FCW (WWE developmental) No-TV Taping report with Gail Kim sighting

Thursday, 21 August 2008 16:38

By Big D (from www.wrestlingobserver.com/www.f4wonline.com and www.angrymarks.com)

Florida Championship Wrestling ran yet another TV taping for their phantom show this week. Prior to this week's show, FCW ran a very big hyped-up house show in Port Richie that found FCW crowning new Florida Tag Team Champions when Nick Nemeth and Shawn Spears (now Gavin Spears) defeated Eric Perez and Eddie Colon (now Primo Colon) to win the straps. All of the FCW talent that debuted on WWE television in the past week were all here tonight.

Miss Angela introduces this weeks announce team, which is Brian Kelly and the returning Dusty Rhodes.

Match #1: Tyrone Jones, Vic Adams & Black Pain defeated Kevin Kiley, Greg Jackson, and Scotty Goldman in a six-man tag match. The artist formerly known as Colt Cabana captained his team against a group of large and mean dark-skinned gentlemen. This was really a fine match and a good opener. Kevin Kiley has a very nice high dropkick. The match was relatively calm early on, but when it broke down with all six men in the ring, lucha-style, the fans were hot and chanted "FCW". Tyrone Jones is wearing MMA gloves, but strayed away from the catch-wrestling. Speaking of which, he got the duke with a half-nelson suplex, Kobashi-style.

Damn, this is the smallest crowd FCW has drawn yet. Either that or there sure were a lot of fans dressed like chairs.

Angela comes back out to announce the second match, but FCW Diva Daisy comes out and cuts a promo. She says Angela has the easiest job in the world - ring announcing (tell that to Ox). Daisy challenges Angela to a match next week where if she wins, she gets Angela's job.

Match #2: Drew McKintyre defeated Kafu. Kafu is Brazilian, so he came out wearing his colors. Uh oh, it's UWFI-time. I guess he's a "Brazilian shooter" or whatever. They teased Kafu putting Drew in the Von Erich Claw early on, but Drew got the heat early. There were a few sloppy spots here and there but nothing too bad. At one point, Drew moons the camera, lifting his kilt. There was also a spot where Drew tried to cheat by putting his feet on the ropes but the ref caught him. Kafu makes a comeback, but Drew hits a sidewalk slam into an X-factor for the pin.

Match #3: Joe Hennig defeated FCW Florida Tag Team Champion "Natural" Nick Nemeth via disqualification. This was Billy Gunn vs. Curt Hennig rehashed. Nemeth dresses, acts, and has the same moves as Kip James (which is NOT good for his future) and Joe, as I said before, works like Curt. Same look. Same tights. Same moveset. I guess you could say Joe Hennig has the "perfect" moveset. Overall though, this was a decent match. When Joe made his comeback, he hit the Perfectplex, but Shawn Spears, now known as Gavin Spears after debuting on ECW, broke up the Perfectfplex and caused a DQ. Nemeth and Spears double team Joe until the former champs Eddie Colon and Eric Perez run in to make the save. Nemeth and Spears dip quickly.

Match #4: "Handsome" Heath Miller defeated Mike Kruel. Nothing personal against the guy but Mike Kruel has been in developmental for so long that it seems like he's never going to make it to the main roster. Plus he jobs a lot, but then again, so did Colt Cabana and he got on television last week. Back and forth match to start out with. Heath began to work over the arm. This took a very long time and wasn't exactly thrilling. Kruel got the heat. Kruel's offense is slow and plodding and doesn't really keep you on the edge of your toes. Heath makes a comeback with punches, a flapjack, and finishes with the Flying Russian Leg Sweep.

Match #5: Roucka and Katie Lea defeated Tiffany and Nicole Bella. Before the match starts, Roucka introduces Katie Lea as her partner (w/o the Burchall last name). For those who don't know, Tiffany is the same Diva who plays Teddy Long's assistant on ECW. This match was strange to watch. They were all being very careful with each other and it almost came off like wrestling school practice, with slow and very careful monkey flips and whatnot. They didn't exactly come off like they were comfortable in the ring, or confident, other than Katie Lea, who has worked on RAW and has the most WWE experience. Roucka got the heat on Tiffany for most of the match until the hot tags. Pretty good finishing sequence with them trading off moves until Katie Lea blocked an X-Factor and quickly slid into a cradle for a pinfall.

Angela announces that next week, Vladimir Koslov will be the special guest, even though he is already there this week as well as last week. Ok.


Match #6: DH Smith defeated Stu Sanders. This was definitely the best DH Smith match I've seen live, and the crowd was hot for all of it. DH gets the early advantage but Stu cuts him off. The match is really 70% DH, probably intended to get him over, even though he is pretty well known. DH teases using the sharpshooter but Stu escapes. They've split Drew and Stu as a team, but they still have the same gimmick. Stu gets the heat and starts to work over DH's arm as the crowd chanted for him. Stu goes up top and gets caught by DH Smith on the ropes into a Running Powerslam for the pin. Awesome finish.

Match #7: Eric Perez defeated "Carnival Freak" Sinn Bowdee. When you see this many matches, they start to run together. The crowd was very hot for this one. Whenever Eric hit a move, they shouted "ohh yeeeah" and when Sinn Bowdee did a move it was "ohhh nooooooo". Bowdee quickly got heat and had it for a very long time. They then went back and forth. Perez made his comeback and won with a TKO in a simple match.

Eddie Colon, now known as PRIMO Colon officially, came out for his singles match with Sterling Jack Gabriel. Angela interviewed him and asked him about his debut on RAW and how all the hard work paid off. All the hard work for a 3 second debut - literally.

Match #8: Primo Colon defeated Sterling Jack Gabriel. Jack Gabriel has a Crash Holly face with a Chris Masters body. Eddie Colon is his usual awesome self, with atheletic moves shades of Argentina Rocca (now that's bringing it back). They did a spot before the match where Gabriel asks Colon to help him take his jacket off. Colon pulls it down to about his waist so he cant move his arms, like a straight jacket, turns him around, and drop-kicked him in the face. So Eddie had control for most of the match, which was odd considering it was the giant jacked-up heel against the small ethnic babyface. Anyways, Eddie won with a "Chestcracker".

Sheamus comes out and cuts a promo challenging Jake Hager for the FCW Florida Title. Crowd chanted "Carrottop sucks"

Match #9: Afa defeated Ryan Braddock in a Lumberjack Match. Mostly faces came out for this match, but there were a few heel Lumberjacks here. They didn't over use the Lumberjacks, which I was happy about. Afa is super over in Tampa. Afa got the advantage on Braddock for a very long time and dominated. Braddock made a small comeback and worked Afa over. Some really awesome spots here, including Afa running at Braddock on the apron outside of the ropes, missing, and hitting the post. Immediately following, Braddock puts his knee into Afa's back and drives him face first into the apron. Nasty spot. Afterward, Afa recovered and made a huge comeback. You could tell the feud was ending here. Afa's big three hundred pound frame did a Tope from the top to the outside on Braddock and the lumberjacks. Huge reaction for this. Afa then hits the Samoan Drop for the pin. Best match of the night.

Afterward, Braddock sold that he was hurt. Yeah, this feud is over.

Match #10: Gabe Tuft and Johnny Curtis defeated FCW Tag Team Champion Gavin Spears and FCW Florida Champion Jake Hager. I'd hate to play-out the combo comparisons, but Hager is definitely the second coming of Brock. In fact, he is Brock's physique with Chris Nowinski's face. Spears is Randy Orton's body with Jamie Noble's face. The faces ran wild early for a long time (perhaps longer than needed). Once the heels took advantage and this became a real contest and a perfect example of good tag team wrestling. They teased the hot tag several times, including a spot where Curtis went for a hot tag but Hager snuck up and pulled Gabe away just as Curtis dove in. This was awesome. So anyways, the heels beat on Curtis, then Tuft, then Curtis made the hot tag to Tuft. The finish came when Hager tries to tag Spears but Spears doesn't tag in and Hager than smacks him in the arm and throws him in, allowing Curtis to hit the spinning heel kick for the pinfall.

Quick Notes:

- Alright well, apparently now either the local CW and the local FOX have the show. Still no word as to when. *groan*

- Katie Lea Burchall was signing autographs and taking pictures.

- Vladimir Koslov was spotted there again despite being the special guest for next week. Diana Hart, Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne, Mike Rotundo and GAIL KIM were in attendance.

- Gail showed up and bolted immediately to the back but got caught by the fans. The fans chanted her name. {plug}