TNA Impact TV report

9.19 Impact Wrestling
by Jeff Hamlin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Twitter: @hamlin37
The Big News: Dixie Carter became the latest heel authority figure during an in-ring showdown with A.J. Styles. Carter basically tried to do a shoot interview on Styles, with some Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan verbiage thrown in. It came off as a second-rate copy of the Stephanie McMahon-Daniel Bryan segment from the Raw after Summerslam. Speaking of unconvincing heel turns, Chris Sabin also went heel, turning on Manic. In between was some good wrestling which featured ODB winning the Knockouts championship.
Magnus was in the midst of an interview about losing to A.J. Styles in the Bound for Glory final when Bobby Roode interrupted. Roode said Magnus had only himself to blame for the loss. Magnus grabbed Roode, but was jumped from behind by Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Agents and other wrestlers separated them.
Magnus came out for an interview and put over Styles. Magnus called out any member of EGO to face him, and Kazarian accepted. Magnus put the boots to him before Daniels ran down. Kazarian accidentally clotheslined Daniels, leading to Roode coming down for a 3-on-1. Samoa Joe and Sting came in to run the heels off. Sting challenged them to a six-man match tonight.
Chris Sabin, with Velvet Sky, talked with Manic about challenging Jeff Hardy tonight. Sabin teased a heel turn as he talked about how he was the one who put the X Division on the map, and if it wasn't for him, Manic wouldn't be a champion right now. "So," Sabin said," you're welcome." Did anyone watch ECW in 2000 for how badly they came off whenever they tried to ripoff the WWE? Sabin and Sky left to go watch the match together.
Jeff Hardy defeated Manic in 4:01. Sabin was at ringside doing a faux babyface routine trying to lead cheers for Manic as Hardy hit a clothesline of the apron to the floor. Hardy missed the Hardy'c Arrest in the corner, and Manic hit a dropkick off the second rope to the apron. Manic missed a missile dropkick, and Hardy hit a Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Manic blocked a Twist of Fate and hit a GTS. Hardy escaped a Hangman's neckbreaker and caught the Twist of Fate, then got the pin with the Swanton. Hardy shook Manic's hand afterwards. **1/4
Afterwards, Sabin got in the ring and raised Manic's arm, then turned on Manic and clotheslined him from behind. Hardy came back for the save. Sky didn't look pleased about Sabin's shenanigans.
Sabin was asked about his actions. He said Manic was disrespectful, and he was a six-time X Division champion, a former world champion and a former world tag team champion. He played the "fans don't respect me" card.
2. ODB defeated Mickie James to win the TNA Knockouts championship at 10:53. Unique spot where Mickie James was outside the ring, and ODB went after her. James tried her on the apron,then wedged her against the ring using the ring cover. James tried the flying head scissors out of the corner, but ODB blocked it with a power bomb. James hit a roundhouse wheel kick, which ODB sold like she got knocked out. James went for her DDT off the top rope, but ODB hit the Bam! for the pin. Eric Young and Joseph Park came down to celebrate.Instead of champagne, Park came down with chocolate milk. *3/4
Right away, Bro Mans came out. Robbie E started running down Young and Park, and said the faces were the creepiest three way in history. Park made a comeback, saying if he didn't have a suit on, he would fight Robbie. Young said he wasn't wearing a suit, and a match with Robbie E. started right away.
3. Eric Young defeated Robbie E. in :13. Robbie missed a charge in the corner and Young pinned him with a schoolboy cradle.
Robbie said the match didn't count and he challenged Park, not Young. Robbie demanded Park get in the ring and called him a fat bastard. That led to Park taking off his suit and Robbie worked again.
4. Joseph Park pinned Robbie E. in :07. Same thing that happened in Robbie's match with Young happened here.
Postmatch, Bro Mans jumped Young and Park. Jessie Godderz joined Robbie with a hoist DDT, and they ran Park into the steps. Bro Mans double teamed Young. Meanwhile, Park started bleeding and transformed into Abyss, cleaning house on the feels. It ended with Park hitting the Black Hole Slam on Robbie. After Park snapped out of his trance, he and Young hugged.
The entire show was a build for a confrontation between Styles and Dixie Carter  during the main event segment. This came off the heels from Styles' promo on Carter after his victory last week in the Bound for Glory Series. Hulk Hogan walked up to Carter to ask her if she needed his assistance tonight with Styles. Carter said she wanted to handle this situation alone.
Aces and Eights came out, with Miss Tessmacher attached to a chain around her waist. A&8s is down to five members, but it's still more populated than the Knockouts division. Ray derisively asked where Mr. Anderson was. Ray said one person deserved all the credit for his victory over Anderson last week. Ray teased thanking Wes Brisco, Knux and Garrett Bischoff, but said it was Brooke Tessmacher, who gave Anderson a low blow. The other members of the group got mad, and Ray started to shout down Brisco. Bischoff grabbed the mic and said since Brooke joined the group, Ray's priorities have been out of whack. Ray said he appreciated his opinion, but don't ever bow up to him again. Knux then asked if Ray was going to slap him in the face, and he's been in the club since the beginning. Knux said they're down to four members, and they're falling apart. His said the first rule of the club was bros before hoes, which Ray had forgotten. Who would have thought after one year of largely being a mute, Knux would put together such a good promo? Ray shoved him and read him the riot act, saying if he ever called Brooke a ho again, he will knock his head off. Crowd showered Brooke with "ho" chants, which is the first real heel charisma Brooke has shown since her reemergence.
Sting was the latest to complain about a group being down in numbers, saying they were down to three. He said Kurt Angle was gone, and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was off training. They gave Magnus a pep talk to forget last week's loss to Styles.
5. Gunner defeated Hernandez in 4:17. They were gearing up for a tag team match, but Chavo Guerrero claimed to have suffered an injury. That had to make plenty of sense to the St. Louis live crowd on hand, who had watched Guerrero challenge James Storm and Gunner to a tag match for this week just two hours earlier. So it morphed into Gunner vs. Hernandez in singles action. Crowd chanted "U.S.A," I guess against Hernandez. But Hernandez is from Texas. Plus, he father was in the Army and tried to re-enlist after 9-11 when he was well into his 50s. Hernandez with an over the shoulder backbreaker drop and the pounce period. Hernandez hit Air Mexico. Gunner made his comeback with a Slingshot Suplex and a fallaway slam. Gunner got the pin with a uranage into a backbreaker, which left Gunner favoring his left knee. *
6. The Extraordinary Gentlemen's Group defeated the Main Event Mafia in 14:27.  Sting got the heat when Kazarian tripped him behind the referee's back. Magnus with the hot tak and a Michinoku Driver on Kazarian. Daniels and Kazarian took a double clothesline from Sting, but Joe came in with a snapmare on Kazarian, leading to the Randy Savage elbow from Magnus. Daniels saved.Joe with an elbow suicidia on Kazarian. Daniels teased a tope, but Sting cut him off with a backdrop and a Stinger Splash. Sting got the Scorpion Death Lock. Daniels tapped, but Kazarian distracted the referee. Roode grabbed the baseball bat, and Magnus saw that he was about to hit Sting with it in the back. So Magnus braced Sting, but Magnus took the bat shot from Roode. And Roode pinned Magnus. They're playing it up like Magnus vs. Roode at Bound for Glory. ***
Styles came to the ring for his confrontation with Carter. He started by saying that he had been in TNA since day one, when they started in Nashville. All along, he's just wanted to provide an alternative for the fans. Then one day, Dixie Carter's father Bob purchased her a "rasslin' company." That type of language is straight Bischoff terminology. She said she had no blood, no sweat and no wrestling experience. She blamed Carter for breaking up the chemistry that made TNA what it was. He brought up Lo Ki and Jerry Lynn. Styles said she traded them for MMA stars and guys who needed a 2-year paid vacation who did nothing,then left to go back where they belonged. He brought up Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal and Petey Williams as guys who were gone because of that very thing, and it pisses him off. Styles then claimed he has a chance to win the TNA World title, and despite what the internet says, he doesn't have a contract in TNA. He said there's not a contracted wrestler in the locker room that has any respect for Carter anyway. Styles said he was going to win the world title and then make Carter pay. Carter came out, which much less makeup on. Carter said she's accountable as the president of the company, and she owed him an apology. With her voice cracking, she said she is sorry. Carter then went heel, saying she was sorry that she ever made Styles think that he was ever important in this company. Carter said that Styles was just a little bit better than an average in any pond, and she meant any pond that he might be in. (Thank God she didn't use the term B+). She took credit for the Phenomenal gimmick, and she couldn't remember the last 5 star match he was in because he's nothing like he used to be. She said if it wasn't for the money from her father, Styles would still be in the trailer he came from. To play this off as a shoot, Jeremy Borash got in the ring, just as Styles started to make a comeback. But Carter grabbed a cameraman's headset, demanded that Styles microphone be cut and ordered the show off the air. The house lights were cut off to a chorus of boos and the show abruptly went black.
SUMMARY: He's a challenge for anyone who deems to be "creative," be it in this company or any other. Find a new way to make intriguing television without using the heel authority figure as your main storyline.Tonight was about the fourth time TNA has tried to re-create the C.M. Punk shoot interview from June 2011. They have all looked like pale imitations, just like every other one that will come after it. Dixie Carter is just not a heel. She got some minor heat in her promo, but long-term it won't work.What really makes it bad is that it comes off as a cheap WWE knockoff, precisely what's kept TNA running in place for seemingly years. The irony is that Styles talked about TNA trying to be an "alternative" during it's life span. The reality is if the company had truly focused on being an "alternative" instead of what worked for the WWE and WCW in 1999, they'd certainly be in much better shape.

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