WWE Superstars TV report for May 28th

WWE Superstars May 28 Report by Ted Coppola This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. The Colons

Primo and Shelton start it off. Shelton gets early offense with a fireman takeover. Primo comes off the ropes with a cross body for 2. Shelton tags in Haas and after some offense, Primo tags Carlito. They both hit a double dropkick on Haas. Haas gets the tag and Benjamin works on Carlito’s head. He catches Carlito with a body slam for 2. Carlito then tries for a quick rollup for 2. Carlito hits a back body drop and tags in his brother. Primo hits a flying elbow and a head scissors for 2. Before commercial break, Shelton catches Primo’s left arm on the top rope. We come back and Shelton is throwing Primo’s left shoulder into the post. Haas comes in and works on Primo’s arm. He hits a slam for 2. Shelton comes back in and does more arm work, when out comes Cryme Time. Their music plays and they are talking on the mic at the same time. Shelton gets distracted and Primo goes for a roll up, but only gets a 2 count. Carlito tags in and hits a missile drop kick followed by an elbow off the top rope. He sends Shelton off the ropes and hits a back stabber for the win.

Finlay vs. Jack Swagger

The match starts with Swagger throwing Finlay out of the ring. He throws him back in and hits him with a splash for a 2 count. He tries to get an ab stretch on Finlay, but Finlay reverses it and throws Jack outside. While out there, Swagger slams Finlay in the post and drags him back in for 2. Finlay gets slammed in the corner and then on the mat for 2. Swagger goes for the shelaliegh, but the ref notices and grabs it from him. Finlay quickly goes for the cradle, but only gets a 2. So, he tries for the Celtic Cross, but it gets reversed into a gut wrench powerbomb for the win. Swagger def. Finlay.

Cena vs. Ted DiBiase

They start off trading head locks. Cena hits a hip toss, slam, and elbow for a 2 count. DiBiase works on him in the corner for a bit. Cena comes off the ropes and hits Ted with a bulldog. He sends Ted into the corner and goes running after him, but Ted moves. Dibiase works on him with punches and kicks. He goes off the ropes and Cena catches him for a slam, but Ted rolls through. Before he can go for the pin, Cena picks him up and gets him up for the FU, but Ted sneaks out. He throws Cena outside and sends him into the steps. Back in the ring, Cena gets a roll up for 2. DiBiase lands 3 of the classic DiBiase punches and hits a standing drop kick for 2. Cena goes off the ropes and hits a flying shoulder block, twisting slam and 5 knuckle shuffle. He goes for the FU, but DiBiase rolls him up for 2. Ted hits a scoop slam for 2. Cena tries for the FU again, but Ted grabs the ropes. Ted hits a flying clothes line followed by a gutbuster drop. He sets Cena up for a superplex, but Cena pushes him off and hits a flying leg drop. On the ground, Cena applies the STF for the win.

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