TNA Sacrifice match-by-match live coverage - next ex-WWE wrestler to debut in TNA

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Victoria will be debuting imminently using the name Lisa Marie Varon.  Also returning for TV tomorrow are Shane Douglas and Raven as the two former world champions.

Kiyoshi vs. Amazing Red opens the show

Good opener won by Red with a standing shooting star.  They didn't rush them and crowd was very hot for the match.

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley & Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed & Eric Young 

A million big moves and the crowd this time was big into it with "That was awesome" loud chants.  Las few minutes of this match were great.  Lethal pinned Bashir with a sunset flip when ref Andrew Thomas kicked Bashir's hands as he was holding the ropes.  After the match, they teased the idea that Young wasn't happy that he didn't score the pin. 

Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney managed by Abyss in a Monsters Brawl

Match was short.  They traded weapons shots with Wilde winning with a Death Valley driver onto a garbage can lid.  The post-match was really the story.  Dr. Stevie opened up several bags of thumb tacks and ordered Abyss to put Wilde into the thumbs tacks.  He was about to do it until Lauren ran in to stop him.  Dr. Stevie attacked Abyss and Abyss was about to throw Wilde into the thumb tacks again, but Stevie threw down Lauren and threatened to hit her with his belt.  This caused Abyss to go crazy and he choke slammed Dr. Stevie on the thumb tacks.  It appeared Richards' back was opened up by the thumb tacks as he was bleeding under his shirt.

Suicide vs. Daniels for the X title 

This was a weird one.  The most entertaining this was Don West explaning that the match was a work and that in the end, it's planned for Suicide to lose to Daniels since Daniels is Suicide and put a stooge under the mask.  West kept talking about how well they were working together.  Then Sabin & Shelley came out and Shelley gave Suicide the codebreaker and Daniels won, and West talked about how he called it.  But then Daniels watched the replay on the big screen and saw that Shelley had interfered so he refused the title and asked for five more minutes.  Rudy Charles asked Suicide if he wouild give him five more minutes and he agreed.  They traded big moves with time running out.  They announced that Suicide retained the title.  Crowd didn't seem to understand this.  Don West then explained, since Daniels didn't win the title, that Suicide double-crossed Daniels.  However, then Daniels and Suicide shook hands.

Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong for the Knockouts title 

Love mostly ran away and was looking to leave and lose via count out.  Raisha Saeed blocked the aisle and Kong got her in.  Love got the spray but Saeed tried to get it from her.  Kong went to bodyblock Love, who moved, and she knocked Saeed off the apron.  As ref Slick Johnson was distracted by Saeed taking the bump, Love sprayed Kong.  Nothing from the spray came out to make it even funnier and Love won with a schoolgirl.  After the match, Kong laid out Love with two implant busters.

Funniest thing earlier in the show was they showed Sting coming in and all the young guys were shaking his hand.  Wasn't the whole reason Sting was in the Mafia was because all the young guys didn't respect him.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

Joe won with the choke.  Nash bled for him and actually put him over.  Nash got rope breaks when Joe had the choke on him earlier in the match.  After the match Joe laid out Nash with elbows and then beat up security as well.  The last two matches weren't too good. 

British Invasion vs. Beer Money in the tag team tournament finals. 

Beer Money won the tournament in a very good match.  Beer Money was by far the most over act on the show up to this point in time with their babyface turn.  Doug Williams did a great job in making them look good and Brutus Magnus has improved a lot.  Beer Money has a lot of trademark spots that were over big.  They did what should be a finisher, but wasn't, which was Storm doing a Frankensteiner off the top on Magnus and then Roode followed with a frog splash. But Rob Terry pulled ref Earl Hebner out of the ring.  Hebner kicked Terry out.  Williams brought in one of the briefcases, but Roode took it from him before he  could hit Storm.  Finish saw Storm superkicking  Williams and then Roode hit Williams with the briefcase and pinned him.  Team 3-D went into the ring after with Beer Money and all four raised each others' hands.

A.J. Styles vs. Booker T for the Legends title in an I Quit match

Another real good match.  The show is overachieving up to this point.  One of Booker's best efforts since coming here.  The finish saw Sharmell come out.  Booker collided with Sharmell by accident and then Styles used a flying armbar.  Booker refused to submit and then Jenna Morasca came out and threw in the towel for him.  Booker and Sharmell were mad at her for doing so.

Mick Foley vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett for the TNA title   

Sting pinned Angle to win the match.  However, since Foley wasn't pinned, he didn't lose the title.  So it means Sting is the head of the Mafia.  They did a ton of near falls and had a good match.  At times they lost the crowd  but everyone did their big moves time after time.  Foley took a few suplexes on the floor.  Sting took a piledriver on the ramp.  Angle did a running dive over the announcers table onto Foley who was taking a breather in the middle of the match and announcing.  The finishing sequence saw Sting suplex Foley on the floor while Jarrett gave Angle a stroke off the middle rope onto a chair in the ring.  But Sting jumped in and pinned Angle, stealing the pin from Jarrett.

For those of you who are fans of multiple man main events, the title is up at Slammiversary in a seven-man King of the Mountain match. 


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