TNA Bound For Glory live coverage from Philadelphia

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Welcome to our live coverage of the Bound for Glory PPV from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia) retained the tag titles over Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore).  Wild finish as Moore did an Asai moonsault on Anarquia and Hernandez then did his running dive over the top and nearly overshot his mark.  The women, with Christina Von Eerie using the name Toxine, went into it.  She unmasked Sarita, who looked fine, well, actually quite a bit better than fine.  She then pulled down Anarquia's pants, but in the confusion, Hernandez pinned Neal with a schoolboy.  They worked hard.


Super hot crowd because they loved Aries.  They cheered him, chanted his name and booed the hell out of Kendrick.  Made for a great atmosphere.  Very good match, with Kendrick doing a great sliced bread, but Aries made the ropes, which the crowd went wild for.  Kendrick missed a sliced bread off the apron to the floor.  Aries then got the pin with a punt, a running dropkick intot the corner and a brainbuster.  As the crowd cheered Aries like crazy as he left the ring he smiled and made a motion like they should be quiet.

Backstage: Karen and Jeff Jarrett's kids love hanging around with their nice Aunt Traci Brooks.  Karen told her to never go near her kids again.  Also told her to cover up her boobs as they don't need to be showing them in front of his young child Cody.  Karen is going to referee the women's title match.   She ordered Brooks not to get near the ring, and not to step foot out of this room, which I guess means she's interfering in the finish.


Lots of ECW chants during this match.  Brutal match. Some missed spots early but these two guys put their bodies through a ton which at their age is saying a lot.  They didn't do any jumps off ladders but they took a ton of bumps, some dangerous, on the ladders.  Lynn did a sunset flip over the top rope on RVD who was supposed to land on the ladder bridged on the apron and guard rail, but missed and RVD's back of his head crashed into the guard rail.  RVD did most of his stuff including a Rolling Thunder onto a ladder on top of Lynn.  The finish saw RVD put a ladder in front of Lynn's face and then did the Van Terminator with a chair across the ring, and got the pin.  The crowd went nuts for the finishing move.  Not as smooth as their matches in the 90s, but they put themselves through physical hell trying to have a good match and the crowd appreciated it.


Finishing sequence was Joe going for a muscle buster on Crimson, but Morgan broke it with a kick.  Morgan went for the carbon footprint on Joe, but he moved.  Crimson then speared Joe and got the pin.  Crowd didn't like Morgan and disliked Crimson even more, booing the finish heavy.  Crowd was into this match because they loved Joe.  One thing this show has shown so far as this crowd is more into ROH from five years ago and ECW from 12 years ago than TNA today.  Short match, better than the singles matches there three have had with each other.    


Ray did a complete heel promo about being from New York to make sure he doesn't at least start the match as the babyface.  He talked about taking money from the white trash in Philadelphia for years and has 5 houses and 7 cars, or something like that. 

Another very physical match.  Anderson changed his hair color.  He looks a lot less like a star, as he looks like a prelim babyface.  Ray was busted on the right side of his face, Anderson had a bloody nose.  Both took bumps on a guard rail into the ring.   Ray put Anderson through a table with a Bubba bomb for a near fall.  There were a couple of spots that got a little too silly, notably Ray giving him a piledriver on the floor backstage that Anderson kicked out of, and Ray kicking out of a mic check on the guard rail.  The finish was supposed to be a swanton off the top rope to the floor on Ray through a table, but Anderson slid off and the table didn't break.  They at least called for an immediate audible and Anderson gave him a mic check through the table for the pin.  The crowd seemed to boo Ray a lot more vociferous than cheer Anderson, but they liked the match and by the end, were definitely behind Anderson.

Video showing that Eric Bischoff has Jackson James in his pocket as ref, telling him that they've kept it a secret for all this time. Bischoff told him Hulk wins tonight and they have to take Sting out on a stretcher and they don't want him coming back.  James said, "I've got your back, dad," so they are going to reveal he's Bischoff's son.

Mike & Taz freaked out that Jackson James was Bischoff's son.


Went way too long.  Crowd didn't care about this at all and bad match.  The finish saw Winter accidentally spit the blood into Karen's eyes when James ducked.  So James hit the DDT on Winter but no ref.  Traci Brooks ran in and Sky used a pedigree on Rayne and Brooks counted the pin and Sky was announced as the new champion.  Up until this point every match had been okay to good.


The stip completely ruined the match, which didn't get much heat as it wasn't the kind of match people expected.  Most of the match was Daniels trying to get Styles to quit.  At one point he grabbed a screwdriver and the place totally didn't buy it, which was bad since that was playing into the finish.  Daniels sat on a chair across his throat and then got up.  He told "Wendy" (AJ's wife) to get the kids out of the room because he was going to murder A.J.  Certain verbiage is a negative and this was it.  Styles made a comeback, grabbed the screwdriver and Daniels said "I Quit" before Styles even got near him, so it was the Cena vs. JBL type of finish.  After the match, Styles got jumped by Daniels, who laid him out with the Angel's wings on the stage.

Jeff Jarrett out to do the angle with Jeff Hardy.  Jarrett said that the office, merchandise people, everyone on the roster wants you out.  Fans were chanting for "Hardy."  Jeff & Karen said they polled people and nine out of ten said they don't want him back in wrestling ring again.  Said he brought Hardy to TNA and is taking him out.  Hardy came out and attacked Jarrett.  Jarrett made a comeback on him.  hardy tore Jarrett's shirt off when security came in. Fans booed the security.  they did the usual pull-apart brawl, kind of identical to almost all of them.  No special heat either because this crowd expected every breakaway spot.  Al Snow, D-Lo Bown and Pat Kenney came out.  Close your eyes and imagine this and you'll have it almost exactly.  Hardy was left in the ring and played to the crowd.  He got cheered, but he didn't get anywhere near the reaction you'd think.  


This turned out really well, with Hogan losing but then saving Sting from an Immortal beat down and turning face.  Ric Flair came out, which explains why he didn't have the surgery.  He gave Hogan a spike and Hogan used it to bloody Sting.  Sting got the object from Hogan and bloodied him up.  Hogan took three bumps, and Sting used two Stinger splashes and put on a scorpion deathlock and ref Jackson James called for the bell so Sting won and Dixie gets back the company. 

All of Immortal then came and and attacked Sting doing one chair shot after another until Sting begged for Hogan to make the save.  The crowd went nuts when Hogan tore his T-shirt off and saved Sting.  At one point Jackson James grabbed a chair away from his father, so James ended up as a face ref.  Bischoff hit James in the back with a chair shot.  Hogan & Sting cleaned house on everyone, with the crowd going nuts.  The crowd saw Hogan as a face from the start.  it ended with Hogan & Sting celebrating together.  They built to the spot where Hogan decked Bischoff.  This really put to shame the matches last night.


Good match but it never reached the level you'd want for a normal PPV main event, let alone the world title match on the biggest show of the year.  Angle was clearly hurt.  Taz said it was a pulled groin but his right hamstring with all taped up.  They still did a ground based match with Roode constantly getting Angle in the crossface, which wasn't over at the level it needed to be, and Angle using the normal stuff like ankle lock, multiple German suplexes and Olympic slam.

The finish came out of nowhere as Angle used the Olympic slam, but Roode got his arm under the rope while Angle used the ropes for leverage and the ref counted three.  Angle was likely hurt legit as they signaled "X" and got his boot off and took him out of the ring quickly.  The spot right before the finish where Angle came off the top rope and landed on his feet whether he's got a pulled groin or hamstring was a bad idea.

Definitely a flat finish that marred what was otherwise good show.  It looked like they were going to build for a rematch, but sometimes when you don't take advantage of timing, you can't get it back. 

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