WEC live coverage from Sacramento Faber vs. Brown

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Seth Dikun b Rolando Perez triangle choke 2:30 round one.  He jumped into the triangle from the standing position.  The finish looked great. 

  Frank Gomez b Noah Thomas arm triangle 3:12 second round.  Thomas, who fought at 155 in Ultimate Fighter a few years ago, looked small at 135, was taken down and bloodied up with elbows before submitting in a one-sided fight.

Antonio Banuelos vs. Scott Jorgenson

Banuelos was more active in the first round but neither hurt the other seriously with shots.

Some good exchanges.  Jogenson moving forwrad but good exchanges with Banuelos connecting more.  Jorgenson missed a home run uppercut.  Al boxing.  Jorgenson connected with a flurry.  Bunaelos now back with two punches and a body kick.  Very good round.,

Place isn't completely full, the crowd already is about as full as last year's show.  Top deck is less than half full and this appears to be an early arriving crwod because the middle and bottom are close to full.

Jorgenson nearly had him with a guillotine early in three.  Jorgenson got the better of an exchange and Banuelos moving backwards.  More good punches from Jorgenson and Banuelos then hit a solid right as a counter.  Jorgenson with another flurry.  Jorgenson hurt Banuelos with a punch near the cage, then hit a knee and other punches.  Banuelos bleeding bad from the nose.  Good knee by Jorgenson.  Baneulos tried a takedown and Jorgenson easily blocked it and got a hard knee from the clinch.  Banuelos connected with a great punch.  Another good exhcnage.  Jorgenson connecting more.  Jorgenson got his back when Baneulos mised a takedown.  He's gonig for a choke but let it go.  Jorgenson with some punches to the side of the head from the back.  He tried a slam but Banuelos blocked.  Single leg by Jorgenson to take Banuelos tback down.  Jorgenson threw some punches, tried a choke on the ground, but let it go and time ran out.

This was a faantastic fight.  Hope it gets on TV but three rounds works against it.

Crowd gave them a standing ovation when it was over.  Then gave them a second one before they read the decision.

Scores 29-28 Banuelos by Tony Weeks. 29-28 Jorgenson by John Schorle. Doc Hamilton scored it 29-28 Banuelos.  Tons of boos for the decision, although they'd have booed either way.

God are they booing that decision.  Banuelos' left eye looked like hell, particularly a deep cut near the cheekbone.  Banuelos won the first round, second was close and Jorgenson strongly won the third, so that's what you get.

Mike Campbell vs. Anthony Pettis

Pettis tried a kick, Campbell jumped in for a slam and Pettis grabbed a guillotine.  Campbelll got out of a guillotine, a triangle and a strong armbar all in the opening seconds.  It was liike watching a Volk Han wrestling match.  Pettis is great on the ground.  He's working another triangle and got the tap.  Pettis did a backflip after winning.  That guy was awesome.  This should make TV because total time was 1:49 and Pettis looked like a potential star.  He's got a back story as his father was murdered by a robber several years ago and he wears a shirt with his photo on it for motivation.

I just got word from the back, they are really going to try to get Jorgenson vs. Banuelos on the air along with Dikun's match and the Pettis match.  The latter two are more likely because of timing but as we speak they are trying to squeeze the third one in.

Rafael Rebello vs. Kyle Dietz.

Dietz came out to "Whenever you call me, I'll be there" which got a good pop.   Dietz in fast bulling Rebello in to the cage and throwing punches.  Now they're tied up.  Both throwing big punches and Dietz got tagged.  Rebello took hiim down, got his back and working for a choke.  He got it.  Another quick submission win. 

The people just found out Rebello trains with Brown and turned on him.  He then said Brown was going to keep the belt.  That didn't go over well.

They interviewed Brian Bowles and Miguel Angel Torres.  Fans took to Torres like a superstar.  They asked him who would win the main event and he just said this was a fight that the fighers are all talking about and wouldn't make a prediction. 

Manvel Gamburyan vs. John Franchi

Crowd sees Gamburyan as a star off being in UFC.  Franchi with a punch.  Gamburyan inside with a belly to belly takedown and moved Franchi to the cage.  He's donig some grounda and pound.  Mostly hard body shos.  Connected with four shots to the head.  Back to the body.  More to the head .  He dropped for an ankle lock and lost position and now Franchi has his back.  Gamburyan thinking a Kimura.  Now going for an armbar.  They are now tied up like pretzels not moving.  Franchi spun to the top and throwing punches.  Gamburyan reversed to the top while in Franchi's guard.  Gambruyan moving Franchi to by the cage again.  More body shots.  Ref ordered a standup.  82 seconds left.  Crowd booing as they are against the cage.  Very slightlyh to Gamburyan 10-9.

Gamburyan dropped him with a right hand and some ground and pound.  Mostly working body shots.  Franchi threateneed with an armbar and Gamburyan got mad and threw wild punches  to his head when he got out.  Gamburyan was holding him down.  Ref stood them up.  Trading and Gamburyan got an uppercut to the groin and that hurt.  Crowd is booing Gambutyan for taking time.  I have no idea wwhy they would be booing becuase that was a solid shot to a bad spot.  Back with 85 seconds left.  Hard punch by Gamburyan and followed with a takedown.  He threw a knee to the butt.  Some weak body punches and a hard shot.  Gamburyan mostly just keeping the top position in the guard and weak body punches to stay active.  Now he's connecting with solid punches to the head.  Gamburyan 20-18.

Gambuuryan with a takedown right away.  He has Franchi against the cage and throwing a lot of punches to the head before he slowed down.  Now body punches and sneaking in a head punch.  Gamburyan connecting with solid head punches now.  Gamburyan up and Franchi laid on his back.  Famburyan kicked at his legs and jumped back down and working from the top.  Lots of body punches, head punches and elbows.  Gamburyan is active enough.  Nothing close to finishing.  Gamburyan backed off and Franchi wouldn't get up.  Crowd booed that, and Gamburyan went back to the ground beating on him  He backed off and Franchi stayed on his back.  Gamburyan is going to town on him, busting his left eye.  Almost a 10-8 for Gamburyan but I don't see the judges calling that, so probably 30-27 for him.  Crowd booed. 

All three judges have it 30-27 for Gamburyan.  Should have about 15 minutes before the start of the live show.  

Gamburyan said the weight cut was hard.

Jens Pulver vs. Josh Grispi

Crowd is really hot for this match.  I think it's basically the same crowd that saw Pulver vs. Faber here last year.  They love Pulver.  They booed Grispi I think Pulver is overwhelmed at just how big the crowd popped for him.   He looks real small out there.  Pulver got a takedown and Grispi grabbed a guillotine.  Jens tapped right before he was about to go out.  Grispi even seemed sad he beat him.  Time was 33 seconds. 

Crowd is so deflated by that even though I think a good percentage of them sensed it, maybe not that way, but still that he'd lose.

Pulver basically hinted at retirement.  I'm not saying I'm done.  He talked about starting here (he started his MMA training in Lodi, which is about a half hour from here) with Bob Shamrock and that it would be a good place to end.  He did an awesome  promo.

James Krause vs Cowboy Donald Cerrone

Krause is 6-2, he looks huge for 155 pounds.  Crowd likes Cerrone a lot.  Cerrone is also big for the class .  Krause got him down but Cerrone spun out of trouble.  Traded kicks.  Cerrone with a hard punch and Krause took him down.  Cerrone tried an uma plata but Kruase escaped and got some punches.  Another takedown by Krause.  Cerrone again trying for an uma plata to sweep.  Krause went for an ankle.  Cerrone back up and this time blocked a takedown.  Krause with a high kick.  Wild swinging.  Cerrone got a standing guillotine and threw a hard knee.  Krause right back with punches.  Cerrone just decked him with a right and now has his back.  He's working for a choke with a minute left.  Cerrone throwing punches to loosen him, has the choke (after looking at a photo of the tap it looks more like a facelock) and got the tap.  Good fight.

There was a big fight in  the upperd deck. Luckily it was during a commerical break. 

In the post-match  they pushed the idea of Jamie Varner vs. Cerrone for the lightweight title.  They showed Varner at ringside and the people booed the hell out of him. 

I haven't seen a fight in the stands at a UFC in years and now we've had two, both women fights in different parts of the arena in the last five minutes.  I'm having Cow Palace flashbacks.  A third fight just broke out in the stands, this time with guys.

They are showing the Banuelos vs. Jorgenson fight now on TV like is on Versus right now to give the people some entertainment.  The ring announcer, Joe Martinez, asked fans to stop fighting in the stands. 

Jose Aldo Jr. vs. Cub Swanson 

Flying knee busted Swanson over the left eye and two punches on the ground and it was over.  This was like Kid Yamamoto and Miyata.  But he is human,  he went to climb the cage and do a backflip and slipped off.  This was like 10 seconds.  Official time was 8 seconds. 

Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber for the featherweight title is up

Faber got a St. Pierre level reaction live.  Brown was booed heavily, but nothing close to Lesnar level.  This crowd is hot, almost Montreal level.  Tehy hugged before the match.  Faber is acting like a bull about to be let out of the chute.  Faber throwing kicks.  They're in the clinnch.  Brown looks stronger.  Brown has him against the cage.  Faber broke it.  Faber scored with a right.  Two kicks and a punch by Faber.  Brown missed with a punch. Great combo by Faber.  Brown missed a punch and Faber grabbed a guillotine.  Brown out of it and now on top.  He's got Faber's back.  Brown bleeding from the left eye.  Faber back to his feet.  Brown throwking knees to the thigh and a hard knee to the face.  Faber with an elbow.  Faber out of trouble threw 2 knees.  Brown with a punch.  Crowd is electric.  This ia a hell of an intense fight.  Faber with a big punch but Brown took him down.  Brown tried a guilliotine.  Brown is on top and has Faber in side control  Brown is overpowering him,  10-9 Faber but it was close as Brown physically contolled him a lot, Faber landed more blows.

Faber got a good punch in and missed a kick.  Brown with a head kick.  Brown connected with punches near the cage.  Faber kicked the shoulder.  Head kick by Faber but Brown didn't feel it.  Brown with a hard punch and a takedown.  The difference is Brown isn't feeling any pain.  Faber scrambling  but he's not getting out of trouble.  Brown is too strong for him in wrestling.  He has Faber's back.  Faber back up.  Brown with a series of upppercuts.  Faber grabbed a guillotine out of nowhere.  Brown is going to get out.  He does and is back on top.  He's got Faber's back again.  Faber almost reversed.  Again, Brown so strong.  Hard punches and a kick kick by Faber.  Faber with a knee.  Brown with a jab. Brown moving forwrad.  Brown's power is wearing Faber out.  He took him down and got his back, threw a knee to the heada and connected with a few punches.  Brown hurts Faber when he hits him and the opposite isn't the case.  Brown 10-9 so we're even.

Faber out with a kick that missed.  Brown moving forward.  Faber hit a flying knee.  Brown isn't fazed by him.  Brown has another guillotine.  He's cranking hard.  Faber is in trouble but got out.  Brown has his back  Brown pounding him.  Brown pounding on him more.  Faber back up.  3:00 left in the round.  Faber with a hard left.  Faber in with a series of punches.  Brown hurt Faber with a body shot.  Faber blocked a takedown and is on top but Brown reversed and is going for an ankle lock.  Faber hit a spinning elbow.  Brown with a hard punch and Faber went for a kick.  Faber with a elbow and Brown with punches and his punches hurt.  Faber bleeding from the mouth.  Brown went for a takedown but Faber blocked.  Brown 29-28.

Crowd is treating this like it's the match of the year.  More like Faber is like the greatest babyface with hope spots.  But in real life he's tiring from Brown's power.  Brown with dirty boxing.  Brown connecting in the conrer.  Faber back.  They are trading.  Head kick by Faber but Brown isn't fazed by it.  Brow connecting with more punches.  Hard elbow by Faber.  This is the most tired I've ever seen Faber.  Had kick by Faber. Brown missed a big punch and they're in a clinch.  Brown trying for a takedown but couldn't get it.  Faber hit a left.  Brown with more punches.  Brown is winning the round.  Faber with a hard elbow but Brown connecting more with punches.  Brown is starting to take control.  Uppercuts and a knee by Brown.  Faber with a punch.  Knee by Faber.  Faber bulled Brown into the cage.  Brown turned him arond.  Brown with knees to the thigh.  Brown 39-37.  Faber needs a finish here.

Crwod going nuts.  Standing ovation as they come out for round five.  Body kick by Faber.  Faber with a punch and another punch and a knee.  Brown back with a punch.  Faber with an elbow and a jab and body kick.  Brown took Faber down and Faber going for a guillotine.  Brown popped out and his his back.  Faber with two elbows to break free.  Brown with a knee and Faber back with a punch.  Faber went for a takedown but Brown stopped him.  Faber grabbed a guillotine but Brown slammed him down.  Faber back up.  Left by Faber.  Front kick by Faber.  Faber with two lefts.  Brown with another takedown and Faber back up.  Brown back to the dirty boxing.  Faber has another choke attempt.  Brown is out.  That may have been it.  Awesome fight.  Knee by Faber but Brown with punches.  Kick by Faber and Brown with more punches.  1 minute left.  Brown got another takedown but Faber is back up and threw a wicked elbow.  Fight is over.  I have Faber with the round but have it 48-47 for Brown.  This could go either way.  Could be fight of the year.   

Crowd gave the fight a standing ovation.  Doc Hamilton and Marcos Rosales 49-46 and Tony Weeks 48-47 for Brown. 

This is a candidate for show of the year live.  Not sure how it came across on TV, but it felt like a UFC for atmosphere,b ut with better finishes.

Just got the scorecards which will be open for debate.  This was a hard fight to call because Faber connected more but Brown's power was making the difference.

Alll three judges gave Faber round one.  All three judges gave Brown rounds two, four and five.  Tnoh Weeks gave round three to Faber wheil the other two had it for Brown.  In five, Brown did have the takedowns but Faber got up every time without damage.  Most of the rounds were close but the guy who should have won did. 

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