TNA house show report 2-15 Cedar Park, TX

By Jordan Walburger

Rick Achberger @RickWWESignGuy was there on the front row with a bunch of signs and interacted with each wrestler.I think he was in Abilene last night. Acted as if he was a TNA employee.
Cedar Park center less than a quarter full
X Division Title Match:  Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin taps out to Last Chancery at around 10 minutes. Good fight to get the night started. Sabin ran around the ring a lot and both fighters interacted with the crowd.
Knockouts Title Match:  Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim
Rayne wins with a spear at 7 minutes
Ethan Carter III vs. "The Cowboy" James Storm
Good heat on Carter before the match with storm drinking beer and talking about Texas. Crowd was behind Cowboy. Good back and forth match
Carter gets the win with legs on the  ropes when storm misses the "double knee facebreaker in the corner. Carter pushed him off and rolled him up with his legs on the ropes.
Samuel Shaw vs Mr. Anderson 2 out of three falls.
Shaw attacks Anderson on his way to the ring throws him into the steel steps. Throws him in the ring and pins him with one finger. Anderson doesn't move.
Shaw tries to pin him again and Anderson kicks out at 2. Anderson gets a small package and gets a pin fall. Third fall starts with Anderson still groggy. Match goes back and forth with Anderson hitting the Mic Check for the win.
Good pop after the match when a fan did the Mr. Anderson catch phrase and said Mr. Kennedy. Anderson said "Don't get me in trouble."
World Tag Team Title Match: The BroMans Robbie E & Jessie Godderz vs. The Wolves Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards
Good mic work from both teams pre match. BroMans get heat by calling Austin a bunch of losers. Good back and forth match. Wolves even got a tap when the ref had his back turn.
The BroMans get disqualified after pulling the ref out of the ring for a three count.
World Heavyweight Title STEEL CAGE Match:  Magnus vs. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe Match lasted about 15 minutes, Samoa Joe accidentally knocked out the ref and then hit his finisher. And the ref missed the count. Joe tried to go out of the door but Ethan Carter was there and slammed the door shut on him. Magnus rolled up Joe for the win and runs out of the cage.
Post match: Ethan Carter gets in the ring to attack Joe, but Samoa Joe gets up and throws him into the fence and then gets him in the RNC. Carter gets out of the cage and the fans who paid $25 get to take their picture with Joe in front of the cage.

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