More WWE developmental TV taping for no TV -- but there may be news on that front

Thursday, 14 August 2008 16:04

By Big D (from and

Indeed some actual newsworthy stuff this week coming out of Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa (but nothing major). They lost three guys earlier in the week (WWE released them), including Charles Evans and "Campus Legend" Brad Allen (Brad Attitude), but it really made little difference. The fans came out and had a good time, despite the rain.

We start with Angela introducing this weeks announce team, which is Brian Kelly and Steve Keirn. No idea where Dusty was.

Match #1: TJ Wilson won a Battle Royal to earn a shot at Jake Hager's FCW Florida Championship. The majority of the undercard participated here. The highlight here was how over Colt Cabana was, who is now permanently going as Scott Goldman, which we'll see on debut Smackdown tommorrow night against Spanky. It's to the point where Colt took his tights that read "Colt Daddy" and used a marker to draw "Gold Daddy" over it. The match started with the babyfaces ganging up against the larger Black Pain and throwing him out. I hate recapping Battle Royals because there is so much to keep track of. All I can really tell you is that Colt was very over and they chanted his name from bell to bell. The final four left was Colt Cabana, Stu Sanders, Drew McIntyre and TJ Wilson. Stu and Drew threw Colt out, which the crowd was upset about. It was down to TJ vs. Drew at the end and TJ pulled a Shawn Michaels from the 1995 Royal Rumble, skinning the cat with one foot and coming back in to throw Drew out. As a result, TJ won a future shot at the FCW Florida Title.

Match #2: Tyrone Jones defeated Mike Kruel. Tyrone Jones has seemingly dropped the MMA gimmick because he is no longer wearing the MMA gloves and he's no longer working like a UWFI reject. This was heel vs. heel and the crowd was totally dead. The only way you can do a heel vs. heel match in this business is if both heels are unbelievably over and there's a story behind it or if one is doing the turn. Nobody could cheer for anybody here. These two just went in there and threw a bunch of punches on each other. Boring. Tyrone wins by reversing a small package and getting on top. Horrendous.

Jones then cut a post match promo saying that he wants a shot at the FCW title. He wants to know how many people have to suffer. Obviously not that many if you won with a small package, but that's neither here nor there. Jones then said that his only pleasure and the reason for his existence was to be FCW Champ. Kind of hard to believe that when he was conceived, all his parents thought about during the fornication process was that they wanted a son to be the champion of Florida, but once again, that's neither here nor there.

Match #3: Sheamus defeated Kafu. It's funny because THIS match would up being more UWFI styled than the Jones match. Lots of catch-wrestling to start things off back and forth. Sheamus quickly cuts off Kafu and begins to work over the leg for a long time. Kafu makes a comeback and nails a very stiff-looking back round kick to Sheamus' head. He then slaps on the Von Erich Claw, which I guess is his finisher, but I wouldn't know since he hasn't won a match at a show I've been to yet. Sheamus kicks Kafu on his bad leg he worked on earlier and hits the Chokeslam/Spinebuster for the pin. Nice bit of psychology there.

Match #4: Shawn Spears defeated DH Smith. Pretty decent match here. Spears not only has the upper body of Randy Orton, but also half his moveset. Everything from the standing dropkick to the same exact movements for his punches - he is yet another Orton clone. Still though, Spears is a pretty good worker. DH Smith also has half the moveset of his father, but that's understandable because well, it's his father. Basic match here with DH using power moves and punches to run wild early until Spears cuts him. DH then gets his heat back with a Powerslam for 2. Spears then rolls DH up and grabs the ropes to score the cheap win.

Match #5: Afa wrestled Brian Reddick to a No Contest. Brian Reddick used to be known as Jay Bradley, until he got a match on Smackdown getting killed by the Big Show. Brian looks a lot like James Storm in the face. This match went wild as Afa and Reddick continued their food by brawling all over the floor. They went all around the ringside area until a bunch of referees came out from the back to split the fight up. This segment took a long time, but the crowd was super hot for it, screaming "let them fight", which pretty much means it's worth it. This was A TEN TIMES better pull-apart brawl than the Batista/Cena one on Monday. They teased breaking it up three or four times, but they kept brawling. A bunch of wrestlers from the back came out to stop it and they did for a while, until Reddick laid them all out. Afa came back out again to fight and Reddick ran to the back after him.

Angela comes out to plug this Saturday's New Port Richie show from the Jewish Community Center, when JAMIE NOBLE made a surprise appearance. Big Pop for Noble. He interrupts Angela and says that he wants to issue a challenge to Jake Hager to get the FCW Title. I like how they make the belt seem like the most important thing, and they should! Noble says before he gets that show, he wants to face the #1 Contender TJ Wilson right now. He says he's going to beat TJ, then go on to fight Jake. TJ comes out and we have a match.

Match #6: TJ Wilson defeated Jamie Noble. TREMENDOUS Match. I was thinking in my head that this may have been TJ's "Graduation" match from FCW and I would not be surprised if he popped up on ECW this Tuesday to face Ortiz. He's ready. Crowd was totally into this and even though they tried to play Noble up as a tweener and TJ as the face, there were dueling chants throughout. Noble is awesome here. Back and forth action for a long time. Noble starts to work the arm and a hammerlock for a long time. TJ WIlson makes his comeback with a nasty-looking leg lariat. The next big highspot was Noble hitting a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the top rope for a nearfall. The finish of this match was completely awesome. They traded holds and reversals very quickly. Noble hits a Tiger Driver into an armbar, which TJ reverses into the Sharpshooter, then it gets reversed into another armbar, then TJ rolls him over for a pin. After the match, Noble and TJ shook hands. Once again: Tremendous.


Kelly Kelly is brought out to be the guest referee in the upcoming FCW DIvas match. The greatest man of all time Santino Marella comes out. I actually heard a kid say earlier in the night that Santino sucks. Blasphemy. Santino says he is an international superstar. He says Roucka is friends with Santino's friend Beth Phoenix. He says he does not trust Briana Bella whatsoever, so he will stay at ringside to watch Roucka's back.

Match #7:Briana Bella defeated Roucka (w/ Santino Marella) in a match where Kelly Kelly was the Guest Referee. This match was pure shenanigans. You can't judge the work here because the Bellas are very green and a bit sloppy, but that's ok they have time. Roucka is a big, thick powerhouse. As I said, this match was shenanigans and Santino stole the show. At one point, Briana goes outside the ring and Santino is there talking smack until he gets backhanded. Santino then puts her in a backbreaker. I don't condone man on women violence, but Santino is hilarious at it. During this, the other Bella twin sneaks up from what I THINK was under the ring and rolls up Roucka for the pin. Awesome finish.

After the match, Santino tries to comfort Roucka and gets his hair pulled for it. He then smiles, bows to the crowd, and leaves. Awesome.

Match #8: "The Natural" Nick Nemeth defeated "Handsome" Heath Miller. Nick Nemeth was WAY too much like Billy Gunn tonight. Similar tights, similar moves, and that's in no way a good wrestler to model yourself after in the ring. Heath is well, Edge from ten years ago. The match began with Nick channeling the spirit of a GOOD worker - Chris Candido, playing the chicken heel running from Heath and stalling. Heath chased and got the advantage. Nemeth works over Miller until he hits an Impaler DDT for 2, just like the one Edge used years ago. The match was nothing out of the ordinary, not bad, pretty decent, but the finish was the true highlight. Miller came off the top for and got caught in Nemeth's downward spiral (Mic Check) for the clean pin.

Match #9: FCW Florida Tag Team Champions The Puerto Rican Nightmares Eddie Colon and Eric Perez defeated Sterling Jack Gabriel and "Carnival Freak" Sinn Bowdee to retain the titles. Pretty good match even though it was kind of short for what I expected out of a title match. Maybe the show was going long. Anyways, the faces cleaned house literally within the first sixty seconds. I just noticed tonight that Sinn Bowdee looks that Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. I've talked about his look and it's definitely a stand-out. So the majority of the match was the heels beating on Eddie. Eddie makes the hot tag and Eric goes wild. Well, Eric was already going wild on the apron, jumping up and down with his hands up. PJB does it better. Anyways, everybody starts brawling and among the chaos Eric Perez scores the win, but I didn't see the finish because I was watching the brawl on the outside. Afterward, Bowdee and Gabriel beat up the Eddie and Eric, so I guess we'll see a rubbermatch down the line.

Match #10: FCW Florida Champion Jake Hager defeated Gabe Tuft and Johnny Curtis in a Triple Threat Match to retain the title. This was your typical threeway with two guys fighting and one guy conveniently away from the action. This was very fast-paced and they stayed away from Tuft and Curtis fighting each other until the latter parts of the match. The fans chanted "Oklahomo" at Hager because of course, he's from Oklahoma. When he makes it to the main roster, I can't wait to hear JR put this guy over like he's God. Early in the match, Curtis hit a Tope Con Hilo on both men to the outside which awakened the crowd. Later, Hager chucks Curtis out and he lands on the floor with a huge THUMP. Didn't sound fun. He then hits an awesome belly to belly on Tuft and locks on a bodyscissors. Gabe makes a comeback and hits a high moonsault. On the outside, Curtis starts to regain his composure and breaks up the pin. Lots of near-falls here. We see the Powerbomb/Suplex Tower of Doom spot from the top rope which has since become the norm for all threeway matches. More near falls until Hager pushes Tuft into Curtis, who was on the apron, knocking Curtis to the floor and Hager then hits the Blue Thunder on Tuft for the threecount. Does that count as one win, or two?

Well that about does it until next week... so long from the Sunshine State

Quick Notes:

- NEWS ABOUT TELEVISION: Apparently the FCW show is going to be on one of the local FOX affiliates. They saw the finished product of the first taping and I guess it impressed. That's all I got until next week.

- I'm sick of the constant rain. We got a break last week, but here we go again today. Fans waited in the rain to get in.

- Kelly Kelly and Santino Marella were signing autographs.

- Vladimir Koslov was spotted there in the parking lot. It seems like he always has that mean-mug look on his face.

- DIANA HART (Yes, the mother of DH Smith and Davey Boy's Widow) WAS In attendance. Pretty shocking since I haven't seen her face in a decade. She looks the same.

- Once again Angela did not announce any WWE talent for next week.

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