ROH TV report - ROH title tourney on TV

By Dave Musgrave

8/24/2013 ROH TV Report

The show opens with footage of then-ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe being injured by Matt Hardy as well as the announcement by ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness. The brackets for the world title tournament are shown.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Rhode Island Convention Centre in Providence, Rhode Island. Kelly previews that the tournament starts tonight including Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt.

1) Four-Corner Survival Proving Ground Match: Vinny Marseglia vs Todd Hanson vs Brian Fury vs Kongo. The winner of this match will receive a title shot against ROH TV Champion Matt Taven next week. Truth Martini and Matt Taven join the commentary table. Fury and Marseglia start the match with Fury hitting armdrags and a dropkick. Hanson tags in and hits forearms to Marseglia’s head. Fury hits a flying headscissors but Hanson catches him in a spinning powerslam. Kongo enters and bites Marseglia’s forehead and headbutts him. Fury gets a blind tag and Kongo is thrown over the top rope. Hanson (who is a big guy) hits a tope suicida. Fury hits a tope and then Marseglia goes to the top rope and hits a twisting plancha. Hanson attempts a tiger driver in the ring but Marseglia gets out. Hanson does a cartwheel and hits Marseglia with a clothesline. Kongo comes back in and hits a lateral press on Hanson. Kongo catches Marseglia off the ropes and gives him a Samoan Drop. Kongo hits a running crash into Marseglia in the corner and attempts to do the same to Fury who stops him with a superkick. Hanson hits a leg lariat on Kongo and follows with a clothesline and elbows on Fury in the corner. Hanson misses a splash on Fury who gives him a neckbreaker. Marseglia takes on Fury and hits him with running elbows. Marseglia does a flying headscissors into a Russian leg-sweep and then hits a swinging DDT. Fury takes over and gets Marseglia up on his shoulders and gives him a face-buster on the mat to get the pinfall. Fury will face Taven for the TV title next week.

2) Mike Sydal and Zizou Middoux vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Sydal and Middoux work heel in this match. Sydal and Coleman start. Coleman misses a dropkick but hits a second one. Alexander comes in with a rolling senton on Sydal from the apron. Middoux gets backdropped and lands face-first on the mat. Alexander runs the ropes and gets kicked by Sydal. Middoux dropkicks Alexander to the floor Sydal kicks him and rolls him inside. Sydal do a double hiptoss followed by a double dropkick. Sydal gives Alexander an Ace Crusher into his knee followed by a running kick. Sydal and Middoux double-team Alexander briefly and then Middoux misses a leg-drop. Sydal cuts Coleman off from making a tag. Alexander comes back with a dropkick and a spin-kick. Coleman tags in and hits a flying clothesline off the top rope followed by an STO. Coleman hits both Sydal and Middoux with elbows and then gives three rolling Northern Lights suplexes to Middoux for a two-count. Coleman misses a dropkick in the corner allowing Sydal to hit a dropkick followed by an enzuiguri from Middoux. Alexander makes the save and backdrops Middoux to the floor. Alexander goes for a dive but Sydal hits him with a knee-strike. Sydal goes for an Asaii moonsault to Alexander and Coleman who are on the floor but they knock him down and he lands on the apron in the splits position. Coleman hits a running dropkick through the turnbuckles and Alexander hits a tope con giro on Sydal and Middoux. They take Middoux inside where Alexander hits him with a dropkick in the corner and places him on the top rope. Coleman hits his no-hands top-rope hurracanrana followed by a frog-splash from Alexander for the pin.

On Inside Ring Of Honor, Kevin Kelly is interrupted by Steve Corino. Kelly tells Corino he doesn’t work Corino says he has tried but doesn’t know what the problem is.

Kelly reviews the vacating of the ROH World Title and the tournament that was set up due to the injuries to Jay Briscoe putting him out of action 3-6 months. Kelly says the tournament will start tonight and culminate at Death Before Dishonor XI in Philadelphia on September 20. Kelly says there is also a ton of news out of the tag team division which Nigel says he would put a lot of focus on. Coleman and Alexander are interviewed and Coleman says they want one more shot. Alexander says SCUM is not here anymore and there are no more distractions. They tell Nigel that if he wants purity and honor in ROH he should put them in the title chase. Coleman asks for one pure chance to show that they can be the best ROH tag team champions in history.

Kelly announces that The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards defeated the Forever Hooligans of Rocky Romero and Alex Kozlov at All Star Extravaganza V in Toronto. Footage of their title victory is shown.   Kelly says that the American Wolves have subsequently lost the titles as well.

Kelly then interviews Adam Cole regarding the ROH World Title Tournament and notes that Cole has received criticism regarding his actions in recent matches against Roderick Strong. Cole says that with world title tournament coming up wins and losses have never meant more. Cole asks what he was supposed to do when Strong fell through the table at Best In The World, was he supposed to throw him back inside? He also notes that when he faced Strong on television he turned around and saw him with a chain in his hand and he was just defending himself and did what he had to do. Kelly notes that Steve Corino had stood up at ringside and thrown the chain into the ring. Kelly noted that Corino has said on a number of occasions that he and Cole are friends outside of ROH. Kelly asks if they are friends inside ROH and if Corino is advising him. Cole says he has made it clear to that he and Corino are friends outside of ROH but in ROH he has no allegiance Steve and no alliance with SCUM. Cole says that when a veteran like Corino gives you advice, of course you are going to take it but he knows to process the good and the bad. Cole says that the world title tournament is all he has his mind on and his goal is to become the next ROH World Champion. Kelly announces that Adam Cole will face Mark Briscoe in the world title tournament next week on television.

After a commercial break Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with ROH COO Joe Koff and former ROH owner and current ROH ambassador Cary Silkin. Nigel says that without his support financially and emotionally the fans would not see ROH today. Silkin is interviewed and says that he still thinks the ROH World Title is not only the most important championship in the company, he feels it has been and continues to be the most important title in the entire world. Nigel talks about Koff being a part of Sinclair Broadcasting purchasing ROH. Nigel asks how important the prestige of the World title was to the purchase and how important is the tournament. Koff says he doesn’t have to tell the fans how important it is and let’s get it started.

3) ROH World Title Tournament First Round Match: Sonjay Dutt vs Jay Lethal. They shake hands to start. Dutt goes for roll-ups right away. Dutt hits a hurracanrana sending Lethal to the floor. Dutt just grazes Lethal with a dropkick to the floor but follows up with a headscissors takeover. Dutt rolls Lethal back inside and hits a slingshot legdrop. Dutt puts Lethal in an octopus hold. Lethal gets out and they exchange holds. Dutt misses a charge in the corner and Lethal hits a clothesline. Dutt hits forearms and Lethal hits a back elbow followed by a bodyslam and two elbow drops. Lethal chops Dutt in the corner and then hits a dropkick from the second rope to knock Dutt off the apron. Lethal hits a tope suicida and the show goes to commercials. After the break, Dutt hits a dropkick and goes for a dive but is stopped by a shoulder-block from Lethal. Dutt blocks a tombstone attempt by Lethal and hits a spinning DDT. They trade strikes and then Dutt hits a top-rope hurracanrana that Lethal rolls through. Dutt hits a standing moonsault and then signals that he is going to the top rope. Lethal rolls him up but Dutt hits him with a clothesline. Dutt then does a moonsault into a double-stomp but Lethal gets out of the way. Dutt hits superkicks but Lethal hits his Lethal Combination. Lethal picks up Dutt in a suplex position and gives him a face-buster. Lethal gives Dutt a bodyslam and goes to the top rope but Dutt stops him. Dutt hits a big kick in the corner followed by a leg-drop on the apron. Dutt does a springboard splash but Lethal gets his knees up. Dutt stops a Lethal Injection (springboard Ace Crusher) and then hits a moonsault from the second rope onto Lethal on the floor. Dutt rolls Lethal back inside and hits him with a springboard splash for a two-count. Dutt blocks another tombstone attempt and hits a clothesline but Lethal hits a superkick and then his Lethal Injection. Lethal pins Dutt and advances to the second round of the tournament. Kelly announces that next week two tournament matches will be shown with Karl Anderson vs ACH and Adam Cole vs Mark Briscoe.

This was a very good show and a continued demonstration of ROH’s attempts to get back to its roots. I enjoyed the main event more than any match from Lethal in a few months and Dutt was fun to watch. I thought the opening match was a good exhibition for some fresh faces and Todd Hanson in particular looks like someone to watch. Sydal and Middoux were fun against Coleman and Alexander. The television and the product feels fresh right now and I hope this continues.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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