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By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 07/04/09
Summary of last week's show: Konnan and Joaquin Roldan unveiled their last two cards for the cage match at Triplemania. Koslov decided to defend his title in a Hardcore Four Way at mania. Jack Evans made a bloody debut with the AAArmy, but won with the help of Vampiro against the Legion. The Zorro/X-Pac feud continued, with more kendo stick shots. For this show, we'll have a "Parejas Increibles" tag match, your clasicc six-man tag match, and more.
*Pretaped Segment: Guapito cuts a promo with El Brazo, and says his new promotion is going well, but he needs more help, so he asks for the assistance of Brazo. Guapito lets Brazo become the referee of the minis match, and he promises to set good dogs and evil dogs, so they'll just keep the good dogs with them.
1) Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psicosis & Mini Histeria vs. Octagoncito, La Parkita & Mascarita Divina
-Only Fall: El Brazo is the referee for this match. Parkita toys with the heels, but they snap and start the triple team attack. Tecnicos make the quick comeback, and apparently Brazo is not happy with that. Both teams go back to their corners, and they make constant tags. Brazo uses turtle counts for the tecnicos. Psicosis lands outside, and Octagoncito hits a Springboard Hilo on him. Divina also takes out Abismo with a Crossbody. In the ring, Parkita gets Histeria into a Hurricanrana, but Brazo does turtle count. Histeria is kicked out, and Parkita uses a suicide dive. Abismo fouls Octagoncito, but Brazo refuses to acknowledge it, and makes the three count.
Winners: Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psicosis & Mini Histeria
-Aftermath: Parkita is pissed of at Guapito, and he turns on the tecnicos. So it appears that the promotion will now side with heels only.
*Noti AAA:
-More hype to Guapito's new "promotion", and Dr. Alfonso Morales supports him no matter what.
-More hype for the Cruiserweight title match at mania. Morales addresses this is one of fastest defenses.
-Octagon and Hijo del Santo visisted the AAA Headquarters, but Konnan kicked them out. Santo bows he's only coming for one show, just to take him down. Konnan promises he will be the new owner of AAA.
*Pretaped Segment: Billy and Tigre Cota talk backstage. Billy is happy to have a childhodd friend next to him, because there are no real friends in this business. Billy asks Tigre to help him out taking Fabi and his friends. Tigre wonders where's Sexy Star, but Billy doesn't want to talk about her. Somewhere else, Gato and Aero talk, mainly about the Pimpinela deal. Gato says he doesn't want to hurt Pimpi, and says he'll never go beyond friendship. But for now, they should focus on help Fabi out with Billy.
2) Billy Boy, Tigre Cota & Sexy Star vs. Aerostar, Gato Eveready & Fabi Apache
-Only Fall: Gato hits an early Crossbody on Billy to the outside. Heels use the triple team attack to take advantage. Tecnicos make a powerful comeback with violent strikes for everyone. Aerostar hits the Springboard Meteor on Tigre, and both land on the barricade. Back in the ring, Gato hits the Blockbuster on Tigre, but the referee refuses to count three. Aero accidentally dropkicks Fabi, and Billy takes out Aero with the Vertabreaker. Billy then pins Fabi with a Sitdown Powerbomb.
Winners: Billy Boy, Tigre Cota & Sexy Star
*Pretapaed Segment: Gato is backstage, and Gladiador asks him about Pimpi. Gato is now very pissed off. The clowns also cut a promo, and they claim they're tired of easy opponents. They demand stronger competition, because they are a world power in professional wrestling. The clowns are tired of facing little kids, and they want bigger fish now. Back with Gato, and Laredo congratulates him for his relationship with Pimpi. Now Gato is extremely pissed off.
3) Psycho Circus (Psycho, Zombie & Killer Clown) vs. Ultimo Gladiador, Crazy Boy & Laredo Kid
-Only Fall: Why should I call these matches, if we already know the outcome. I'll call a match, when I'm sure the clowns are in real danger of being "defeated". Killer pins Laredo with a team Plancha.
Winners: Psycho, Zombie & Killer Clown
*Pretaped Segment: Kenzo is talking on his cell about some business, but he gets yalled to get in the match. Octagon and Parka cut a promo, and they say the next match will be a preview of Triplemania. Parka says he trusts Jack Evans, because he earned respect despite being a heel. Parka will just let Evans do his job. Octagon says Konnan has the entire legion fooled, and Evans just opened his eyes.
4) La Parka, Octagon & Jack Evans vs. Electroshock, Kenzo Suzuki & Teddy Hart
-Only Fall: Octagon uses basic aerial moves to take down Electro. Parka and Kenzo trade hard chops. Teddy and Jack use their traiditional moves on each other. Heels snap and they start the triple team assault. Teddy uses the Hart Destroyer on Jack, but Parka breaks the pin. Tecnicos finally make the comeback with strikes and punches. Evnas hits a Springboard 450 on Teddy on the outside. In the ring, Parka gets Electro into a Victory Roll, but he kicks out. Silver King gets in the ring, to hit Parka with a cookie sheet. Electro capitalizes and pins Parka.
Winners: Electroshock, Kenzo Suzuki & Teddy Hart
*Pretaped Segment: Konnan and Silver tlak about the Incredible Tag match. Konnan suggests that Silver must battle his brother, while Konnan battles Mesias. Silver doesn't care, because his true goal is the head of La Parka. Konnan assures a new age is to come for the company. Mesias also cuts a promo. He tells Silver to stay away from his path, because he's going after both Konnan and Wagner. Mesias says Wagner will fall at mania. Wagner cuts the best promo, by saying he didn't accept the temptations of Konnan. He also asks Silver to reconsider and go back to the tecnico side. Wagner tells Mesias that he's facing an entire legacy, becuase IN MY HOUSE, AND WITH MY PEOPLE, YOU MUST RESPECT ME!!!
5) Parejas Increibles Match
Mesias & Silver King vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Konnan
-Only Fall: This match is called incredible, because two men who don't get along at all must form a team. For some reason, Teddy Hart is also in this match, so it is a handicap match. Both Wagner and Mesias battle Teddy Hart, so he's just siding with his comrades, instead of a specific team. Even the referee gets punishment from Mesias. Total trainwreck in here. Both brothers battle each other. Wagner and Mesias now attack each other. Both Silver and Konnan use School Boys, but Mesias and Wagner kick out. Now Mesias and Wagner team with each other, but the referee still favors the Legion. Teddy mises the SSP, and Wagner tosses him out. Konnan and Silver try to pin the tecnicos, but Roldan interrupts the match. Roldan says the match from last week's show, had a stipulation. Since Evans and Vampiro won the tag match, Roldan has the right to set the rules of the cage match. Since Konnan uses bad referees, Roldan will bring his own referee...........CIEN CARAS!!!!
-Aftermath: Cien Caras is the man who defeated Konnan in a "retirement match" and the first Triplemania. Carmelo takes out the referee Tirantes Jr. Since Carmelo Reyes is wearing a mask, Konnan says he's not more but a phony, and demands to see the face of Carmelo. Konnan says he can bring all the oldies, but they will never take out Konnan. Cien Caras takes out his mask, to prove he is the real Carmelo Reyes. Cien Caras poses with both Wagner and Mesias.
FINAL COMMENTS: This was the last show before Triplemania. So I expect next week's show, will be the show after Triplemania. Remember, that we don't get to see Mania this time. Cien Caras was a nice surprise.
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