TNA Impact TV report

11.14 Impact Wrestling
by Jeff Hamlin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Twitter: @hamlin37
The Big News: It was the final road show before heading back to Orlando for tapings, and they went out with a whimper. Forgettable squash matches with a good, but not great, main event with Kurt Angle beating Austin Aries in a submission match.
Aces and Eights started the show with Bully Ray laughing about the ruse they pulled on Mr. Anderson and the fans last week. Ray said Anderson tried to drive a wedge between him and Brooke, and no one drives a wedge into Brooke except him. Ray accepted Anderson's challenge for a street fight next week and vowed to pile drive him through the stage. Anderson came out and proposed if he beats Ray next week, Aces and Eights has to split up. Ray refused to agree to that. Anderson said his wife was pregnant with twins, and if he can't beat Ray next week, he'll leave the company. Ray said he would love to pile drive his pregnant life, and Anderson had to be crazy to put his career on the line. Anderson said he was crazy and punched Ray. Garrett Bischoff and Knux jumped on Anderson while Ray grabbed a chair. But Anderson made his own comeback and chased everyone out of the ring. Anderson challenged one of the members of Aces and Eights to a match. Ray told Knux to fight.
Mr. Anderson defeated Knux at 4:58. Bischoff and Ray were sent to the back. Knux took the bulk of the match. After Knux hit two short-armed clotheslines, he tired a third. But Anderson ducked it and hit the Mic Check for the pin. *1/2
Joseph Park told Bad Influence they were truly a Bad Influence after Christopher Daniels threw an appletini in his face last week. Park challenged Christopher Daniels to a match. They cut to Kazarian talking to Daniels laughing about Park's challenge. Daniels told Kazarian he would handle this on his own, then mentioned something about looking for Abyss and the missing TV title.
2. Christopher Daniels defeated Joseph Park in 5:24. Park tried to do a spot where he chased Daniels around the ring. Then Daniels tripped accidentally, and Park had to slow to a crawl. Park hit a Samoan Drop and got a near fall with a side slam. Park tried the Closing Argument, but Daniels moved out of the way. Park caught a running splash and unloaded with palm shots in the corner. Referee Earl Hebner backed Park away, Park threw Hebner aside, Daniels kicked Park low and pinned him. *1/2 
Ray told Knux not to worry about losing to Anderson, because Ray would send Anderson out of TNA next week for good. Aces and Eights left for a strip club.
3. Ethan Carter the Third defeated Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes in a handicap match in 3:30. After beating Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes in singles matches for weeks, the deal was Ethan Carter the Third would now face them in a handicap match. Fernum wears a singlet and looks like a 135-pound amateur wrestling with a sub-.500 wrestler. Fernum got some offense with a springboard bodyblock and a sloppy Tornado DDT, which Taz totally buried. EC3 gave Fernum the 1-percenter, and followed with the 1-percenter on Barnes and pinned both of them. Mike Tenay noted EC3 is now 8-0. *1/4
The Friends of A.J. Styles paid for another advertisement, wrestling Judas Mesias, whose TNA past was never mentioned. He was shown talking with Joaquin Roldan, the President of AAA. Dixie Carter saw this ad from the back and screamed at the people in the gorilla position about how these ads wind up on the air.
Jeff Hardy did a postmatch interview following his Full Metal Mayhem victory over Chris Sabin, saying he chipped a tooth in the match. He said he's two matches away from the world title.
Dixie came out and talked about what a smart move it was to kick Styles, who she referred to as "that redneck," out of her company. Dixie said this company wasn't about a walk down memory lane. I wish she had learned that in 2004 because this company would be a lot better off. Carter said Styles is wrestling in Mexico and wasn't her world champion. She started talking about her world title tournament, where Jeff Hardy beat "somebody" in the first round. Also, this company would be better off not burying their own talent because they would be a lot better off, but that's a broken record. Carter called down Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus. Dixie announced that Roode and Storm would be facing each other in the first round, which will be a bullrope match. Dixie told Storm he needed to show her something because Roode had beaten Kurt Angle twice in the last few weeks. Storm did his poor man's Steve Austin interview. Carter said Magnus and Joe would be wrestling in a falls count anywhere match. Joe said the only reason Dixie started the tournament because she couldn't strike a deal with Styles. Joe said once he wins the title, he will defend the title against Styles, either in this company or anywhere else. Carter scolded Joe until Magnus stepped in and did a promo saying he would prove himself to be the best, even against Joe.
Anderson jumped Bischoff backstage and handcuffed him against a rail. I guess Bischoff didn't go to the strip club. Anderson mentioned there was a funny story behind those handcuffs. They cut away before we heard the conversation, but I'd imagine it could come into play for next week's match.
Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa came out. Kim said she issued an Open Challenge for anyone from any company to show up. Hannah Blossom, who competed in the British Boot Camp Reality Show, came out as the opponent.
4. Gail Kim defeated Hannah Blossom in 3:21.  Kim gave Blossom the Steel Post Figure Four. Blossom finished her comeback with something that looked like a elbow drop. Kim quickly finished her with Eat Defeat. *
Kim cut a promo saying she would continue to show why she was the greatest Knockouts champion of all time.
Park came back out and said that Bad Influence has gotten under his skin. He says he's gotten tired of answering the question of where his little brother Abyss is, because he didn't know. Park said he has a way to answer the challenge. So Park challenged his brother Abyss to a match next week. It's the Frank Shamrock-Ken Shamrock match we never got, except no one wants to see this one.
Anderson unlocked Bischoff from the rail. Bischoff appeared to be unconscious. Anderson picked Bischoff up and carried him off for a walk.
5. Kurt Angle defeated Austin Aries in a submission match to advance in the TNA World Title Tournament in 18:45. Submission matches are one of the few areas remaining where Taz specializes on color because he knows how to get the moves over, particularly with Angle in there. Angle caught a spinning backbreaker. Roode came out to scout on the ramp sitting in a chair. As Angle was distracted, Austin Aries tried to hit the double axehandle off the top rope, but Angle caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Aries gave Angle a dropkick to the knee. Angle hit several Rolling German Suplexes, but Aries got up and hit a Roaring Elbow, then followed with the Double Axehandle off the top rope. Aries tried a missile dropkick, but he missed and Aries grabbed the ankle lock. Aries rolled through and attempted another dropkick, but Angle caught him with another Ankle Lock. Aries sent Angle to the floor, and Aries hit him with a tope. The heat for the match was disappointing, perhaps because fans have caught on to Angle's pattern of centering matches around the ankle lock. Aries hit several dropkicks and caught the brainbuster. Aries attempted the Last Chancery and got it, but Angle wouldn't tap. Angle won a battle of fisticuffs and caught two Rolling German Suplexes. Angle attempted a German Superplex, but Aries held on to the top rope and tried a 450 but missed. Aries was clearly favoring his ankle off a bad landing from the axehandle to the floor earlier. Aries missed a charge and went into the post. Angle then applied the crossface, which is Roode's finisher. Aries tapped. ***1/4
Anderson came out dragging Bischoff to the ramp and gave him a pile driver on the stage, just like how Anderson was taken out of action several months ago.
SUMMARY: The show just seemed to be trying to build new stars through squash matches. Hopefully it works. Angle-Aries was actually somewhat disappointing considering the caliber of the wrestlers.

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