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Tuesday, 13 January 2009 07:16

Last Saturday I did he K&S Wrestle Fest Convention. I had such a blast meeting up with old friends. I spent most of my time at the convention catching up with Paul Ellering & Road Warrior Animal. We spent so much time talking about our dogs. Ellering is all psyched about racing his dogs in arctic weather conditions. I'm contempt in spoiling my Moondogs in designer clothes. Even Animal had to brag about his dogs. Animal also caught me up on his children. His youngest son is in the military and the other son is a star college football player. We even talked about our long time friend in Barry Darsow. I mentioned how I introduced Barry to his wife in Teresa. Animal suggested that I should than be financially compensated by WWE developmental wrestler Dakota Darsow for introducing his parents to each other. I'll just wait until he makes it to the Randy Orton super stardom level when I hit him for a cut of his contract.
I had a great time catching up with Nikita Koloff & Abdullah The Butcher. I even talked to Barry Horowitz. Horowitz had a funny story about how his first wrestling name was BRET HART. The fake Bret Hart was even confronted about the name by Jim Neidhart.
This caused the real Bret Hart to have heat with Barry for awhile. Than Barry changed it to Jack Hart, which still pissed off the Hart family. Poor Barry had to finally get a break by using the Horowitz name.
One fan had me autograph pictures that he took of John Tatum with myself in Houston, Texas. I gave the fan John Tatum's address to mail him a copy of the pictures. Unfortunately Tatum didn't keep too many of his wrestling memorabilia over the years. He recently got some pictures & tapes that he showed his kids. He told me a few weeks ago that his kids think he's cool now that they seen his wrestling stuff. Tatum still rules!
I than had to haul ass in the snow to the WSU show that was 40 minutes away. The WSU show took place in a old movie theater that is a landmark. Too bad the building was freezing. Luckily the WSU roster still busted their ass to their loyal fan base that braved the weather conditions for the climatic cage match between Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez.
I got to the show and  had to deal with WCCW mega mark in Ref Hanson. Hanson always annoys me to give him WCCW stories, so I obliged him. He loved my WCCW article from last week. Too bad he will hate my article this week. Hanson left his wallet by my announcing seat [WTF?]. I decided to use Hanson's $$$ to buy myself, Alicia, & the production crew hot chocolate at Ref Hanson's expense. After 8 beers, Ref Hanson finally realized that his wallet was missing. I was originally going to make Ref Hanson drive to N.Y. to pick up his wallet as a rib, but I decided by buying hot chocolates with Hanson's $$$ was enough punishment. I told Hanson that Terry Gordy once found my designer wallet and spat out the biggest loogie in to it as a rib. Hanson whined that he thought he could trust me to guard his wallet. What a jabronie! To add even more insult, Ref Hanson had to announce that I will be getting inducted in to the WSU Hall Of Fame on March, 7 in Boonton, N.J. [everybody who reads my article better be coming!].
I honestly can say that I was proud of Ref Hanson's promos thru out the show. I think Ref Hanson would make a great heel manager for most N.J. indy promotions. He got great timing and is quite comical. Alicia and I did the announcing for the DVD. Unfortunately we had to endure Ref Hanson stalking/harassing a girl for her phone number for over 4 hours, while we were trying to call the matches.
I got to see Taylor Wylde wrestle twice on the show. Taylor's wrestling offense is very solid. She got great timing and is light years ahead of most workers. I think a heel Taylor would = $$$$. Her body movements and facials is what makes her a stand out. If she can break out more charisma & personality, she could have the potential to be the next Trish Stratus.
Miss April, Reyna Fire, and Brooke Carter are getting better on each show. I take great joy in watching dedicated rookies developing their craft. If WSU matches any of those wrestlers with more veterans, they can probably learn more about timing and psychology.
Reyna Fire got charisma & the best boobs on the roster. She got decent psychology. Brooke tries a lot of spots. She needs to slow her stuff down and perform moves that she can nail perfectly. Brooke got a lot of enthusiasm in performing in her first couple of matches.
April has been going out of her way to have longer matches that make sense. Her ring work makes her one of the best female workers on the roster. I think April now needs to improve on facials and personality to go along with her excellent ring work. She already can have one of the best matches on almost every show I seen her work on.
Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez had a hard hitting cage match. Mercedes pulled off a cross body off of the cage. Both wrestlers put a lot of thought and effort in to putting together their match. Angel won the match with interference from Rain. Mercedes didn't get hurt with the screw job finish. They even kept the fans clamoring for a rematch on 3/7 for a Bull Rope match.
I personally love the entire WSU roster. These following comments are not meant in any malicious way. My only gripe with some of the wrestlers was the holiday weight that some of them put on over the last few months. I always bitch about male indy wrestlers should look like they work out and have ring gear, women wrestlers are no exception. You don't have to have a unrealistic body, but you should be in some form of athletic shape.

Wrestlers like Taylor Wylde, Rain, Miss April, Angel Orsini, Mercedes Martinez, Annie Social, Brooke Carter, Reyna Fire, etc. look like wrestlers based on their gear and that they look like they hit the gym. There is no reason why some wrestlers who been missing the gym can't hit some resistance training, cardio work, nutrition supplementation, and diet to transform their bodies to match their talent. Athletic-toned bodies make the wrestler look like dedicated athletes.
I'm volunteering myself as the official WSU nutritionist/personal trainer to anybody who needs help in tightening up. Amy Lee can come in whatever shape she wants, since she can beat me up. I will be developing the official "Hyatt-Diet Program" for anybody interested in help. Puking will only be reserved prior to photo shoots that need you at 87 pounds [yes, I know I stole that line from Angelina Love].
I also hate it when any wrestler puts no investment in purchasing wrestling boots or ring attire. It makes the wrestler come across like a back yard geek. It makes the entire wrestling promotion and wrestler come across as a low rent. I maintain this opinion for all independent wrestling promotions in general.
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