & Fabi Apache
-Aftermath: Aero grabs the mic, and declares his love towards Fabi. He gives Fabi roses and chocolates, but Billy Boy attacks both lovers. Billy tells Fabi that she is still the mother of his son, so that means Billy won't allow her to do any ridiculous things. Backstage, Fabi says he's sick of Billy, and she will make him pay. Of course Aero is willing to help her in anything. When will this feud end?
*Noti AAA:
-The contest to look for a new wrestler continues. 16 amateur wrestlers team up with established AAA stars to battle out in a tag team tournament.
-Hype of the newly acquired star: Marco Corleone. The strongest, the most athletic, and the most handsome wrestler in the world, has his sight set on the Legion.
-Hype for the biggest event in the company this year: TripleMania XVII
*Pretaped Segment: Konnan brags about how the Legion has conquered the last teo RdR tournaments, with Zorro last year, and Electro this year. Konnan wants to finish the tecnicos once and for all, and he wants the former king, the new king, and Silver King to finish them all. Silver still wants Parka no matter what.
2) La Parka & Marco Corleone vs. Silver King & Konnan
-Only Fall: The Legion start the match as usual, with the double team attack on the tecnicos. Corleone makes the comeback with a Double Clothesline for the heels. Parka takes his neckbrace off and punches Silver hard. Konnan tries to flee, but Corleone gets him back to the ring. Silver uses a chair to take control of the match again. Another quick comeback by Corleone, and he deliver the Suicide Crossbody on the recently arrived Hart Foundation. Parka also hits a suicide dive on Silver. The Hermandad and electro also arrive to attack Corleone, but he's too much for them. Corleone jumps off the scafolding tower to attack the Legion. The assault continues, and the referee awards the DQ for the tecnicos.
Winners (DQ): La Parka & Marco Corleone
-Aftermath: Manson and the D-MEX arrive to help the tecnicos, but the Legion flees away. Backstage, Corleone explains that he joined the company because he wanted new challenges and new rilvals. Corleone's goal in the company is to finish Konnan and his Legion.
*Pretaped Segment: Manson hypes his upcoming match, and promises to give his opponents hell. Mesias is still pissed off becuase Chessman is still around, despite the fact that he destroyed him inside the cage. Mesias also addresses Wagner, and tells him nobody will stop him in his own world.
3) Mesias, Charlie Manson & X-Pac vs. Chessman, Electroshock & Zorro
-Only Fall: Electro and Mesias kicks off with some powerhouse moves. Zorro tags himself in, but he is kicked out by Mesias. Chessman is more succesful at taking Mesias down. Manson tags in, and Chessman tries to convince him to renew their friendship, but Chessman changes his mind and slaps him. Manson tosses Chessman out of the ring, but Electro strikes his own brother. Zorro and Waltman tag in, and both share kicks with each other. Chessman spears Waltman, and the triple team assaults begins. The tecnicos make the comeback, but Zorro uses his kendo stikc on Waltman. Manson locks his Manson Special on Zorro, and he taps out.
Winners: Mesias, Charlie Manson & X-Pac
*Rules for the Crusierweight Championship Tournament: I'll explain this myself. This thing kicks off with the Dome of Death match. Two guys start off the match, and every minute , a new competitor enters the cage, until we have the 13 participants. Out these 13 men, only 12 move forward, and the last person to remain in the cage is eliminated from the tournament. Then the 12 participants will eliminate each other in six single matches over the next few shows. The matches will be determined by the order of escape. This would be 1 vs. 12, 2 vs. 11, 3 vs, 10, and so on. There you have it.
4) Dome of Death Match (Cruiserweight Tournament)
Order of Entrance: Jack Evans vs. Joe Lider vs. Alex Koslov vs. Teddy Hart vs. Extreme Tiger vs. Laredo Kid vs. Bily Boy vs. Nicho El Millonario vs. Alan Stone vs. Dark Scoria vs. Crazy Boy vs. SuperFly vs. Juventud Guerrera
-Only Fall: Evans and Lider kick off, and Evans applies his aerial attacks on the heel. Koslov joins in, and uses his hard kicks on both men. Teddy enters the cage, and he even turns on his friend Evans. Tiger is next, and he applies some technical and aerial moves on his opponets. Laredo joins in, and he uses several suplexes on everyone. Billy enters the cage, and delivers powerhouse moves on everyone. Nicho is next, and he takes his belt off to enter the cage. Alan enters the cage, and hits hard strikes on his opponents. Scoria joins in, not making much of an impact. Crazy Boy enters the cage, even tough he looks quite heavy to be in this category. Fly is next, and he doesn't have any impacy either. Juventud is next, but he is attacked by everyone upon his arrival. This was pretty hilarious and funny, it gave me the impression that nobody wants him.
Teddy is the first one to abandon the cage, so he will face the last one to leave the cage. Nicho tries to leave, but Laredo gives him a Frankensteniner off the cage. Laredo climbs, but Nicho spears him in mid-air. Nicho leaves the cage, after taking Laredo down. Alan also leaves with great difficulty. Crazy is the next one to escape with effort. Juvi finally manages to get some offense on his opponents. Both Koslov and Evans climb, but Alex kicks off the top. Evans also brings Koslov down by pulling his feet.Koslov tries again, and he leaves this time. Both Fly and Laredo climb. Laredo leaves, but tosses Fly down. Fly takes care of Juvi, and finally escapes the cage.Juvi takes both Tiger and Scoria down, and he leaves the cage, as well as the company. Tiger spirngboards all the way to the top and leaves the cage. Scoria is the next one to leave. Billy and Lider fall off the cage, for a sick impact. Lider is the next one to escape. Evans and Billy battle for the last spot. Billy climbs the cgae, but Fabi and Aero climb the cage, to stop Billy from escaping the cage. Evans takes advantage of this to escape the cage, so Billy is out of the tournament.
Loser: Billy Boy
Order of Escape: Teddy Hart (1), Nicho el Millonario (2), Alan Stone (3), Crazy Boy (4), Alex Koslov (5), Laredo Kid (6), SuperFly (7), Juventud Guerrera (8), Extreme Tiger (9), Dark Scoria (10), Joe Lider (11) & Jack Evans (12).
FINAL COMMENTS: Overall, a good show. The cage match was fun to watch. And this proves that the company refuses to push Aerostar, because he was perfect fit for this match, but they put Billy instead. I am really bothered to the fact that Aerostar is being placed in the crappy and eternal Apache feud, instead of getting the push he deserves. By the way, this was the last match of Juventud, so he's gone after this. My guess is that someone will take his spot, probably Rocky Romero, since they want members of the same faction facing each other.
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