WWE Bash live coverage from Sacramento - 3 title changes so far

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Welcome to our live coverage of The Bash PPV from Arco Arena in Sacramento.  We're looking for your thought's on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ECW scramble match opens the show with Tommy Dreamer defending against Christian, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger and Fit Finlay. 

They've changed the rules.  Christian vs. Swagger opens and people will enter in intervals like a Royal Rumble.  

The time limit evidently was 14:46.  Nice round number.   Dreamer retained the title.  Decent match.

Finlay in third

Swagger pinned Finlay after poking him in the eyes

Dreamer in fourth

Finlay pinned Swagger with a Celtic cross

Henry in last

Henry pinned Dreamer with World's Strongest Slam

Swagger pinned Henry with a Vader splash

Dreamer pinned Christian with a DDT after Christian had just nailed a killswitch on Swagger

They are now doing TV commercials during PPVs.  They did a Gillette chair shot commercial after this match.

Edge asked to be put into the main event and to make it a three-way because he pinned Jeff Hardy on Friday.  He said that for the past ten years if there's a PPV and he's healthy, he's on it.  Edge vowed that Teddy Long would soon be like Vickie Guerrero. 

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio IC title vs. mask is up now. 

Mysterio won the title in a fantastic match.  Tons of great near falls.  Mysterio kicked out of the codebreaker and also twice got out of the Walls of Jericho.  The finish saw Jericho unmask Mysterio, but he was wearing a second mask underneath, hit the 619 and springboard splash for the pin.   One of the better WWE matches this year.

Shawn Michaels was in the ad for SummerSlam for what it's worth.

Jericho wanted a rematch tonight but Teddy Long turned him down.  Jericho vowed to get rid of Long as G.M. before his fifth anniversary.  Wasn't there like a long period where he had a heart attack, then wasn't GM, then was on ECW?

Dolph Ziggler vs Great Khali in a no DQ match

Plan is for a surprise return here.  Well see.

Well, that's what happened.  Kane did a run-in with a series of chair shots to Khali, six in all, most to he back and shoulder, one to the head which Khali blocked.  Ziggler then jumped in for the pin.  Awful match until the run-in.  It required Khali to sell a lot for chair shots to the knee.

Vince McMahon is talking to Teddy Long.  He compared him to Bischoff, Adamle, Regal and Heyman all did something as G.M. and that Long is the longest lasting G.M. in company history and he's accomplished nothing.  Vince said if they were together in the foxhole, Vince would shoot himself out of boredom.  Vince told him he's still on probation and better accomplish something.

Carlito & Primo Colon vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes for the tag titles was scheduled, but Teddy Long just made it a triple-threat match with Edge & Chris Jericho 

Edge & Jericho won the titles.  The story of the match was DiBiase & Rhodes and the Colons would never tag Edge or Jericho in.  They did their match to little crowd reaction other than "We Want Christian" chants that were pretty loud.  Finish saw Carlito hit the backstabber on Rhodes, but before he did the move, Edge did a blind tag on Rhodes.  Carlito got up and got speared so Edge speared Jericho for the title.

At least that elevates the tag titles to a main event position, and even more important, it means Edge & Jericho now can headline all three brands.

Orton told DiBiase & Rhodes not to worry about losing because the important thing is making sure he keeps his title.  DiBiase was mad that Orton doesn't care about them, and that he's tired of being his lackey.  They argued and DiBiase walked out on Orton.

Melina vs. Michelle McCool for the Women's title

McCool won clean the the faith breaker, or Styles clash as it's better known.  The story is she become the first woman to win both the Divas title and women's title.  Crowd wasn't much into this but the match was solid.  Alicia Fox was at ringside and Melina knocked Fox off the apron before the finish.

C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the world title is next.  So it'll be Cena vs. Miz followed by HHH vs. Orton to close the show.

Hardy won by DQ.  Hardy first got the pin with a twist of fate and swanton, but Punk's foot was under the rope and ref Scott Armstrong (whose name wasn't allowed to be said for the most asinine of reasons) counted three but then ordered that the match wasn't over.  It was re-started and Punk claimed he was poked in the eye.  When he couldn't see, he kicked Armstrong in the back and Armstrong DQ'd him.  The story here is that you figure Punk kicked the ref on purpose to save the title but he's selling the eye so big he can claim an accident.  But the fans booed Punk out of the place while he was being carried out, so he has a logical reason to hate the fans.  Match was a disappointment.  I thought the finish was pretty clever for what they wanted to do.  Hardy attacked Punk after the match and had to be pulled off by several refs.

Carlito & Primo were complaining to Teddy Long about him adding Edge & Jericho to the match.  Long said that his choice was to get fired, he wanted to shake things up, he did and he stands by his decision.  He told them to get stepping.  They responded by speaking Spanish, which is apparently what Latin wrestlers do when they lose control 

John Cena vs. The Miz.  The show is running behind time.  Did you know Cena put his life on the line when he wrestled at the Hammerstein Ballroom?  Ugh.  They really should have dumped that Cena video, both because he came off as such a tool with that line, and also when you're behind in time, those are the things you cut out, well, usually.  

They did the exact thing they shouldn't have.  They made it clear Miz wasn't a star as Cena beat him with the Attitude Adjustment & STF in 5:00.  He got offense but the story of the match was that Miz wasn't in Cena's league.  In fact, they had him tap like a pussy as opposed to just tap, like a baby tapping with both hands at the same time.

Aside from Jericho-Mysterio, which was great, this show hasn't been very good.  They need a big match here or it'll be well below usual standards for a WWE PPV show.

Why they had to show the video previewing HHH vs. Orton when they are running short on time is beyond me.  It's as if the people who produce the videos, and who call the shot, actually think the people are paying for the videos, and that the match time to tell the story is secondary.

Orton retained the title.

First fall saw HHH DQ'd for about ten chair shots, but he immediately won the second fall with a pedigree on the floor.

Third fall was mostly putting guys on stretchers and trying to roll them to the finish line.  They ended up on the stage with the stretcher right near the line.  HHH had it won after a pedigree on the stage but Cody Rhodes stopped the stretcher.  HHH threw Rhodes into the stage wall.  Then DiBiase showed up and did the same thing.  DiBiase & Rhodes were double-teaming HHH, but he got a sledge hammer hidden near the stage, and nailed Rhodes & DiBiase with sledge hammer shots.  Orton kicked HHH low and Orton hit HHH with part of the stage floor and put him on the stretcher and rolled him maybe a foot over the line to win.   

After the match when Orton was posing with the belt, HHH laid him out with a sledge hammer.  There were a lot of boos for that.

Match was good, but nothing compared to their match on Monday and this was the one you were paying for. 

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?