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February 28, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW Super Brawl review, Super J Cup, plus tons of news

There is little to say about SuperBrawl 2000 other than James Brown was there and got a big reaction, and the crowd popped pretty big for Hulk Hogan's ring entrance. It was a WCW show filled with young guys who the crowd doesn't know or care about and old guys that the crowd knows but isn't interested in except as short-term nostalgia acts. The big surprise of Sting returning meant little. The return of Roddy Piper returning was really sad, and showing clips of the 1989 Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk I Quit match only emphasized how great they once were compared to what the company puts out today, and how much older they've gotten.

The show on 2/20 drew 5,538 paid and 3,031 comps to the Cow Palace in San Francisco paying $177,324 and another $38,520 in merchandise. That is with the return to PPV of Hogan and Flair. It was the fourth straight year SuperBrawl has been brought to the Bay Area and the first one where tickets didn't sell out well in advance. As a comparison, last year, with Hogan vs. Flair as a headliner, this was the last WCW show to do more than a 1.1 buy rate, and it drew a $550,651 house. This year they did about one-third the gate, and they'll be doing well if they do one-third the buy rate of only one year ago.

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