AAA TV report

AAA on Galavision
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 05/02/2009
Summary of last week's show: Aerostar declared his love towards Fabi Apache, but Billy interrupted them. Corleone made his debut with La Parka, and they defeated the Legion by DQ. Manson led his team to victory, by making Zorro submit. The Cruiserweight Championship tournament started with a Dome of Death match, where Billy was eliminated, and members of the same faction will face each other. For this show (Yes, with a steel ramp connected to the ring, just to please Corleone), another epic six-man tag, Parka meets Silver one-on-one, and the Cruiserweight Tournament continues.
*In-Ring Segment: Konnan gets a mic, to insult the crowd as usual. He salutes Arturo Rivera, and addresses Marisela Pena, saying her tactic to ruin Konnan's reputation will not work. Konnan also talks about Corleone, who he knows from WCW, and claims he will make Corleone bleed like never before. Konnan finally gives Dr. Wagner Jr. one last week to accept his invitation to the Legion. If he doesn't answer by then, then Konnan will assume Wagner joined the AAArmy, and will destroy him.
*Pretaped Segment: Fabi Apache says she will embarrass Sexy Star in her own hometown, and she will make Billy respect her once and for all. Aerostar also addresses Billy, and says he's going after his hair, words courtesy of the best high flyier in the company. On the other hand, Sexy hates Fabi even more because of what she did to Billy. The man also talks, and says he always respected Fabi, but now she lost prestige by abandoning him. Billy is also pissed off because the Fabi and Aero crushed his dreams of becoming the Cruiserweight champion.
1) Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs. Billy Boy & Sexy Star
-Only Fall: The heels kick off with the classic double team ambush on the tecnicos. The match transfers to the crowd, and the heel couple attack Fabi. Aero gets to the second bowl, and hits a Plancha on Billy. Fabi grabs a cookie sheet as uses it as a weapon on Sexy. Back in the ring, Fabi battles Sexy, but Billy gets gets her into a Powerbomb for the three count.
Winners: Billy Boy & Sexy Star
*Noti AAA:
-The mother of Estrellita passed away a few weeks ago.
-Hype on Dr. Wagner's arrival to the company. On the next show, Wagner will team up with Mesias.
-More hype to Marco Corleone's debut.
*Pretaped Segment: The Hermandad talks about their match, and how they will face each other for the first time ever. Both say it doesn't matter who wins the match, because they will still be brothers, and the Hermandad will still rule the tag team division.
2) Cruiserweight Tournament - Round 1 (Match #1)
Joe Lider vs. Nicho El Millonario
-Only Fall: Both men start with technical holds and takedowns. Lider begins to use hard strikes on Nicho. Lider traps Nicho on the second rope, and gives him a Backcraker. Both men get on the apron, and Nicho hits a Reverse DDT on Lider. Nicho then attacks Lider with a Corkscrew Crossbody. Lider hits a Moonsault Slam on Nicho off the apron, and both men land on the floor. Lider gets on the apron again, but Nicho uses a Sunset Powerbomb to slam Lider on the floor one more time. Lider also powebombs Nicho, but on the steel ramp. Lider covers Nicho, but he kicks out at two. Lider goes for another one, but Nicho counters and he powerbombs Lider on the steel ramp. Nicho hits the Diving Leg Drop, and he pins Lider.
Winner: Nicho El Millonario
*Pretaped Segment: Teddy and Jack talks backstage, and both say they are friends no matter what. Both agree to not use heavy strikes, and they should only use what they learned in the Hart Dungeon: pure wrestling. Both men wish good luck to each other.
3) Cruiserweight Tournament - Round 1 (Match #2)
Teddy Hart vs. Jack Evans
-Only Fall: Both men immediately break their promise of pure wrestling, and they deliver heavy strikes on each other. Evans rolls Teddy into the Backslide, but Teddy kicks out. Evans makes the comeback with the Springboard Kick on Teddy. Evans delivers his Cartwheel Dive on Teddy, who was at ringside. Teddy replies with a Sitdown Moonsault on Evans. Teddy smashes Evans' head against the steel ramp. The match transfers to the steel ramp. Teddy uses a Lift DDT on the steel ramp to punish Evans. Back in the ring, Teddy continues with the heavy assaults, but Evans makes another comeback with awesome kicks. Evans uses a Cartwheel DDT, but Teddy kicks out. Evans misses a high knee, and Teddy gets him into the Hart Explosion, but Evans kicks out a two and three quarters. Teddy hits the Hartbreaker, and goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Evans lifts his knees. Evans goes for the 630 senton, but Teddy also lifts his knees. Teddy goes for another Hart Explosion, but Evans counters it into a Hurricanrana for the three count. Awesome match.
Winner: Jack Evans
-Aftermath: Backstage, both Teddy and Jack fight over their match, and how they used illegal moves on each other. Both men talks about how they embarrassed each other, but Electro breaks the fight. Electro says there's no place for silly problems inside the Legion, and forces both men to shake hands.
4) Marco Corleone & El Elegido vs. Electroshock & Black Abyss
-Only Fall: Electro tries to start off with technical moves, but Corleone uses heavy strikes. Abyss and Elegido do better in takedowns, until Electro kicks Elegido very hard. Both Electro and Abyss start the double team attack on the tecnicos. Corleone leapfrogs Elegido, and the comeback begins. Corleone hits Abyss with a Lefthook Punch, but Electro gives him a Missile Dropkick. Corleone replies with a Exploding Clothesline. Elegido hits a suicide dive on Electro. Inside the ring, Corleone pins Abyss with the Reflection of Perfection.
Winners: Marco Corleone & El Elegido
5) Silver King vs. La Parka
-Only Fall: Complete brawl that I will not bother covering every move. Pure heavy strikes by both men, and blood comes out of their foreheads. Both men abandon the ring, to continue their battle inthe crowd, and even on the streets. The referee calls off the match and declares a draw.
Winner: DRAW
-Aftermath: On the street, the Hermandad arrive to help Silver. The Hermandad hold Parka, and Silver smashes a large lightbulb on his forehead. The match is literally a Street Fight, as Silver continues his massacre on Parka, and the people on the streets enjoy the free spectacle. Both men return to the arena, with the Hermandad, but Corleone and Aerostar arrive to help Parka.
*Pretaped Segment: Backstage, Manson and Mesias talk one more time. Mesias says he's tired of the crybaby named Chessman, and tells him to act like a man. Mesias still can't belive after all the things he's done to him. Mesias also addresses Wagner, and says Mesias makes the rules in his own territory, whether he likes it or not. Manson is now going after Zorro, and also tells Scoria they won't become his stepping ladder to stardom. A video plays, focusing on Zorro, and his gimmick of a Psicopath Prophet.
6) Mesias, Vampiro & Charlie Manson vs. Chessman, Zorro & Dark Scoria
-Only Fall: We're back to the usual TV main event tag matches. Legion starts with the triple team ambush, but this time they use the steel ramp as a weapon. Mesias makes the comeback with a Spear on Scoria. Zorro uses the kendo stick to attack the tecnicos. Chessman capitalizes to pin Vampiro with a Spinebuster.
Winners: Chessman, Zorro & Dark Scoria
-Aftermath: The Legion arrives to attack the tecnicos. Corleone arrives to help the tecnicos, and YES, Corleone uses his Suicide Crossbody, running from the steel ramp to the ring. That's the real purpose of the steel ramp.
FINAL COMMENTS: Overall, a regular show. The Cruiserweight matches were very good, specially the Harts match. Aerostar proves one more time why he is the most underrated wrestler in the company. Seeing a steel ramp connected to the ring, really made me think AAA was running a show in Arena Mexico. I just find it so amusing that they added the steel ramp, so Marco Corleone could use his trademark move correctly. Believe me, I really find no other reason for the ramp. And yes, Black Abyss is still around.
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