Smackdown TV report

Smackdown (5/15)
By Sean Geraghty ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

John Morrison & CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
Expecting a good match to kick things off this week with these four, let’s hope they don’t disappoint me. Punk and Haas lock up to get things going with Haas getting the better of the Straight Edge Superstar, before Punk evades him and lands some of his trademark strikes before tagging in his unlikely partner, who takes down with a hip toss followed by a spin-a-roonie leg drop. Morrison doesn’t keep momentum long as Haas lands some knees to the sternum before tagging in the Gold Standard. Benjamin unleashes an onslaught of kicks to the grounded Morrison followed by a clothesline before bringing the Shaman of Sexy in to the corner, but Morrison soon breaks loose and hits a swinging neckbreaker before tagging Punk back in. After some brief double team offense, Benjamin escapes with a chinbreaker and flees the ring, tagging in Haas. Very back and forth match here, as Punk once again takes control by taking Haas to the ground with his kicks. Haas whips Punk in to the corner, but as he charges at Mr. MITB, he is avoided and on the receiving end of a deep arm drag. Punk locks on an arm submission, but Haas breaks loose with some elbows, Punk hoists him up for a G2S, but Haas breaks free as Benjamin charges the ring. Benjamin gets put in the same position as his partner, but he too escapes, only for both men to be sent to the floor via stereo dropkicks as he go to commercial. We return with Morrison landing an arm drag of his own on Haas, who has returned to the ring. Morrison locks in an arm lock on the mat but Haas manages to fight his way to his corner, but fails to tag in his partner on the first attempt, as Morrison fights them both off, but Haas ties Morrison up in the turnbuckle before distracting the referee, giving Benjamin the chance to land an illegal kick on entangled babyface. Haas tags in Benjamin who lands a few knees followed by a swinging neckbreaker before sinking in a headlock on the mat. Morrison escapes and goes to tag in Punk but gets cut off. He rolls Shelton up, but unbeknownst to Morrison, Shelton tagged out and Haas made sure Morrison knew who the legal man was, with a swift kick to the back. Haas continues the knee based offense, before tagging back in the former Gold Gofer. Benjamin locks in a chin lock, as the crowd rally behind Morrison who uses the encouragement to fight his way out. Benjamin tries to reverse a neckbreaker with a backslide, but Morrison rolls through and finally makes the tag. Punk comes in the proverbial house on fire, landing clotheslines  and kicks on anyone in his way. Punk seems to be getting the upperhand after landing his knee in the corner on Benjamin, but just like his partner earlier, Punk did not see Shelton make the tag as Haas enters the fray and hits a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex. Haas tries to follow it up with a gut wrench suplex, but can’t get Punk up as he breaks free and hits the ropes but Haas keeps control by hitting a fall away slam, followed by locking in a chin lock. Haas tags in Benjamin who keeps Punk away from his corner by hitting a suplex. Punk tries to recover with some kicks, but Benjamin squashes the attempt with a vicious clothesline before tagging Haas back in. Punk tries to battles his way loose but gets hoisted up for a back drop. Punk lands on his feet however and makes the tag before being clotheslined over the ropes. Morrison, now the legal man take it to Haas  and Benjamin, with kicks to Haas in the ring and knocking Benjamin off the apron. Haas goes for a sunset flip but Morrison rolls through and hits a knee, giving him a chance to ascend the turnbuckle. Before he can gather his bearings, Shelton is up there with him, but Morrison fights him off. Punk capitalizes on this and gives Shelton his receipt, by clothesline HIM out of the ring. Still up top, Morrison hits his beautiful split-legged corkscrew moonsault, giving his team the win. I had some high hopes for this match, and it did not disappoint at all. A great little TV match here, and despite his turn being poorly executed, Morrison has a great moveset for a babyface, full of spectacular dives, flips and kicks, so I think he’ll be just fine. I also am loving the new knee happy aggressive World’s Greatest Tag Team and I really hope that they’re given something to do, because they have tremendous chemistry together and that really shouldn’t be squandered. Time will tell, on all four of these men, possible faces of the company in the coming years, who knows.
Winners: CM Punk & John Morrison via Split-Legged Corkscrew Moonsault (Morrison)

Jericho comes to the ring and gives us the literal meaning, well the Biblical meaning anyway, of Judgement Day, the day when we all shall be judged and must repent for our sins. He says, that everyone fears that day, but he is not, because an honest and virtuous man who does exactly what he says he will. BUT, ever since joining Smackdown he has not received the same courtesy, instead he has been lied to and cheated because there is a conspiracy against Chris Jericho. A conspiracy instigated by the fans and orchestrated by Teddy Long and all the jealous Smackdown superstars in the back. Jericho vows that on Sunday he shall have his vindication and Jericho’s rapture shall begin, even if he has to beat them one by one. Jericho claims that he will do all this because he is the best at what he does (and what he does ain’t pretty) and he Smackdown is his show, whether the fans like it or not (I LOVE it!). Jericho calls out Rey Mysterio, as he took away Jericho’s chance of becoming Champion and now Jericho shall return that favour, by beating Rey and taking his Intercontinental Title. And in doing this, take away the fans happiness, as they shall not see a 619 this Sunday, but they shall see a NEW Intercontinental Champion. Jericho claims he is the best and to prove it, he demands Rey come to the ring. But it is not Rey who answers the call, oh no, it’s your World Heavyweight Champion and mine, Edge! Ah, this should be great. Edge says despite it only being a few weeks, he is already sick of Jericho and his claims that everyone is out to get him, because, Edge is the champ, so by proxy, everyone is out, to get, HIM! In fact, Jericho is even out to get Edge and to take his role as face of Smackdown because while Jericho was on RAW, Edge ran Smackdown. Edge scoffs at Jericho’s possible Ninth Intercontinental Title win, as Edge is currently a Nine time World Champion. In fact, Edge goes so far as to say, this is not Jericho’s time anymore, this is Edge’s, and he shall call out his opponent instead, so Edge does so, and calls out Jeff Hardy. Edge and Jericho bicker back and forth as they both call out their opponents. But neither of their opponents hit the ramp, instead, you guessed it, Teddy Long makes his presence felt. Teddy tells them that this is not THEIR show, it’s the PEOPLE’S show (I refuse to say WWE Universe) and proclaims that tonight’s Main Event shall be CHRIS JERICHO VS. EDGE! Yay! This segment was great, as you’d expect from these too. It set up Jericho’s bout with Rey on Sunday and a possible program between Edge and Jericho down the line. Plus those two are so great on the mic, I could listen to them recite poetry and it would be I really want to see that.

Jeff Hardy vs. Ricky Ortiz
Ortiz gets a little video promo inserted in his entrance, in the promo he claims that he needs 100% support from the people to be able to overcome the former Worlds Champion, and for them, to of course, RALLY UP. Collar and elbow tie up to get things going with Ortiz using his strength to gain the upper hand, tossing Hardy around early. Ortiz lands some jumping knees for a knee fall before sinking in an arm triangle. Jeff tries to battle free, but gets dragged to the mat. While on the ground Ortiz lands three headbutts and goes for a running splash, but Hardy gets his knees up. Ortiz regains control with a fall away slam before sinking the arm triangle back in. Jeff battles free again and lands a diving clothesline, followed by a Leg–feed spinning mule kick, before taking Ortiz to the corner and hitting the Hardyac Arrest. Hardy whips Ortiz in to the corner but gets reversed. As Ortiz charges, Hardy avoids him and goes up top, but soon comes down hitting the whisper in the wind, followed by the Twist of Fate and capped off with a Swanton Bomb. This was nothing more than a match to get Jeff over, not that he needs it, but you know what I mean. This could very well be the end of Ricky Ortiz as any form of a prospect, well, I know that went a long time ago, but know he seems to be going from midcarder to enhancement talent, and that ain’t ever a good sign, but just like the young bucks in the opener, time will tell what the future holds for Mr. Ortiz.
Winner: Jeff Hardy via Swanton Bomb

After commerical, Jeff is still in the ring being interviewed by Josh Mathews, who says that Jeff has all the momentum heading in to Judgement Day. Jeff claims that Edge is a creature of habit, winning the title, losing the title, winning the title and so and claims that because Edge won the belt at Backlash and shall lose it at Judgement Day. Jeff says he’s doing it for every single one of his fans, who always believed in him, for BEING HIM! How poetic.

Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox vs. Melina & Gail Kim
Melina and McCool kick things off with McCool scoring a takedown on Melina, but the Champ gets the upper hand, forcing McCool to tag in the amazing looking Alicia Fox (I’m going to find a way to steal her, I’ll keep you all posted). Alicia locks in a full nelson, but Melina escapes with an arm drag and takes Fox down before tagging in Kim who lands a drop kick and uses her speed and agility to keep Fox at bay. Kim whips Fox in to the corner and lands a side cross body and lands on the apron where McCool charges at her, but Kim kicks her to the floor below. Kim goes for a springboard move, but McCool pulls her down to the ground before being tagged in. McCool takes Kim inside and dominated offense, cutting her off from her partner with a reverse headlock. Kim makes it to the ropes, and scales them, springboarding off them, landing a quasi throwback. Kim makes it to her corner, tagging in Melina who charges at McCool. Melina takes McCool to the corner and sets her up on the second rope and drops the knees on her. McCool isn’t down for long however as she throws Melina into the ropes shoulder fist, followed by a roll up. Melina hits an unusual split kicks and goes to follow up with a neckbreaker, but Fox rescues her partner. Kim storms the ring and sends Fox to the outside, while back inside the ring, Melina has regained momentum, and hits the Last Call for the pin. I mean, this was a Women’s match. That’s really enough said, yeah? It was sloppy, but, fine, I guess. Blah.
Winners: Melina & Gail Kim via Last Call (Melina)

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Ziggler demands Yang shake his hand, but Yang kicks it away and follows it up with a Ricky Steamboat arm drag, before wringing the arm. Ziggler battles free with some aggressive punches before hitting a sweet ass reverse wrist clutch suplex. Ziggler stomps his opponent, before whipping him in the corner, followed by a splash. Ziggler ties up Yang on the mat and as Yang tries to make it to his feet takes him down with a headlock takeover, followed by a diving elbow. Ziggler locks on another headlock in the centre of the ring. Ziggler asks Jimmy why he won’t give up as he tries to fight back, but it is to no avail as Ziggler locks in a full nelson, but Yang breaks loose and hits his flying kicks for a nearfall.  Yang goes up top and goes for the moonsault but there’s nobody home. Despite landing on his feet, Yang falls victim to the Jumping Russian legsweep , costing him the match. Almost immediately after the match comes to a close, The Great Khali comes out for VENGEANCE (not the Pay-Per-View). Ziggler tries to stop Khali as he’s on the apron, but Khali picks him up over the rope and tosses him to the floor. Khali chases Ziggler up the ramp, but Dolph makes his escape. The match itself was good, and I do like Ziggler, even if his moveset is a tad rest hold centric at times, but it’s sad to see Jimmy Wang Yang being used like this. He’s one of the most exciting guys in the company, but he’s being wasted as an enhancement talent and with the new youth initiative, I’d love to see him get that push, but alas it is probably not going to happen. As for Khali/Ziggler, I think it’s progressing nicely providing Ziggler gets the upper hand in the end, otherwise it would be a waste of a program for both men, as it buries Ziggler if he gets squashed, and a feud with Dolph Ziggler hardly elevates The Great Khali, the former Worlds Champion, so we shall see.

Next, we have Cryme Tyme with Eve Torres backstage, the two boys from the hood don’t seem to know whether they’re flirting or stirring the pot, as they praise Eve but then remind her that Layla has laid her out, not once, but twice. The lads also inform Eve that Layla was saying things about Eve’s momma (the  BITCH) and ask her what she’s going to do, as Layla, is just down the corridor. Eve sneaks up behind Layla, who is getting her make up done, and douses her in talcum powder (or cocaine, I dunno) and follows it up with a slam. They brawl on the table and the floor, before they are separated by Cryme Tyme. Why would they separate them? THEY STARTED IT!! Ugh, I just can’t bring myself to care, horrible segment.

R-Truth vs. Mike Knox
A rematch from last week, just, well, because. Knox takes Truth in to the corner to get things going and gets him down with a scoop slam. Knox goes for a jumping knee, but Truth rolls out of the way as Knox goes to the outside to recover. Truth follows him with a tope suicino to the outside, taking the big man out. Truth bring Knox back in to the ring, but on a receiving end of a Big Boot for his troubles. Knox takes Truth to corner, before yanking him out in to a clothesline for a two count. Knox hits a guillotine in between the first and second rope for another near fall. Knox sinks in a headlock in the centre of the ring. Truth tries to battle free but Knox’s strength is too much, so Truth uses his speed to gain the upperhand, unleashing his arsenal of slick high flying kicks, capping the onslaught with the Flying Jalapeño, giving him the, frankly surprising, victory. The match was on par with last weeks, nothing special, but it had a nice surprise at the end with Truth winning. No idea where this is going now though, they have a program I guess...
Winner: R-Truth via Flying Jalapeño

Josh Mathews is backstage with the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio. Mysterio tells us that Jericho is arrogant, disrespectful and deceitful and that if Jericho wants respect, he has to earn. Mysterio says that he will not let Jericho walk all over him and that Jericho does not have to worry about the conspiracy, instead, he has to worry about the 619! 

After this, we have Todd Grisham and Jim Ross in the ring, running down the Judgement Day card. How odd.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
The two men jaw back and forth at first, but things soon breakdown as a slapping battle commences, followed by a brawl to the outside. Jericho drags Edge around ringside, hitting his head off anything he can find, before Edge turns the tables on Jericho and sends him back in to the ring. Once in the ring Edge whips Jericho in to the turnbuckles, as JR on commentary talks about kissing the sister he does not have. Edge charges at Jericho but misses and hits the ring post. Jericho capitalizes on this and sends Edge in to the ring post a second time before sinking in a modified arm bar. Edge works his way out and takes Jericho over with a knee. Edge ties Jericho up in the ropes, choking him at first, before diving on to the man. Jericho gains control and ties Edge up in the ropes, but his course of action is to stand on Edge’s back, forcing him throat first on to the rope. As Edge lays on the mat, Jericho hits a low running dropkick sending Edge to the outside. Jericho gets cocky as he goes to the outside to see his handy work, but Edge surprises him and whips him in to the steel steps before dropping him chest first on the guard rail. Both men reenter the ring, where Jericho takes Edge to the corner as they both ascend the turnbuckle and land a blow to each other, knocking both men to the floor as we go to commercial. We return to see the Champ hitting a suplex on Jericho for a nearfall. Edge whips Jericho against the ropes but Jericho counters with a DDT before sinking in a Kimura. Edge tries to escape but is taken down with a hammerlock slam. Jericho taunts Edge asking him whose show Smackdown is. Jericho goes for the bulldog, but Edge uses his momentum against him and sends him in to the corner. Edge follows up with a shoulder tackle in the corner, but Jericho gets him and goes for a roll up but puts his feet on the ropes. The ref sees and stops the count, this causes offense to Jericho, who argues with the ref. Jericho is then rolled up by Edge, who puts HIS feet on the ropes, but once again, the ref stops the count. Both men get to their feet, but collide in the centre of the ring, knocking both men down. Jericho whips Edge in to the corner and follows with a bulldog. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but misses and tweaks his knee. Edge sinks in the Sharpshooter to a big ovation from the crowd. Jericho makes the ropes and Edge is forced to release the hold. Jericho then takes down Edge and sinks in HIS submission move, the Walls of Jericho, but Edge also makes his way to the ropes. Edge getting some big cheers now, dunno whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Out of nowhere, Edge hits a Spear, but Jericho rolls to the outside to avoid a pin. Jericho goes to get a chair before reentering the ring. Jericho charges at Edge, but Edge kicks the chair in to the face of his opponent, giving him the DQ win. Edge goes to makes Jericho pay for introducing the chair, But Jeff Hardy hits the ring! Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on to the chair after avoiding some of Edge’s swings, he goes up top where Jericho tries to stop him, but is easily dispatched. Hardy turns his attention to Jericho and dives to the outside on to Jericho, to close the show? NO! Next CM Punk comes out to cash in his Title Shot! But before he can, Umaga hits the ring! Punk gets the upperhand however, clocking Umaga right on the noggin with his briefcase, sendin the violent Samoan outside. Punk follows him with a dive over the tope rope, Punk and Umaga brawl on the outside and in to the crowd as Jeff attacks Edge and brings him in to the crowd, where they go at it. But where’s Jericho you ask? Why he’s slyly making his way to the back, but before he can make it, Rey Mysterio comes out and attacks Jericho, as the show goes off the air with all six men brawling around the arena. WOW! So much to talk about here, first, the match itself was great, another strong TV Main Event from Smackdown, but that closing, whoa momma! That was some action packed stuff, I am so pumped for this Pay-Per-View now, I want to see all three of these matches! The frantic close with all six men brawling around the arena was tremendous and unique and it REALLY got the crowd going. Everything was once again, done so well and was perfected in execution by the new Smackdown Six. An awesome finish to an awesome go home show which built up what should be, three AWESOME matches!
Winner: Chris Jericho via DQ

Another great installment of Smackdown this week, particularly in the top three matches, but I do have one criticism to offer and that is, that there is a lot going on right now that may have no pay off. As we all know, WWE Creative, or Vince McMahon is known to change his mind at any moment, so plans changes almost daily, so it’s very hard to get emotionally invested in guys, when you’re not sure what’s going to happen to them and that’s the case with the mid carders of Smackdown at the moment, the Morrisons, Benjmains, Haas’ and Zigglers. They’re all getting pushes now and it seems like the company’s behind them, but within a month, they could all be job guys. So while, at present, Smackdown seems to be firing on all cylinders (well, bar the Cryme Tyme stuff), there’s always that wariness about it, the uneasiness of wondering, how long are we going to have this for? For all we know, Triple H could come back and crypt up the place. Which is sad because things are so great right now, I’d love to say they’ll stay that way. But let’s not end on a somber note, instead I’ll focus on my FAVOURITE part of Smackdown these days and that is the cross over angles, it’s a really great booking style, a little bit more complex than your usual programs, but it can pay off so much better and produce some red hot segments, like the close to this week’s show. I hope this is a continuing trend for this year’s Smackdown, as I really enjoy it, and it’s not done well by many promotions these days, particularly in North America (CHIKARA is all I can think of), but now I’m getting it weekly on Friday nights and I love it! (Dear Lord, it sounds like I’m married to Smackdown) So once again, VIVA SMACKDOWN and VIVA THE NEW SMACKDOWN SIX!!

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you enjoyed it and as always I can be reached at my e-mail, with any comments, criticisms, concerns and all that malarky that you might have. Peace.

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