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.AAA on Galavision
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 06/27/2009
Show starts with the summary of last week's show. Konnan introduces Electroshock as the third member of his team in the cage match at Triplemania. Latin Lover and Marco Corleone were announced as challengers for the tag team titles of La Hermandad at triplemania. Alex Koslov became the new Cruiserweight champion. The Mesias/Wagner feud continued. For this show, another epic six-man tag team match, plus the last members of both Konnan and Roldan teams will be revealed.
Promo Video: This one recaps the eternal Apache feud, which only suffered a few variations over the past months, but it's still the same thing. Apparently this feud will be dragged to Triplemania, in a "Relevos de Locura" match. Bakcstage, Gato and Fabi talk about how they will win the match. But Gato is still hesitant about the attituted of Pimpinela. Gato says he only wants Pimpi as a friend, but not for anything else. Somewhere else, Billy yells at Sexy Star for the kiss she received from Elegido last week.
1) Billy Boy, Sexy Star, Polvo de Estrellas & Mini Histeria vs. Gato Eveready, Fabi Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata & Mascarita Sagrada
-Only Fall: The heels immediately start the lengthy group assault. Gato pulls the feet of Polvo, and finally we have a comeback. Both teams return to their corners, and the different genders battle their own kind. Billy accidentally dropkicks Sexy, and Fabi capitalizes to take Billy out. Polvo pins Sagrada with a Plancha, but Pimpi takes him out with a Diving Crossbody to the outside. Gato pins Histeria with the Blocksbuster, and Billy pays him back with the Vertabreaker. Fabi pins Sexy with the Double Underhook Facebuster, and it's over.
Winners: Gato Eveready, Fabi Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata & Mascarita Sagrada
*Noti AAA:
-Press Conference for Triplemania 17. It was announced that Zorro and X-Pac would battle in a stipulation match. The loser would receive ten cane shots. Hype for the most important matches, like the tag title match, the cage match, and the championship match between Wagner and Mesias.
-Alfonso Morales interviews El Hijo del Santo. He talks about how he felt the night before his debut with AAA, and he was very happy to help Peña in his project. He laos talks about how Peña convinced him to come to the company, when they talked in a small restaurant about the new projecr called AAA. Santo says the difference in the company now is the absence of Peña. Santo says he's returning to the company to give the Roldans control of the company, and to take out Konnan once and for all.
*Promo Video: Summary of the entire Cruiserweight tournament, in which Alex Koslov became the champion. It was announced by Konnan that Koslov would make his first defense at Triplemania. Backstage, Alan is pissed and Tiger for screwing him out of the title. Crazy breaks the debate, and he says they gave their best in the tournament. Crazy suggest that they rather focus on their match to prove they are the some of the best cruiserweights around.
2) Poder del Norte (Tigre Cota, Tito Santana & Rio Bravo) vs. Alan Stone, Extreme Tiger & Crazy Boy
-Only Fall: Alan and Cota kick off with fast paced moves. Constant tags are made to keep a balanced match. The Poder suddenly start the triple team attack on the tecnicos, and they apply several double team maneuvers. Tiger makes the comeback with a Hilo on Bravo. Santana does the same move on Tiger. Crazy hits an Asai Moonsault, and Cota flies with a Suicide dive. Alan closes with a Springboard Senton. Back in the ring, Tiger pins Santana with a Swinging Eleveated Neckbreaker.
Winners: Alan Stone, Extreme Tiger & Crazy Boy
-Aftermath: Konnan arrives and calls out Alex Koslov. Konnan tells him that he must pick one of the three useless tecnicos in the ring as his challenger for the title at Triplemania. Koslov decides to choose the three tecnicos to fight in a Fatal Four Way at mania. Konnan decides to spice things up by making it a hardcore four way. Koslov says he doesn't care, he'll defend his title in any form possible.
*Promo Video: Hype for the feud between the Hermandad and Marco Corleone. Latin Lover got involved in the feud, and now we have a tag title match at Triplemania.
*In-Ring Segment: Konnan is in the ring, to announce the last two members of his team. Chessman is the fourth member, and Teddy Hart is the fifth and final member. They join Electroshock, Silver King and Kenzo Suzuki to form Team Konnan. Roldam comes out to announce the last two members in his team. Vampiro is the fourth member, and the newest tecnico in the roster, Jack Evans is the fifth and final member of Team Roldan. Evans yells in crystal clear spanish that he is no longer part of the Legion, and he is part of AAA now. This addition makes the entire Legion extremely mad, and they attack Evans, and Vampiro as well. This surprisingly leads to........
3) Vampiro & Jack Evans vs. Chessman & Teddy Hart
-Only Fall: I can't believe this was considered a match, when it was nothing else but a complete ambush of the Legion. And I also cannot believe that Pepe Casas, who is supposed to be the most fair referee, did not call for DQ right away, and instead he let the Legion continue their assault. This doesn't make any sense if it's considered a match. Jack Evans is taken on a stretcher. Vampiro is left alone with Teddy and Chessman, as the other members of the Legion left the ring. Evans returns to the ring with several injuries. Teddy tries the SSP but Evans takes him down. Vampiro takes out Chessman and pins Teddy with a Yakuza Kick.
Winners: Vampiro & Jack Evans
-Aftermath: Roldan says that was a little preview, that no matter how Konnan stacks the odds against them, AAA will always emerge victorious.
*Promo Video: Zorro is in therapy, and talks about how the mask he wore before changed his attitude completely. X-Pac says Zorro is completely crazy, and wants to get payback for the cane shots he received. This is a hype to the 10-Cane shots match at Triplemania. Zorro is back in therapy, and says he didn't agree with many of Konnan's decision, and it is best for Zorro to stay away from Konnan. Backstage, the Black Family comes to Zorro, and says they must punish both X-Pac and Charlie Manson.
4) Zorro, Dark Ozz & Dark Scoria vs. X-Pac, Charlie Manson & Rocky Romero
-Only Fall: Match kicks off with several tags from both teams. Heels suddenly begin the triple team attack, and both Darkies uses their trademark flying moves. In the ring, Zorro hits Waltman and Romero with the kendo stick. Zorro takes out Romero with the Curb Stomp, and then makes Waltman submit to the Zorro Stretch.
Winners: Zorro, Dark Ozz & Dark Scoria
*Promo Video: Hype for the Mesias/Wagner title match at Triplemania.
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., La Parka & Alex Koslov vs. Konnan, Silver King & Electroshock
-Only Fall: Classic tag match between the tecnicos and the Legion. Heels immediately start the triple team attack. Chairs are brought and even the referee assist the Legion. Parka makes the comeback with a double clothesline, and Koslov also with a huge Enzuigiri kick. Wagner hits his classic Rolling Body attack on Electro. Back in the ring, Electro hits a Superplex on Koslov, and then locks El Cristo for the quick submission.
Winners: Konnan, Silver King & Electroshock
-Aftermath: Silver grabs a mic, and says that was only a preview of what's to come at Triplemania. Konnan says a new era is about to come, because he will change the name of the company to the Legion Extranjera, and thanks Marisela Peña for falling into his trap.
FINAL COMMENTS: It's been a while since I don't do this. First of all, I apologize for not providing a report of last week's show. It is getting harder for me to write a report on a weekly basis, and even more when these show last over two hours. I'll try my best to keep up, but I don't guarantee it. For those of you wondering, Triplemania 17 will not air on Galavision. I believe this was a PPV event for Mexico, so the american fans won't get acces to the show on TV anytime soon. Unless the company changes their mind, but I don't think it's going to happen.
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