WWE Superstars TV report

Monday, 12 October 2009 16:16

By Ontonio Payne

WWE Superstars Report 10/08/09
Taped from the East coast. A decent week for matches, though some repeats. Let's get to it.
Ted Dibiase w/ black eye vs. Evan Bourne
Exclusive Footage is shown from Hell in a Cell of Cody Rhodes being carted out after the superkick and sledge hammer shot he received. Ted Dibiase gets mic time. Dibiase dedicates the match to Cody Rhodes. Dibiase says the attack of Cody in the Hell in a Cell match by DX was savage, brutal and illegal and he wants the crowd to join in on a moment of silence as the think of Cody Rhodes. Boo's fill the arena.   Match begins with Ted Dibiase putting the boots to Bourne in the corner, which the referee has to break up twice. Dibiase with advantage early. A crucifix is countered by Dibiase with a Samoan drop for a one count. Bourne comes back with kicks, Dibiase goes to the outside. Bourne with a top rope cross body on Dibiase on the floor. Bourne tries a rana from the apron on Dibiase and Dibiase catches him and whips hip into the dasher boards. We then go to a Hulu break.
Evan Bourne promo package, of all the nice moves we probably won't see this match.
Back from break with Dibiase holding a very "Randy" chinlock. Bourne fights up and gets a nice spin kick to Dibiase. Dibiase comes back with another corner beatdown. Bourne goes for a hip toss which is countered into another beat down segment from Dibiase. Dibiase misses a punch and Bourne with more jobber offense, leading to ground and pound and multiple elbow drops from Dibiase. Dibiase picks Bourne up and delivers a nice standing drop kick. Back suplex countered by Bourne. Off the ropes and Dibiase takes his head off with a clothesline, as Bourne does the inside out flip bump. Another chinlock from Dibiase. Dibiase's eye starts to heal. Bourne fights back up and gets kicks, a rana, a low dropkick to the knee and a clothesline on Dibiase. Bourne positions Dibiase for the SSS, but gets caught going up top. He knees Dibiase off and misses a kick. This allows Dibiase to hit the Dream Street for the three count. Your winner is Ted Dibiase (jr.) in about 9 minutes. ** 3/4.
Ask the Divas. What is your favorite guilty pleasure.

McCool: Every Friday night pepperoni pizza and butter cream frosting.
The Bella's: Message for one and dessert, ice cream, cake and chocolate for the other
Layla: Chocolate souffle.
Natalya: Going shopping and spending lots of money.

One of my co-workers keeps stealing my credit. How do I handle it?

Kelly Kelly: Let them no you are on to them.
Maria: Put your stamp on everything.
Katie Lea: If it's something really bad, let them steal that.
Eve: All your hard work will pay off in the end.
Jillian: Sabotage your own work, then see how much credit it gets.
Eve: Just know what goes around, comes around.

WWE Divas promo video. Sexy, smart and powerful. Really?
Legacy - Dibiase and Rhodes promo video.
Shelton Benjamin w/taped up shoulder vs. Sheamus w/o tan.
Striker and Matthews welcomes us to this match. Recap of the beating Benjamin received from Sheamus before his match, and eventual win, over Paul Burchil. Lock up is fought off as Benjamin favors the shoulder. Both men back and forth with punches. To the outside and Benjamin gets the upper hand, until Sheamus pulls Benjamins shoulder into the post. Back in the ring and Sheamus rams Benjamins shoulder into the post. Two count and a follow up one count for Sheamus. Sheamus works over the shoulder with elbows and a shoulder lock. Benjamin fights back, but a exploder attempt is countered by Sheamus. Sheamus works over the arm in the ropes. Two count for Sheamus. Sheamus pounds the shoulder of Benjamin while he is in the ropes and gets disqualified. Your winner is Shelton Benjamin in about five minutes. * Post match Sheamus delivers a bicycle kick to Benjamin. BOOOOO.
WWE Bragging Rights promo, dare I say that Raw will get the rights to brag.
John Cena promo video.
Regal, Kozlov and Jackson promo video.
Raw Recap: Steelers on Raw and Sportscenter coverage.
Hart Dynasty backstage promo with Josh Matthews. Natalya says that The Hart Dynasty is nothing like Cryme Tyme. Cryme Tyme bond comes from the street and The Hart Dynasty's bond is defined by their heart. DH Smith mocks the "yo, yo, yo, yo" that Cryme Tyme does. Tyson Kidd asks why he is doing that, what is he saying? DH Smith says that's a good question, it's simple. Smith says you can escape the streets if you better yourself, but to leave the dungeon you have to be the best. Kidd says where we come from greatness is not measure by how many gold chains you can steal or how well you can diss someone. Kidd says they have something money can't buy, the will to survive. Kidd says that Cryme Tyme will be excellently executed. Natalya says the Hart Foundation was the best and tonight they are going to show Cryme Tyme why they are better than the best. MONEY PROMO~! Not quite but very good, they deserve to win the match because of this promo alone.
Don't try this at home video.
WWE and Make-A-Wish foundation video.
Cryme Tyme w/ Eve Torres vs. The Hart Dynasty w/Natalya Neidhart.
JTG and Tyson Kidd to start. Headlock from Kidd, countered with a head scissor by JTG. Kidd kips out and poses. A series of arm drags by JTG and Shad tags in. Kidd tags in DH Smith. Shad gets the upper hand with punches. Shad charges the corner and is met with knees from DH Smith. Smith pounds Shad in his corner and tags in Kidd. Shad attempts a double clothesline out the corner, but only hits Smith. Kidd delivers a low dropkick to the knee of Shad. Shad nails Kidd and Kidd bails. Shad delivers a double clothesline from the apron to the floor on the Hart Dynasty as we go to break.
Zack "Woo, woo, woo" Ryder promo video.
Back from break and JTG is delivering ten punches and hits a face slam on Kidd for a two count. Headlock from JTG, but Kidd backs him into his corner and tags out to Smith. Smith in. JTG counters Smith as he tries to ram him into the turnbuckle. JTG on the apron. The referee backs DH Smith off and Kidd delivers a dropkick to JTG. DH Smith works over JTG, ramming his back into the apron. Smith throws JTG back in and powerslam's him into the top turnbuckle. Chin lock applied by Smith as the crowd gets into it. JTG fights up and Smith cuts him off with a over the head belly to belly suplex. A piledriver~! attempt from Smith is countered by a backdrop from JTG. JTG hits a Sling Blade and gets the hot tag, after Smith tagged Kidd. Shad in and he's a house on fire. Shad in with clothelines and the POUNCE~! on Kidd. Back suplex into a flap jack gets a two count for Shad. Kidd attempts a crucifix and Shad blocks, but Smith comes in and kicks Shad in the face, so Kidd gets a two count. Smith tagged in and they tease the Hart Attack, but Kidd is tripped by JTG. JTG and Kidd clothesline each other on the outsie. Natalya distracts Charles Robinson as Smith attempts the Sharp shooter. Shad kicks Smith off and Eve distracts Smith. Smith turns around into the Thugnificence from Shad and Shad gets the three count. Your winners are Cryme Tyme in roughly 12 minutes with commercial.
In conclusion: A good week of matches, though watching this on Hulu made this way more comfortable. Maybe I'll watch it from here out on Hulu instead of my sometimes working DVR. The Hart Dynasty and Cryme Tyme seem to be feuding eternally and the benefit is some really good work from both teams, even Shad. It's about time that Kidd and DH Smith are better featured as they have world's of un-tapped, some what held back, potential. The Dibiase vs. Bourne match was fun too, though Dibiase's move set is way too similar to Orton's and is very bland. Sheamus vs. Benjamin was blah, though it told a story, and both men are better than the match they had. See you next week.

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