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Welcome to Wrestlingobserver.com/Figure Four Online, the number one pro-wrestling and MMA website in the world today. What follows are biographies of Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez and a look at the members-only content we offer.

Dave Meltzer
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Dave Meltzer is considered the pioneer of pro wrestling journalism. A lifelong fan, Meltzer began writing about wrestling at the age of ten in various newsletters and fan club publications. While attending San Jose State University and reporting for the Oakland Tribune, Meltzer started the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 1982. It was the first publication that covered pro wrestling that made no excuses about the industry being entertainment as opposed to sport, including coining the term "athletic entertainment" to describe pro wrestling, a term later changed to "sports entertainment" by Vince McMahon. The Observer remains the publication of record within the pro wrestling industry, read by nearly every serious fan and student of the game around the world. Meltzer is considered the leading independent expert on pro wrestling, and has been featured in Sports Illustrated and on Entertainment Tonight. His book, "Tributes," was the best selling pro wrestling book in late 2001 and early 2002. He's been on every major network newscast as well as the Phil Donahue Show, numerous specials on pro wrestling from A&E, Court TV and the Discovery Channel, quoted in publications such as TV Guide, Rolling Stone, New York Times and Newsweek and appeared in the two leading documentaries on wrestling, Wrestling with Shadows and Beyond the Mat. Meltzer also wrote regular MMA columns for Yahoo!, some of which have been read by upwards of one million people. He currently writes for MMA Fighting.

Bryan Alvarez
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Bryan Alvarez has been the editor and publisher of Figure Four Weekly since 1995. Besides the newsletter, which covers pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts, he has also written wrestling columns for Penthouse Magazine (Mat Max!) in 1999 and 2000; The Fight Network in Canada and Fighting Spirit Magazine in the UK; co-authored Death of WCW with RD Reynolds in 2004 and 2013; wrestled professionally throughout the US and Canada since 1993; and trains extensively in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu where he holds a black belt under Master Pedro Sauer. He currently works as host of Wrestling Observer Live on the Sports Byline Radio Network and Sirius Satellite Radio channel 92/94/794 every weekday from 12-1 PST and Sunday night from 3-5 PM PST; and hosts Figure Four Daily, Wrestling Observer Radio, and the Bryan & Vinny Show at www.wrestlingobserver.com. He has also appeared on a number of broadcast and cable television programs talking pro-wrestling, including Nancy Grace and ABC Nightline. He lives in Bothell, WA, with his wife and three cats.


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Mp3 Radio Shows and Archives

Wrestling Observer Radio: Join Dave and Bryan as they talk all the news in pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts. An updated version of the original Wrestling Observer Live, which aired on Eyada.com from 1999-2001 and continues to this day on Sports Byline USA, the show also features Q&A's with the hosts, previews, interviews, and more! Shows usually air Monday after Raw, Wednesday night after publication of the new Observer, Saturday or Sunday after the weekend PPVs, and at any point during the week when major news breaks.

Figure Four Daily: Join host Bryan Alvarez as he interviews some of the biggest names in pro-wrestling and MMA. The original radio show on this website, launched in June of 2005.

Bryan & Vinny Show: Join Bryan Alvarez and Vincent Verhei as they run down the latest pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts TV and PPV programming, including Raw, Smackdown, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, WWE Network programming, and more! Shows air Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. A more laid back show, this program also features wacky songs created by members of the website and completely off-topic discussions about every conceivable subject. Also launched in 2005.

Adam & Mike Big Audio Nightmare: Since March 2006, the Big Audio Nightmare has been the original alternate here at the website. What does that mean? It was the first show without Bryan. Why? He thought it was about Japanese wrestling and bailed. Bad for him, good for you, as puroresu is only a muse for the most eclectic radio show based around canvassed mats. Here, the topics include – but aren’t limited to: joshi, raising babies, hockey, ROH, the NFL, boxing, current events, gambling, Indies, Tim Horton’s, octopus, MMA, Turkish oil wrestling, Latino women, NASCAR, poutine, Art Bell, and much, much more. It’s the safety pin for your wrestling bubble; It’s the Adam Summers & Mike Sempervive BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at F4WOnline.com.

The Karl Stern Classic Wrestling Show: Karl Stern hosts the Karl Stern Classic Wrestling Audio Show. The publisher of the classic DragonKing Wrestling Newsletter, Karl has also spent time as a wrestler, promoter, and photographer. Each week Karl hosts a look back at classic pro wrestling. From the age of the pioneers to the dying days of WCW, Karl Stern talks about all things old-school. Join Karl for a look back at the legendary promotions, wrestlers, angles, and shows that made pro wrestling one of the most successful entertainment fields in the world.

Five Star Radio Show Join Mike Coughlin as he talks Mixed Martial Arts. Mike is one of the best analysts in the MMA game today and his pre-show previews are legendary.

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show: Dr. Keith Lipinski, an avid pro-wrestling broadcast journalist, freelance wrestling writer, full time dreamer, DVD host (see: "Doin Time with New Jack", and October's "Last Call With Raven and Sandman"), an all around good gent with five years of lousy shows experience, brings his charming radio showgram to the wonderful listeners of www.F4WOnline.com when he feels like recording several times a month. The show is reknown for its hard hitting, yet softballrific questions, the wit and wisdom of Bill 'Megaphone' Barlow and Rob FN Naylor, and just being quite silly while at the same time quite tasteless. Once a month, olde friend Joe Gagne joins the conversation on a pre-arranged topic of wrestle-lore. Plus, reports from the road, classic interviews from the Lipinski archives, and just good times - lame humor. Feel the audio love with the most polarizing show on this fine site - as the Dr. Keith Show promises to make sweet yet angry love to your ear... only here at DrKeithShow.com

Tough Talk with Mike Sawyer and Oliver Copp: Two men with vastly different backgrounds and from different continents join together once a week to deliver the latest in news, gossip, interviews and analysis from the world of MMA. A longtime favorite of the Board, Tough Talk officially joined the ranks of F4Wonline.com in July 2008. Mike Sawyer is a VIP host at Scores Las Vegas and knows the Vegas scene like nobody else - nothing that plays in Vegas will escape him. Oliver Copp is a longtime sportscaster and journalist from Germany who not only has a background in MMA being the German voice of the UFC but also has a history of doing voiceovers for most major wrestling promotions over the years. Together, they deliver a podcast where you never know what to expect - except that every show will have something that you haven't heard anywhere else yet.

Many of our subscribers say the radio shows are the number-one benefit of subscribing. Most shows run between 45 and 90 minutes. In addition, every program since October 2005 (over 6,000 episodes) is archived on the site so you can download anything you missed. All of the shows are delivered in an mp3 format that you can download to your iPod or other portable music player, or burn to CD for a permanent collection. You can also input your username and password into iTunes and the shows will be automatically downloaded for you.

Newsletters and Archives

Weekly Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Dave Meltzer's weekly 35,000-word look at the pro wrestling and MMA industry appears in online form for subscribers every Wednesday. Every weekly issue has coverage and analysis of all the major news, plus every issue breaks major news stories before the Internet sites and has the most complete look at the business as a whole anywhere. The Observer is now in its 27th year of being the leading insider pro wrestling publication in the world. The biggest and most influential names in the industry, both from bookers, to promoters to Hall of Fame wrestlers and fighters to the biggest current names, both on camera, and behind the scenes, along with thousands of readers in all 50 states and 30 countries subscribe. Many have subscribed as long as 20 years or more straight. They get the most detailed and inside coverage of what is going on all over the world and an accuracy from having the most inside sources that can't be found on the web. Everyone from Wall Street to the major offices to the TV networks in U.S. and Japan turn to the Observer for what is going on in the business. The Observer Archive is currently being built with one or two new issues per week being added starting from February of 1991. Over 150 back issues are currently available.

Weekly Figure Four Newsletter: A brand-new issue of Figure Four Weekly is published every Friday evening on the main page of the site. Each newsletter is 18,000 words of news and information from every major promotion around the world, plus the most entertaining TV reports you'll find anywhere! Over 500 back issues dating back to 2001 are also available in our F4W Archive. Figure Four Weekly is available in PDF form as well.

Karl Stern's Dragon King Newsletter: Follow the history of wrestling dating back to the 1880s with one of the most renowned historians in the world, Karl Stern. This archive is being built with new historical issues, and older back issues will be added in the future.

Other Features

The INFAMOUS F4W~! BOARD Our exclusive members-only discussion board, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Besides hosting discussions on a wide variety of topics from the world of wrestling and beyond, it is also the place where news breaks most frequently. Join the hundreds of members who participate daily and keep on top of the latest backstage news from WWE, TNA, ROH, OVW, Japan, Mexico and everywhere else! Love the songs played on the Bryan & Vinny Show? Get them here! Also, ask questions for Bryan or Bryan’s Friend Vince in their personal forums. A vast number of our members have pronounced it the single best wrestling board on the Internet.

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