TNA Lockdown live PPV coverage from Miami

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Lockdown, the all cage match TNA PPV from the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, FL.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, as well as for Thursday's New Japan anniversary, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The finish saw Muta blow the green mist at Daniels an then Sanada pinned Daniels with a moonisult.  Sanada looked like your athletic super crisp young Japanese wrestler.  Nakanoueno was just called Yasu.  Sanada just went by his last name and he did have the X title with him and they announced he had won it last week, even though Aries had the belt on TV.  You could really see the respect the TNA guys had for Muta.  It was like they were falling all over themselves to take his trademark spots and they made him look like the star the crowd saw him as.

Rockstar Spud with a new hairstyle and a Boyd Piece special blue suit as he introduced Dixie Carter.  Carter made fun of King James.  She said she's earned the title of Queen and feels a few of the fans doubt her business acumen.  They've got the crowd toned down as there are chants but you can't figure out what they are saying.  She went to New York and has an insurance card that will guarantee her team a win.  She said Jeff Hardy breached his contract and every entrance point is covered by security so he's not getting into the building tonight.  He's kicking Hardy out of the building faster than the co-eds at this college are going to flunk out.

Velvet Sky will be answering questions all night long.  So will Eric Young.  Eric Young said this will be one of the biggest matches in TNA history and everything will change after this match.


This was a weird match.  There was no wrestling, more drama.  Anderson beat him up and delivered two mic checks, stuck his gum into Shaw's ear and climbed out to win, but ref Earl Hebner had been knocked out.  As Christy Hemme was celebrating at ringside, Shaw pulled Hemme into the cage and was stalking her.  Anderson used the key to get in and beat up Shaw and Hemme was able ecape.  Shaw then gave Anderson a low blow, put him out with the head and arm choke and walked out the door and Hebner was up at this point so he ruled Shaw the winner.  As a wrestling match, it was bad, but there was no pretense of a match, more this drama stalking of Hemme and Anderson as her protector who had to be taken out.

Team Roode was arguing over what percentage of the company they all get if they win.

EC 3 said he was the new face of American wrestling and issued an open challenge.  Bobby Lashley came out but EC 3 said he wasn't on the roster and should get out of the ring.


No match, Lashley just gave him an Stampede slam and a spear and Carter rolled out of the place.

They played a video of Kenny King as "The King of the Night" from Las Vegas playing the rich playboy gimmick.

Magnus interview plugging the main event.


Uno won with a Sabretooth splash, similar to a Phoenix splash, after a cradle DDT.  A lot of good moves in the relatively short match but rough around the edges.  Manik looked better than Uno even though the idea of the match was to be a showcase to put Uno over.


This was a brawl using a lot of chair shots with Gunner winning after a suerplex off the top onto two chairs and Storm couldn't get up at ten.  They brawled for a few minutes outside the ring.  Storm slammed the cage door on Gunner.  Gunner made a superman comeback but Storm came back.  Gunner came off the top rope but Storm threw a chair into his face.  The two guys were standing on the top rope ramming each other into the cage and Gunner superplexed Storm off the top rope into two chairs set on on the ground.  Both were selling on the ground, but Gunner found a chair, and used it to prop himself up to beat the ten count while Storm couldn't beat the count.

MVP and The Wolves promo.  MVP said we have a plan and we have to stick to the plan and stay under control.


It was a little rough early but some good innovative stuff late.  Kim used a hangman style neckbreaker off the top for a near fall.  The finish saw Kim try eat defat while both were standing on the top rope but Rayne was able to block and Kim caught her throat off the top rope.  Rayne from the inside knocked Le'D Tapa off the cage as she tried to climb into the cage.  Rayne came off the top rope with a spear for the pin.

Samoa Joe did a promo saying Magnus tried the easy way but the easy way doesn't work.  He said he's been waiting three months for this.


Long match that the crowd was into.  Both guys bled, which is so rare in major league wrestling these days, including Joe biting the cut.  The finish saw Joe use the muscle buster and had the choke when  a hand from under the ring pulled Joe down.  Joe ended up shortly after emerging from under the ring and was choking Magnus.  Abyss came from under the ring and hit Joe with Janice the board with nails, to the gut.  Abyss used a black hole slam on Joe.   At first it was teased that Abyss was going to go after Magnus, but Magnus smiled and it came out they were working together.  Magnus then put Joe, who was already out, in Joe's own choke for the finish.

Eric Young was screaming at Abyss backstage after the match.

Dixie's surprise was there.  Bobby Roode wants to know the secret.  He said he needs to know.  She said some things are better left unsaid.  Dixie Carter told him to trust her.  He said he'll never trust her.  She said she set it up so it's a handicap match because Jeff Hardy isn't getting into the building.  Roode told her not to screw this up because you don't want me as your enemy.  Dixie said I've got my part covered and you're the only one who can lose. 


The finish saw Dixie's surprise from New York give Bobby Roode a rock bottom and MVP pinned Roode with a Yakuza kick.  Entrances were MVP vs. Aries first, then Robbie E, Eddie Edwards, Jessie Godderz, Davey Richards, Bobby Roode and finally Willow.  Willow came off the top of the cage onto everyone.  Then Dixie announced Bully Ray was her secret weapon as ref.  Bully wasn't a heel ref.  A lot of weapon usage such as garbage can lid.  Among the highlights were the Wolves doing a double coast-to-coast dropkick off different turnbuckles onto a garbage can that was put over Jessie.  Willow used a twist of fate and swanton on a garbage can lid on Aries, but Roode saved.  Roode set up a Roode bomb on MVP through a table but Bully Ray blocked the table and then used the rock bottom to turn.  So the idea is Dixie made a deal with Bully Ray, and he went to MVP and got a better deal.  After the match, all  of Team Roode was laid out and Bully power bombed Roode through a table.

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