Impact spoilers from Louisville

Thanks to Trent Vandrisse

Results so far

Xplosion match

Joseph Park b Devon with a splash off the middle rope.  Park sold a lot.  Match was okay.

Mike Tenay & Jeremy Borash announcing.

Bully Ray promo opens.  Crowd behind Chris Sabin.  Bully Ray calls out Brooke Hogan.  She wants to move on.  Bully says not until he says so.  Hulk Hogan says enough is enough. 

Bobby Roode on screen promo.

Roode vs. Aries BFG Series match

Aries won in 8:00 with the brainbuster continuing  Roode's losing streak.  He went nuts backstage after the match.

Sonjay Dutt won three-way over Petey Williams and Homicide in about 4:00 with a moonsault stomp off the top rope on Homicide after Homicide laid out Williams.

Chavo Guerrero, Homicide and Hernandez backstage.  Subtle tease of Guerrero problems with Hernandez.

Kenny King vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Manik in another three-way X Division match

Manik pinned King in about five minutes.  Decent stuff.

Main Event Mafia backstage.  Everyone is in a suit except Rampage

Hogan gave Sabin a pep talk about bringing the title back to TNA.

Main Event Mafia headed to the ring.  They call out Aces and 8s.  They aren't coming to the ring but invite the Mafia to their clubhouse.  It winds up in a brawl.  Kurt Angle was thrown into the back of a pickup truck and driven away.  Bully Ray tells the driver that "You know where to take him."  Maybe to Cornette' s house to look at old memorabilia.

The rest of the Mafia was baited into another room, allowing them to kidnap Kurt.

Rubix (Jigsaw) vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marisculio (Trent Baretta) X Division match

Marisculio pinned Spud with an inverted piledriver.  Some cool spots but overall match didn't click live.

Bully called the driver on the phone and said to do it Mafia style, and make him an offer he won't refuse.  He also said Rampage is trigger happy.

Mickie James in-ring promo.

The truck Angle was in arrives at the arena.  Angle staggers out and beats up the driver.

Mickie James is bragging about her singing career.  Gail Kim confronted Mickie James.  They ended up fighting.

Austin Aries is talking to Chris Sabin backstage.  He's pulling for him to take the title.

A.J. Styles promo - He faces Jeff Hardy "next week" (taped tonight)

Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin - Aces & 8s and Mafia both out.  Bully Ray working on the knee, trying to take off his knee brace.   Ref bump.  Both groups brawl to the back.  A hammer was thrown to  Bully Ray.  Sabin got it.  Bully Ray went for a power bomb and Sabin hit him over the head with the hammer and pinned him to win the title.  Decent pop, not that big, deliberate style match.

Eric Young b Wes Brisco for Xplosion.  Crowd into Young.  ODB in the corner.

Second hour for next Thursday

Ken Anderson vs. Hernandez:  Anderson wins with the mic check.

They are setting up Ultimate X.  I guess all the winners earlier who are Dutt, Marisculio and Manik would be in.

Manik won the three-way.  He was piledriven on the ramp and out of the match for several minutes, but came back to win.

Main Event Mafia promo.  Samoa Joe in gear, rest not dressed to wrestle.  Chris Sabin came out with them with the belt.  Sabin says he'll defend the title against Manik later in the show.  Bully Ray came out with his attorney, who was played by Dean Hill (who has been the local wrestling announcer for as long as I can remember).  Everybody in the building knows who Dean Hill is and nobody bought him as a lwyer.  Hill said they will sue TNA if Sabin doesn't give back the title tonight.

Velvet Sky interview. She's in street clothes.  She'll be at ringside during the Mickie James vs. Gail Kim title match.  Velvet got the "what" treatment.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim for the title, Velvet at ringside, ODB as referee

Mickie James won with a roll-up.  Crowd tired, didn't react much.  Post-match pushing and shoving with Gail Kim and ODB.  Brooke Hogan came out and talked.  It appeared she fired ODB as a referee and then reinstated her as a wrestler.  Sounds familiar.

Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels in the Bound for Glory Series

Joe was about to win.  Anderson distracted Joe.  Daniels won with two BME's in about 7:00.  Crowd decently into it.

Chris Sabin was out.  Bully Ray came out and demanded the belt back because Sabin cheated and used a hammer on his head to win.  Sabin refuses to give the belt back.  Hulk Hogan came out and tore up the legal papers, so I guess he was served and said he runs TNA.  But he agreed that Bully would get a rematch on 8/15 in a cage match so that neither Aces and 8s nor the Mafia would interfere.  That episode of Impact will be called Hardcore Justice.  Basic stuff but came off well.

A.J. Styles b Jeff Hardy clean with the calf slicer submission to win ten points in the BFG Series.  Styles dominated the match as well.  Hardy offered a handshake and Styles walked off. 



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