Dr. Keith radio show recap for August 25

Sunday, 27 August 2006 05:17

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - How bout I make you an Omelet? Edition

Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com

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Colt Cabana Recap

Dr. Keith begins proceedings by asking Colt where the best place to buy a hot dog and/or a wiener in Chicago. Colt is quite the comedian, saying he is mixing wiener with winner. Colt notes his favorite Chicago Hot Dog Place is the Wiener Circle, Keith notes his dream is to become a celebrity sausage at Chicago’s immortal HOT DOUGS~! Dr. Keith asks about Colt’s life, which Colt confuses with wife. Dr. Keith wants Colt to lie about being married as he doesn't wish to have mass lady suicide on his hands. Colt says his wife is a model, they have sex five times a day, has big, giant fake boobs, and smells like roses and delicious whopper chocolate malted milk balls, but doesn't confirm whether she's a failed Diva Search entrant.

Colt talks about wrestling Bryan Danielson this weekend (Saturday) for ROH in a best two-out-of-three falls match in Chicago Ridge, and will celebrate by streaking down Lake Shore Drive as he is "crazy like that," CRAZY! Keith talks about Colt's last match at Chicago Ridge where he fears his uber-sexy moustache may have caused the loss for Colt. Colt doesn't confirm whether it was or wasn't the reason for the loss, but did notice it during the match. Not to worry, Dr. Keith will be clean shaven this weekend, yet that fails to impress Colt. "How about a George Michael stubble?" the Doctor asks. Colt is a fan of the moustache though. Keith dreams of the day people won't allude to a Hitler moustache, but to a Dr. Keith. He says that he could bring his Nazi barber (Keith’s old barber used to shave Nazi leaders) down to shave him mid-match. Colt likes the idea ~ YAY!

Colt does Japan questions. Colt had a good time and wants to go back as soon as possible. He feels his style is appreciated in Japan as his facials (hioooo!), and mannerisms are UNIVERSAL. Keith talks about the Zero-One Max match with Steve Corino, entitled American Wrestling School. Colt tells a story of meeting Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker... the JAPANESE Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker who invited Colt to the Power Plant... in Chinatown. Colt says that Hustle aren't working with Dream Stage as much now? Dr. Keith notes how perfect Colt would be for HUSTLE. Keith asks about the legendary Ribera Steak House jackets and offers 1,000 yen to buy the fine jacket from Colt. Colt says that's 10 bucks... SOLD!

Colt talks about being sponsored. By an MMA training group? By a vitamin company? No, by thebestbetonsports.net. Baseball talk next ~ BOO! Then muffin talk ~ YAY! Dr. Keith boasts of a cranberry with banana and nut muffin, Colt competes with a muffin AND FREE POP story from the UK. Keith says that if Colt flew back to the US without some fine British cheese, then the terrorists would've won. "Exactly, EXACTLY" Colt replies, which earns him a USA chant ~ YAY! Chav stories next (recappers note: chav = council house AND violence) and 1PW talk. Team SHAG's philosophy, and furry dice are explained. To bad nothing can explain this awesome Team SHAG video

Dr. Keith asks about Colt's training seminars. Colt says they are serious and not him goofing about, "I'm an idiot who knows how to wrestle." Colt says the British style was in vogue when 'The Anarchist' Doug Williams came over and talks about a recent British wrestling reunion with such fine names as Johnny Kidd, Marc 'Rollerball' Rocco, Johnny Saint, 'Cry Baby' Jim Breaks and 'Super Destroyer' Pete Roberts. Colt says how fucked up the British wrestlers are that want to learn the American style, how about the British ROH fans who pissed on the recent Robbie Brookside vs. Chad Collyer match? He says he can't watch RAW or TNA, but only watches classic UK's World Of Sport. And his advice for his students? "Keep it REAL." WWE and TNA rumours and PWG talk finish off this great interview.

Checkout http://www.myspace.com/coltcabana and of course The Chicago Ridge Ring Of Honor show on Saturday…

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Tony DeVito Recap

Dr. Keith introduces this journey man, family man, mans man, put a man in front of it and it's this man, but is disappointed as he really wanted to interview Macho Libre. Tony says he used to be talent enhancement for WWE but says it isn't the same as talent wellness. Tony trained with David Schultz but never asked him whether wrestling was fake. He liked working with Bob Holly (no, really), Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. The good Doctor puts over the fine Thurman 'Sparky' plug gimmick ~ YAY!

Tony talks about getting into ECW, saying he went down from 285 pounds to 195, and is best friends with Justin Credible. Keith asks what hurts more; New Jack's carving equipment, or Sandman's cane. DeVito says the can, "he really hits you with that damn thing, and that fucking thing HURTS." Tony liked wrestling as the Baldies and preferred ECW to wrestling Doink The Clown. Tony talks about main eventing ECW houseshows and was supposed to get a big push before ECW went out of business.

On Paul Heyman; "he was a great motivator," mentioning that they weren't getting paid, and when they did the cheques bounced. Dr. Keith then tries to name all the Baldies, but misses 'Ruggid' Rod Price ~ BOO! What happened after ECW died? Tony took indie bookings but had to take a part-time job, which became a full-time job.

ROH talk. Tony puts over the whole time he spent in Ring Of Honor as fun, particularly enjoying working with Xavier. Keith asks how difficult the gimmick of drinking beer and going to strip clubs was for a family man such as Tony DeVito, how long did it take for Tony to be comfortable with the gimmick? "Two or three minutes... I am a professional." Weekly Iron Sheik reference ~YAY! Keith asks in the "Who shat in Carnage Crew's bag?" angle, whether real shit was used? Sadly, no. Tony says it was "cool" to work with the 'American Dweam' Dusty Rhodes and talks about the "New" Carnage Crew angle.

Teddy Hart stories next ~ YAY! "He's not a bad guy, but he doesn't belong in the wrestling business." He compares Hart to Vic Grimes, "He's a fucking idiot." Keith asks whether Hart was concussed during the first ROH scramble cage match? "Fuck, no... he's full of shit." Tony says he "wanted to kick the shit out of him," saying he was stopped by his partner from kicking the shit out of him. Tony calls the Teddy Hart-Samoa Joe incident was bullshit, "I was the only one that yelled at Teddy in the locker room, no-one else said a word." Tony then says that Hart changed into four or five furry outfits during the show!

Tony talks about the size of BJ Whitmer's head, "he's got a huge fucking head," and when he picked him up, he could "barely get both my hands round his head, this guy has got the biggest fucking head I've ever seen, it's EVEN BIGGER than CW Anderson's." Tony asks about why he left ROH, and what he's done since, "it kind of left me nowhere." After BJ's head, how about NEW JACK'S ASS? "His ass is as big as a hippo, he's a fat bastard," saying he's a little fatter than Bertha Faye.

Macho Libre next ~ YAY! Tony feels he was brought in as he's fat like Jack Black. He says Vince liked the preacher gimmick and personally praised him. He felt he was really bad doing a Macho Man voice which Paul Heyman loved. Keith asked whether the preachers outfit was from Vince's personal wardrobe? Tony says not. He does say that he wore the Macho Libre outfit at a recent indie show. Expect an email from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it very soon. Tony then confirms a rumour on the new ECW, "it's not ECE, that's for sure."

Keith asks DeVito about a weblink. Tony says there was a Carnage Crew website, but he doesn't know whether it exists. He says we should type in his name in a search engine and see what pops up ~ YAY! Great idea! Dr. Keith reminds him about his MySpace but Tony can't remember his "URL thing." Keith's a little miffed that they're communicating but not official MySpace friends yet ~ BOO! Tony used his sons MySpace profile to check out some indie girls ass, and then had to create another profile ~ AND HER ASS WASN'T VERY HOT! Tony then talks about what girls indeed have a fine ass on MySpace. Checkout Tony's MySpace, unless you're twelve years old or younger. The excellent interview ends with a drunk Sandman story.

*** *** ***

Music by: King Diamond, ASSFACTOR4~!, The Hold Steady, The Draft, The Gillmonts, The Thermals, Orson

Plus: Tons of great non-wrestling discussion spliced with occasional wrestling talk and megaphone croons. Including Andrew Dice Clay greatest line in "Casual Sex?", This Week In Dr. Keith History, The East Coast Family, British Accents, The Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Drinking Game, eating menthol cigarettes, update on getting out of the unklin' position, the guy in downtown Chicago with an intriguing sign and a catchphrase you DON'T want to say when the wife is in the room, MC Brains, Swervedriver, Heart punchin' Barlow, Oz Baker's stunt work, Tommy Dreamer's secret management philosophy, a 2 Live Crew controversy…

http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/shows/drkeith-8-25-2006.mp3 (right click, save as) or CLICK HERE!

Next week: Steve Corino, and another damn MYSTERY MAN~! (or TWO~!)

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