TNA Impact Report - Styles vs. Angle

6.13 Impact Wrestling
by Jeff Hamlin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Twitter: @hamlin37
The Big News: The Bound for Glory Tournament field is set after a show that featured nothing but qualifying matches. Mickie James is now a total heel after attacking Velvet Sky on her bad knee. Nothing in regards to the Brooke Hogan-Hulk Hogan-Bully Ray storyline this week.
Hulk Hogan came out and said it was an act of God that stopped him from hitting Bully Ray with the hammer. Actually, I thought it was your daughter. Hogan said he told Brooke Hogan to stay home this week. Hogan announced five people have qualified for the Bound for Glory Series: Samoa Joe, Jay Bradley and Hernandez. Then he added the two other previous BFG Series winners: Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode. Hardy started doing a promo about winning the championship when Roode interrupted him. Hogan said next week was Open Fight Night, and the fans would decide between Hardy and Roode who would get a chance to vote on who makes the challenge. Roode said if he gets selected, he would call out Hardy. Then Hardy challenged him to a fight then and there. Then Ray, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff came out. Ray said it didn't matter who wins the Bound for Glory series, he would beat whoever he faces at Bound for Glory. Ray asked Hogan why aren't there any members of Aces and Eights in the BFG series. Hogan said A&8s would have one spot in the BFG series, and the winner would be decided in a battle royal tonight. Brisco and Bischoff went after Roode and Hardy, but Roode and Hardy disposed of them quickly. Afterwards, Roode gave Hardy a cheap shot from behind.
Christopher Daniels and Kazarian were hanging backstage, and somehow Daniels was playing a piano. Kazarian said James Storm has had more tag team partners than Taylor Swift, and probably had his heart broken almost as much. Daniels and Kazarian talked about making the BFG Series after they beat Storm and Gunner tonight.
Bad Influence defeated James Storm and Gunner in 4:32, so Kazarian and Daniels are now in the Bound for Glory Series. 2nd taping blues as the fans were somewhat cold for the match. Gunner attempted the Gun Rack on Kazarian, but Daniels broke it up. Storm got the hot tag and hit Closing Time on Kazarian, then teased the Last Call to pop the crowd. But Daniels grabbed the tag title belt and hit Storm with it, and Kazarian rolled him up for the pin. **1/2
Of all people, Crimson showed up backstage. He said he hadn't been in Impact Wrestling in 12 months, and refused to say what he was doing there.
Velvet Sky said he had a surprise for Mickie James in an manilla envelope that she was ready to show her later tonight that would make she and her both happy.
Crimson did a prematch interview saying he went undefeated for 470 consecutive days, and his undefeated streak came to an end almost exactly one year ago against Storm.
2. Joseph Park defeated Crimson in 2:40. Crimson took the entire match on offense, but couldn't jump start the crowd. I wonder about his personality going forward as to whether he can connect with the fans. His offense looked better. Finish came when Crimson missed a charge and Joseph Park got a schoolboy cradle for the pin. Having Park included hardly helps a tournament that's supposed to include the top 12 wrestlers in the company challenging for the title.
James thought Sky was going to give her a present, then started talking to herself in the mirror.
Sky came out and said her friendship with James had become strained since James won the Knockouts championship. But Sky said she had something in an envelope that would smooth things over. James showed up and thought that Sky was giving her a present. Sky handed her a piece a paper that was clearance from Sky's doctor to get her back in the ring, so Sky wanted her rematch. James thought it was a fake, then noted that the doctor said Sky's knee was fine yesterday, but not today. Then James kicked Sky on her bad left knee and put Sky in the Indian Death Lock until some referees broke it up. So James is a full-fledged heel and got some heat going to the back as she made some facial expressions like she was starting to lose her mind.
Matt Morgan was backstage mad that he had to qualify for the BFG series even though Sting couldn't submit him or pin him.
Eric Young's Animal Planet program "Eric Young's Extreme Catches" is back for a second season, and they had a promo with him holding up big fishes and posing in his boxers.

3. Magnus pinned Kenny King to win a four-way Bound for Glory qualifying match that also included Matt Morgan and Rob Terry in 4:47. The company's two Great Physique Hopes were in there at the same time, and the most over of the bunch was Magnus. Kenny King played heel who wouldn't get in the ring unless Rob Terry was down. Crowd really didn't react to Morgan again. Finish came when Terry gave King a choke slam, but Morgan gave Terry a Carbon Footprint. Morgan tried to clothesline Magnus but went over the top rope. Magnus pinned King following a Michinoku Driver. Looks like another Morgan push has been aborted. Seems like I type that sentence every year.  **
Young did a promo about facing Austin Aries in a BFG qualifying match, but didn't want anyone to know about it. He asked if the interview was going to air on television. When told it was, he went to a bathroom stall. Bad Influence comes off as good comedy. Young is bad comedy.
Good video package profiling the mainstream media coverage that Rampage Jackson received leading up to his appearance last week.
Sting came to the ring upset about losing to Ray at Slammiversary. Sting was upset that one Aces and Eights member after another helped Ray, and not one person helped him. Sting said Aces and Eights were just like family, and repeated family over and over. So Sting said he was going to have to create his own family, or perhaps his own, new mafia. His new Main Event Mafia. Sting said his new family would rise, and Aces and Eights would fall.
4. Austin Aries defeated Eric Young in 6:06. Mostly comedy early. ODB was back with Young, just when that partnership appeared to be done. They aired another clip of Young's reality show, where ODB has a role. She brought up not defending the TNA Knockouts Championship in six months. Aries did the amateur wrestling spot where he did float arounds on Young's back. When Aries left the ring to gloat, ODB got in the ring and Young started doing float arounds on her. Match was decent for what it was. Young hit a good Pescado after Aries took a Ray Stephens bump into the corner. Young attempted the Randy Savage elbow but missed, and Aries put the curtains on the match with his brainbuster. **1/4
Aces and Eights met backstage, where Ray scolded Doc for not going along with their plan about putting whoever picked the Ace to get the spot in the BFG Series. Presumably, they had just drawn cards for the spot and Mr. Anderson wound up the winner. Ray said he didn't want Aces and Eights members fighting each other in the battle royal. Everyone agreed, and Doc also approved after much hesitation. He looked more hesitant as they went to the ring.
Chris Sabin did a promo about how he re-injured his ACL after only seven matches back with the company last year. Shortly afterwards, Aries cashed in the X Division championship and beat Roode to become TNA champion. Sabin couldn't help but wonder if that could have been him if he hadn't been injured. Now, he was X Division champion, but he said he wasn't sure if he was ready to give up the title for a shot at the world title. Talk about contradicting yourself within a 30-second promo. What's the point of holding a X Division title that's now worthless when you can get a main event?
5. Mr. Anderson won the Battle Royal to quality for the Bound for Glory Series in 3:47. This was pretty much like the Lex Lugar face turn that sparked a floundering Jim Crockett Promotions in 1988, where the Four Horsemen were left in a Bunkhouse Stampede, and everyone was going to eliminate themselves so J.J. Dillion could win. That is, until Lugar went into business for himself and eliminated Dillion to win. Here, Anderson basically pointed at guys to get eliminated. Brisco was first, followed by Bischoff, Knux, and Devon. They left only Doc, who started to step out, but got right back in, much to the consternation of his Aces and Eights cohorts. Nonetheless, Anderson eliminated Doc in short time to win. Doc walked away from everyone as A&8s went to the back. That sure made Doc look lame to get eliminated that way when the crowd popped after he got back in the ring. DUD
Jackson stopped Kurt Angle backstage and asked him about what did Angle mean when he said he wasn't ready to get back in the ring. Angle said he wasn't going to step into the Bellator cage to fight Rampage, just like Rampage wasn't trained to get in an Impact Wrestling ring. They parted amicably with each wishing the other good luck in their next bout.
Aces and Eights had a shouting match backstage where Anderson was pissed at Doc for not sticking to the plan. Ray also was mad at Doc. In a way, Doc apologized, but said he was going to make up for it by going after A.J. Styles tonight. Ray told him to get the job done.
6. A.J. Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a Bound for Glory qualifier match in 15:33. Jackson was shown watching on from the production truck. Anyone ever notice that Styles keeps getting booked in the main event of the taped show? In other words, he wrestles in the last match of the night when the crowd is dead tired and has to work harder to come across as a star. Nonetheless, Styles was over more here since Georgia is his home state. It was an excellent match. Styles dominated early until he missed a pescado, and Angle gave him a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Angle came back with the rolling German Suplexes in the ring. Angle hit an Olympic Slam, and then followed a great series of submission holds. Angle clamped on the ankle lock, but Styles reversed it into the Calf Slicer. Angle spit out his mouthpiece, but found a way to counter that into the Ankle Lock again. Styles sent Angle into the corner. Styles went to the top rope, but Angle caught him an attempted a back superplex, but Styles landed on his feet and gave Angle a DDT in the corner, near the apron. Angle sold it like he was shot, and Taz did a great job of getting over Angle's numerous neck surgeries. At this point, Anderson, Doc and Knux did a run-in, going after Styles but missing. Angle knocked Anderson out of the ring, and in the scramble, Styles pinned Angle with a schoolboy cradle. Pretty weak finish to such a great match. ****
Postmatch, Anderson, Knux and Doc attacked Angle while Styles just walked to the back. Rampage did a run-in, Anderson and Knux immediately bolted, and Jackson swung his chain at Doc and missed. Angle and Jackson held off the heels.
SUMMARY: Not a bad match on the show, so it was good. But the Bound for Glory tournament is one of the things that makes TNA unique. So it would be best to have the best field possible to represent the company. Any tournament that has Jay Bradley and Hernandez and not Kurt Angle isn't having the best field possible. James continues to be good in her heel role.

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