TNA house show report 7-26 Columbus, GA


The show opened on time with Jeremy Borash saying the craziest, loudest fans would receive backstage access which brought out Aces & 8's own D-von who said there would be no backstage passes because Aces & 8's were shutting down the show in this inbred town of Columbus. That brought out Kurt Angle to a decent Pop whom then made a deal with D-von that if Aces & 8's won they would indeed shut down the show but if Kurt won D-von would have to give a "lucky" fan an Aces & 8's T-shirt and handshake. Kurt wins, D-von only gives the crowd a bird.
The 2nd bout of the evening was for the Knockouts Championship. Mickie James retained with a handful of tights over Velvet Sky, Decent match with some fun spots.
Our 3rd and most fun match of the evening was for the TNA Tag Team straps that saw Gunner & James Storm vs. Bro-Mans. A lot of entertaining back and forth on the mic prior to the bell that conclude with Storm and Gunner leading the crowd in dancing to "Thrift Shop". Once the match finally got underway there was a fun spot where Earl The Pearl Hebner in his "Damn Right I Did" ref shirt and Storm double arm tossed Robbie E. Later we had  Storm & Gunner with the double Team move for the pin. After the match Storm soaked a good section of the crowd with a Steveweiser, hopefully none of those guys got pulled over by any of Georgia's Finest on their way home.
The 4th match of show pitted the biggest pop of the night for Jeffery Nero Hardy as he took on Bobby Roode. Good back and forth, Jeff Hardly with the win.
Intermission and anyone that bought a Kurt Angle action figure gets to go backstage and get it autographed. Jimmy J also announced the Earl Hebner had reached a milestone that would probably never be duplicated, officiating over 100,000 matches.
After intermission we got a BFG series match. Ken Anderson (wait for it) Anderson took on the almost home town boy of AJ Styles. Once again, decent back and forth action and surprisingly Anderson with a 7 points victory in large part due to a handful of tights. After the bell AJ locks in a Calf Killer on Anderson then pushes Earl around.
After the melee Bully Ray made his way to the ring and calls out Sabin. He says he was robbed and that Sabin should just come to the ring get on his knees and hand over the belt where it rightly belonged. Sabin comes out to a decent pop, teases handing over the belt but holds it over his head instead and the match begins. Bully is a very entertaining guy. Sabin got the pin with a roll up in probably the shortest match of the card. Afterwards D-von hits the ring and they double team Sabin until Hardy comes out for the save. Aces & 8's scatter but before leaving D-von uncorks a bottle of water and soaks an annoying fat girl on crutches that sat right behind me, thank you D-von.
Afterwards, it's picture time for those willing to fork over another $20. All-in-all a fun show.

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