TNA Impact TV report

Here are some highlights of the tapings.  Keep in mind that the people live didn't get to see backstage stuff, and given how much was taped, it appears there is a lot of that.

Angelina Love wants Velvet Sky to explain why she won't bring back The Beautiful People.  The two hug and then Love also offers Madison Rayne a spot and Rayne said she respects both but doesn't want to join the group right now.

Bro Mans over Wolves and Seiaya Sanada & Tigre Uno.  Zema Ion distracted Sanada by trying to steal his belt and that left Uno to be double-teamed by the Bro Manas and lose.

Bully Ray had another confrontation with Bobby Roode.  Bully said he considered helping Dixie Carter win but couldn't.  They have a big brawl which ends when Bully tries to spear Roode through a table, but Roode moves and Ray goes through the table.

Magnus b Samoa Joe in a title match.  MVP and Abyss were chained together but ended up fighting.  Abyss laid out MVP and threw a chair at Joe's face which set up Magnus winning.

In what was taped for 3/27:

MVP did an interview and Magnus & Abyss came out.  Magnus brought it up that Abyss is under contract to him and not to TNA.  MVP offered Abyss a title match.  Samoa Joe came out and is mad that Abyss was getting a shot instead of Joe.  A big brawl ensued which included Eric Young.  The matches, which appear to be Magnus vs. Abyss and Joe vs. Young are on the 4/3 show.

Gunner b James Storm in a no DQ match after a beer bottle to the head.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are out again.  Love puts down Madison Rayne as not being a full fledged member of the group.  This seems to set up a Love vs. Rayne match.

Wolves b Abyss & Magnus when Magnus submitted. 

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