AAA on Galavision TV report

AAA on Galavision
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 05/16/2009
Summary of last week's show: Alan Stone eliminated Dark Scoria, and Extreme Tiger beat Crazy Boy. Epic six-man tag between the Legion and the AAArmy. Dr. Wagner debuted with a victory over the Hermandad, and had a heated confrontation with Mesias. For thisshow, the same main event, but replacing Wagner with Vampiro. Another Parka/Silver chapter, and more.
*Pretaped Segmetn: Ultimo Gladiador is getting his team pumped up for their match agains the clows (yes, they're still around and undefeated). Pimpinela says he's inspired because he's in love with Gato, and will do his best performance only for him. Back in the ring, Pimpinela grabs the mic to announce that it was his birthday. This lead to......
1) Psycho Circus (Psycho, Zombie & Killer Clown) vs. Ultimo Gladiador, Pimpinela Escarlata & Gato Eveready
-Only Fall: The clowns immediately ambush their opponents wiith powerhouse moves. There seems to be some improvement in their team work, but the clowns still look like a legit threat to anyone.The clowns try a triple plancha, but Gladiador jumps to stop their move. The tecnico comeback kicks off, and the clowns are assaulted with many aerial moves. Gladiador hits an Asai Moonsault on Zombie. Gato trick two of the clowns, but Pimpi steals a kiss from him. Psycho capitalizes to pin Gato with a Elevated Powerslam, and Killer pins Pimpi with a Body Press Slam. New record of 296-0
Winners: Psycho, Zombie & Killer Clown
*Pretaped Segment: Fly talks to Laredo, and says he is the biggest star of the RFA. So he asks Laredo to not get mad if he gets defetaed by Fly. Laredo tries to talk, but Fly doens't let him. Did anyone say "heel turn"?
2) Cruiserweight Tournament - Round 1 (Match #5)
Superfly vs. Laredo Kid
-Only Fall: Both men exchange hard chops to kick off. Laredo goes for more aerial moves, but Fly suddenly starts striking Laredo, like a heel. Fly continues to use heel tactics to punish Laredo, but the tecnico replies by tossing Fly out of the ring with Headscissors. Laredo hits a Frog Senton to the outside, to take Fly out. Laredo goes for another aerial move, but Fly kicks him out. Fly connects with his Cartwheel Moonsault. Back in the ring, both men uncover their chests, and share hard chops. Frankensteiner by Fly, but Laredo kicks out at two. Fly goes for a flying move, but Laredo gets him into a huge Moonsault Slam for the three count.
Winner: Laredo Kid
-Aftermath: Laredo tries to shake hands, but Fly refuses to do it. Laredo insists, but Fly snaps and attacks him. Did anyone say "heel turn"?
*Noti AAA
-The company organized another event to remember the late Abismo Negro. Many fans and wrestlers attended the church.
*Pretaped Segment: Alex Koslov says he doesn't care if Rocky is his best friend, because he has a chance to show all of his skills for the crowd. Rocky says the same thing, and he only wants the title. Rocky assures the fans will see one of the best matches in the history of the company.
3) Cruiserweight Tournament - Round 1 (Match #6)
Alex Koslov vs. Rocky Romero
-Only Fall: Both men start with hard strikes. Koslov lands outside, and Romero connects with a suicide dive. Koslov tries to get back in the ring, but Romero gives him a Dragon Screw through the ropes. Huge Flapjack by Romero on Koslov, only for a two count. Koslov locks La Tapatia on Romero through the ropes, but the hold has to be broken since the ropes are illegal. Koslov springboards, but Romero catches him with a botched Cutter. Huge Superkick by Koslov, but Romero kicks out at two. Romero lands outside, and Koslov hits a Diving Plancha on him. Koslov does his Russian Dance Kick, but Romero gets him into the Ankle Lock. Koslov counters it into a School Boy, but Romero kicks out again. Romero flies, but Koslov gives him an Enzuigiri, for another dramatc two count. Romero springboards, but so does Koslov, and he hits a Russian Legsweep off the ropes. Koslov locks the Crippler Crossface on Romero for the submission. Short match, but excellent.
Winner: Alex Koslov
4) Zorro, Kenzo Suzuki & El Oriental vs. X-Pac, Charlie Manson & El Elegido
-Only Fall: After an great match, we get a boring match. Heels start ambushing the tecnicos, but Elegido organizes the comeback. Manson also hits many of his trademark moves. Waltman wants Zorro, but the prophet flees from the ring. Waltman hits a Hilo on Kenzo. Oriental hits many aerial moves on Elegido, and kenzo aids him. Manson takes out Kenzo with strikes. Waltman hits the Bronco Buster on Oriental, but Zorro uses a fire extinguisher to attack Waltman. The referee makes the lightspeed count, and Zorro wins.
Winners: Zorro, Kenzo Suzuki & El Oriental
-Aftermath: Waltman chases Zorro backstage, but he is suddenlt attack by the legion backstage.
*Pretaped Segment: Electro and Silver cut a promo. Electro calls out Corleone, and tells him he will pay for applying the Eagle Flight (suicide crossbody from the ramp), on him. Silver still wants Parka to keep standing up after every attack, until Parka begs Silver for mercy. On the othe hand, Parka calls Silver dumb for believing that Parka will ever beg for mercy. Parka says Silver has done everything to take him out, but Parka is still around. Corleone also talks, and says he's still waiting for Konnan and his dirty tricks. But he rather focus on his tag match. Corleone is simply the strongest, the most athletic and most handsome wrestler in the world.
5) La Parka & Marco Corleone vs. Silver King & Electroshock
-Only Fall: Double team attack by the heels, but the tecnicos make the quick comeback. One more time, Parka and Silver brawl in the crowd, and Silver uses chairs on Parka. The heels focus on Parka, but don't let Corleone enter the ring. Corleone finally makes the comeback with a double clothesline. Sidewalk Slam by Corleone on Electro, but Silver makes the save. Parka and Silver brawl in the crowd one more time. Electro tries to lock El Cristo, but Corleone reverses it. Corleone hits the Mark of Excellence, but the Hermandad attack him with chairs. Electro capitalizes to lock El Cristo, and Corleone submits.
Winners: Silver King & Electroshock
*Pretaped Segment: Vampiro cuts a promo saying he hears voices in his head, telling him to go more hardcore than ever. Vampiro says he and Mesias just created a hardcore world, and anyone that enters it will suffer. Mesias says the Hermandad don't know what's in store for them. On the other hand, the Hermandad say the will finish Mesias. but Nicho addresses Corleone, claiming he's also finished.
6) Mesias & Vampiro vs. Hermandad Extrema (Joe Lider & Nicho El Millonario)
-Only Fall: Balanced contest at the beginning, with both team getting equal amount of offense. The heels slowly begin to use the double team, and chairs are already brought. Nicho tries an aerial move on Mesias, but Vampiro shakes the ropes. Mesias uses the chair to punish the heels. Vampiro chokeslams Lider, and Mesias hits a Plancha. The entire legion arrives to attacl the tecnicos.
Winners: No Contest
-Aftermath: Konnan tells Mesias that since he was a legion member before, he will give the champ another chance to return, becuase Konnan knows deep down that Mesias wants to return. Konnan says to look at what is happening to Roldan, Vampiro and Parka, and ke knows Mesias doesn't want the same fate, so Konnan is giving him one last chance to return home. Mesias says he will never turn on AAA. Corleone suddenly appears to attack the Hermandad. Mesias cleans house with the help of Vampiro. Konnan flees with the rest of the Legion.
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