TNA Impact spoilers from Cleveland for next week's show

By Jared Hawkins
Preshow dark match:  Jay Bradley pinned Michael Hutter (Derrick Bateman in NXT). Enough people recognized Hutter that he got an OK reaction.
After the "live" show:
In a match taped for Xplosion, Eric Young pinned Jay Bradley in what was billed as a BFG Series match. No, I have no idea how EY can be in a BFG Series match when the series is almost over.
Next week's Impact:
Mickie James cuts a promo saying how excited she is to be so close to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and how she is upset she didn't get invited to the VMAs, but she has her own awards called the VMJs.  ODB eventually comes out to say she's going to take the title, which leads to Mickie attacking from behind but ODB getting the better of it by the end of the segment.
ANOTHER promo, this time with Aces & 8s.  Bully has had a change of heart over the last half an hour, as he thanks everybody for their hard work and gives out hugs.  He also announces the matches for the evening: Knux vs. Chris Sabin, Anderson in the gauntlet, and Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff vs. Gunner & James Storm.  He takes a seat at ringside.
Knux defeated Chris Sabin by DQ.  Bully tossed the hammer in, but Sabin grabbed it and used it first.  Crowd was dead for it.
AJ Styles, in no surprise, won the BFG Series gauntlet, last eliminating Christopher Daniels and ending up the points leader.  Magnus' Visa troubles must have cleared up DURING the taping, as he was nowhere to be found in episode one but did, in fact, compete here.  Probably the biggest story out of this is the beginning, where Jay Bradley and Hernandez started, and Bradley told Hernandez that since they were both out of the final four regardless, Bradley had an offer for a lot of money to "take a certain someone out at a certain point in time" and if Hernandez joined him they could split the money.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Very good match but the crowd didn't get into it until the final five minutes. 
Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff defeated James Storm & Gunner when Bischoff pinned Gunner after using a chain.  Not a fan of this one.
Jeremy Borash then does the intro of the final four:  Styles, Aries, Roode and Magnus.  Styles gets to choose his opponent for No Surrender and makes the decision to take on Aries and attempt to avenge his earlier loss.  This makes Roode and Magnus the other semifinal and everybody cuts promos on each other.
They show a backstage segment teasing tension between Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson, where Bully yells at Anderson for losing when Knux won his match and "I'm sure Wes and Garrett are going to win their match." Is it really that hard to show a pretape where it goes?
Bully Ray and Sting come out for the main event, and Bully Ray reminds Sting that the match in non-title because of the Slammiversary result.  So the explanation of how Sting can get a title shot is "Hogan fucked up and they didn't bother editing it."  Hogan flexes his muscles, banning Tito Ortiz from ringside and making the match no DQ.  Of course, the Mafia and Aces & 8s brawl to the back, with the exception of Anderson.  Sting locks in the scorpion, and Anderson teases handing the hammer to Bully, but walks away and Bully taps.  Anderson then gets into the ring and says he'll be the one getting the title shot at No Surrender, then does his ring announcing schtick.  Match had a ton of heat and Anderson's turn went over very well with the crowd.
Then in a move that boggles my mind, they tape an Xplosion match last between Kazarian and Hernandez.  As soon as Hernandez was named the opponent about half the crowd left.  Kazarian wins with a roll up and a handful of tights, making the decision to close with this even more mind boggling.
Overall this was the best live event experience I've had in a long time.
Jared Hawkins

By Nick Sidel

TNA results Cleveland 8-29-13

The event was at the Cleveland State University arena. I believe it was in the gymnasium where they have their basketball games. Right off the bat, I noticed the crowd, since there actually was a decent sized one, compared to my last TNA show. The set up was as follows; Everyone not on the floor, was seated across from where the hard camera was located or in the section across the ring from the entrance way and a little "Knockout Zone" section to the left of the entrance way. I'm watching the replay as I'm writing this to see how things look and sound, so far so good.

I settled in a little after 7pm and missed any type of introduction as to how the tapings would be taking place. The show started with the Bully & Aces promo which I assumed was for next week, but as the night went on I realized that the show must be taped delayed, as later on in the night Jeremy Borash told us matches were being taped for Xplosion and that others were for next week's show.

Borash hyped the crowd all night with tonight's gimmick being.that the loudest audience members will be taken backstage to apparently meet the boys, get a tour, be held hostage or else be groupie/rat for the night? Not sure which, but taking random members of the crowd backstage in the middle of the show is either kinda cool or a pretty weird gimmick? Christy Hemme sporadically pumped the crowd up and ironically she would do the Daniel Bryan "YES" gesture just about every time it was her turn to do so.

The semi-live show was fun, it did drag at times because some wrestlers weren't really over or didn't play to the crowd enough, but overall a good experience. Aside from Jeff Hardy, Sting and Hulk Hogan, who got monster reactions, no one else stood out.

As for what was taped for next week's show and Xplosion, I'm relaying what I can remember as best as possible as my phone died and everything is going by memory.

After the "live" show finished, a quick break was followed by Borash telling us the next match was being taped for Xplosion. It was Jay Bradley v. Eric Young. I tried to sit through it to watch Bradley, but it got dull so I decided it was the best time to hit the restroom. When I got back Mickey James was finishing up berating ODB, who promptly attacked her and sent her running.

I believe that was also for Xplosion with next week's show starting off with...

Bully Ray, with the background players, cutting a promo talking about the 8's upcoming matches.

Now, I think next was Chris Sabin v. Knux. The match was what it was. The finish happened when the hammer was tossed in the ring, I want to say by Garrett Bischoff, and Sabin, Knux and the ref simultaneously dove for it. Sabin grabbed it then wacked Knux in the head with it right in front of the ref and was DQ'd. Afterwards, humorously, Sabin freaked out in surprise as if he couldn't understand why he was DQ'd for using an illegal object blatently and brazenly in front of the ref.

Next was either the 12 man BFG rumble match or James Storm & Gunner v. Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff match.

I'll go with the Rumble first. I believe the entrance order was reversed from the points standings with lowest entering earliest, at 2 minute intervals? Jay Bradley started off with Hernandez. However, before they fought, Jay got a mic and proceeded to inform Supermex that he was offered a good deal of money by a mystery man/men to take out a certain person(s), but Hernadez apparently isn't interested in trying to make a quick buck, eventhough he basically had no chance to win the BFG series and proceeded to attack Bradley.

Immediately, after they started to brawl, the big screen showed a countdown from 15 seconds and on cue, Joseph Park entered. The participants, after the first three, as best as I can remember, were as follows: Ken Anderson, Samoa Joe, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Magnus.

Pretty blah, long, dull match, with a final five of Magnus, Roode, Aries, Daniels and Styles. It wittled down to AJ against Daniels, until AJ predictably flipped him out and won. On a weird side note, Kazarian was eliminated by getting tossed over the ropes onto the entrance ramp. Don't remember that ever seeing that before.

Storm/Gunner v. Brisco/Bischoff. Bischoff pulled out what apparently was a chain, wrapped it around his fist, hit Gunner in the back of the head with it and made the cover for the pin.

Main event of Bully Ray v. Sting. Ray came out with Tito Ortiz, Brooke Tessmacher and Ken Anderson. Sting came out to a huge reaction, much like Hogan, from a crowd of mostly males in their 30's and late 20 somethings, with a decent amount of females and parents with kids.

Before the match got started, Bully taunted Sting over how he lost the ability to wrestle for the world title, causing Hogan to come out. Hulk, still wanting to get some type of revenge on Bully, first sent Tito to the back. Interestingly enough, he lets Anderson and to a lessor degree Brooke hang around. Then, to completely remove any logic in previously removing Tito from ringside, he announces it being a "no disqualification" match. WTF?

Anyways, the match pretty much goes how anyone who has watched this stuff with these guys before goes. They brawl for a min, Sting smashes Bully's back with a few chairshots then Bully recovers and lays out Sting. The crowd chants for the tables, but unfortunately Bully can't find any so he decides to rip off a corner of the ring's mat, as in his previous match against Sting when he was saying he would piledrive him on the unprotected ring. However, before that could happen, Aces & 8's runs out to beatdown Sting but the Mafia comes out and fights them to the back. Sting recovers and puts Bully in the Scorpion Deathlock. Mr. Anderson, remember him? He grabs a hammer and shows it off as if he's going to help out his "pres", but instead of hitting Sting with it to help his boy win, he feigns doing anything with it, leaving Bully no choice but to tap out.

After the match, Anderson gets a mic and enters the ring. He hovers over a beaten Bully to mock and taunt him, then announces he's facing him for the title next week (well, the next, next week). Anderson finishes by posing with the title as Bully lays defeated and a freaked out Brooke panics.

Borash announces one final match for Xplosion, Kazarian v. Hernandez. Kaz is pulling a Daniel Bryan and going for the trifecta tonight. He gets beatdown the entire match until he catches Hernandez with a rollup for the cheap win.

And with that, the show is over, right around 11pm.

Nick Sidel Cleveland, OH

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