Missy Hyatt talks about the Iron Sheik roast and Scott Hall's reaction

Wednesday, 17 December 2008 08:39

My good friends at Kayfabe Commentaries sent me the Iron Sheik Roast. I recently been exposed to Celebrity Roasts on Comedy Central over the last year. I enjoyed the Flavor Flav and Bob Saget Roasts. Going in to a roast, you know it is going to be offensive and hilarious. This Roast was Kayfabe Commentaries first attempt to break in to a new genre in the over saturated DVD market. I found the DVD entertaining, sad, and even boring at some points.  

I laughed at King Kong Bundy making jokes about how the WORLD WILD LIFE FOUNDATION kicked Vince's ass and took the WWF name. Bundy even mentioned how Bill Apter should get rid of his dandruff or Don Murraco will snort it up. I thought it was funny when Bundy asked "Why Is Bruno So Bitter?". "What's To Be Bitter About"? "All He Ever Did Was Make $$$".
Ryan Maher made fun of the Tom Brandi [Salvatore Sincere/Patriot] Shoot Interview. He mentioned how Brandi joked that he worked 3 minutes in a Royal Rumble and made just as much as JBL who worked 45 minutes. But JBL than went on to win WWE belts, become a superstar, and a millionaire. In comparison to Brandi who works indies and sells Del Wilkes pictures. Ouch!
Tom Brandi & King Kaluha had the best material out of all of the wrestlers. They truly got the concept of a Roast. The had hilarious Sheiky stories. This was a fresh of breath air in comparisons to generic Sheiky jokes that were overused by some of the comedians.
Kaluha's story about Sheiky demanding to go to the only open bar at 2 AM is awesome. Especially when that bar is a GAY BAR! Words can't do Kaluha justice in telling the story as he impersonates Sheiky. He even mentions how Sheiky met a guy at the bar that provides him with "Medicine".   
Tom Brandi tells the infamous story about Sheiky failing a WWE drug test. Brandi got the best Sheiky [and Patriot] impersonation in the business. The story is that Sheiky tested positive on a drug test. He told Vince that he was clean and no longer using "gimmicks". Than they explained to Sheiky that a positive = a failure. Brandi's impersonation of Sheiky ranting is worth the price of the DVD. Brandi even impersonates Tony Atlas complaining about being stiffed by Sheiky in the ring. Than Brandi impersonates Sheiky complaining about Tony Atlas. Brandi's wrestling impersonations are right on the $$$. Why wonder he does so well as The Patriot! 
Most of the wrestlers were total misses in comparison. Don Murraco, Nikolai Volkoff, Bob Backlund, Brian Bair, and General Adnan didn't really get the concept of a Roast. 
Jimmy Graham was the best out of all of the comedians. He mentioned how he googled "Jabronie" and it took him to Tom Brandi's website. Too bad he had that horrible line about Owen Hart that set off Scott Hall.

The Roast hit a major wall when Sheiky's stooge did his set. It would helps if his material was funny. Instead everybody was vehemently booing at all of his material that was bombing at epic proportions. 
I saw the Scott Hall melt down on Jimmy Graham. I respect Scott for defending Owen Hart. Unfortunately Scott was so inebriated that he made himself look foolish. I think Scott Hall is a very talented worker and I hope he can conquer his demons. I truly hope Scott can get himself better, even if he has to step away from the biz. He has two children that should be his main reason for sobriety. The Hall tirade on Jimmy Graham was very disturbing and I didn't find it entertaining. Unfortunately it gave too many people a glimpse of Scott Hall at his worst.
I'm psyched for January 10, 2009. I will be spending the day with long time Missy pals in K&S Wrestling. They will be hosting a convention @  the Radisson Hotel - 30 Minue Street Carteret, NJ 07008. Where else can you meet MYSELF, Abdullah The Butcher, The Patriot, Dean Malenko, Animal, Vader, Jim Neidhart, Ivan, Nikita Koloff, and others? You can get more info @ www.kandswrestlefest.com.  I have had been a guest to several K&S wrestling conventions and signings over the years. They put a great deal of effort in accommodating the fans. You will not be disappointed.
I can't wait to meet Abdullah The Butcher at the convention. I remember WCW use to book us to sit next to each other on all of the plane rides as a rib. This was done, since Abby would overlap in to my seat and be crushing me for the the entire trip. He was always a gentleman to me and a great traveling buddy. Unfortunately I'm still pissed off when he threw me in to a freezing water trough at a Clash Of Champions. This was a rib ordered by Dusty Rhodes. I remember Abby whispering how sorry he was before he threw me in to the water.

If you are still not tired from the wrestling convention, than I strongly suggest you do a double shot and come to the WSU show that is only 20 minutes away. The show got a 3:00 P.M. bell time and this is their big show that culminates over four months of story lines and feuds. The WSU show is located at the Daress Theatre at 615 Main Street, Boonton, N.J. 07005. The main event is Angel Orsini [hardest working women's champion] VS. Mercedes Martinez in a Steel Cage. Plus Annie Social & Roxxie Cotton VS. Amy Lee & Awesome Kong, a live Missy Manor, and more. I can guarantee you that the whole roster will be having their working shoes on, since this is one of the hardest working promotions out there.
How can you beat a wrestling convention in the morning thru the early afternoon? Than you can take a 20 minute drive to a afternoon wrestling show that will rule, since it got a Cage Match. This whole Super Saturday of wrestling will probably be done by 7:00 P.M. This makes it still early enough to get home with no problems.
I want to give a shout out to long time Missy Fan, Mauro Ranallo [Fight Network/Elite XC], since I'm to lazy to buy him a birthday gift. Luckily I live in NY, so I will not be attending "The Mauro Ranallo Bare Knuckle Cage Fighting Birthday Extravaganza" at Chuck E. Cheese for $50.00 in video game tokens. 
Don't forget to stop by at www.missyhyatt.net . This is the ultimate reality web site. I have new uncensored reality videos added every week. I have no retakes, nothing rehearsed, and 100% REALITY. I have new videos that show back stage antics, on the road, hanging out with wrestlers, my personal life, and more. There are new pictures with myself and my models added every week. Live video chats where I interact and answer questions. New columns added several times a week. A message board that is constantly updated. You can also purchase autographed pictures, DVD's, posters, trading cards, and more at www.missyhyatt.net . I can be booked for wrestling shows and autograph appearances at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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