TNA Sacrifice/UFC feedback such as it is


Had a good weekend watching some rasslin' and MMA.  Went to UFC 172 at the Baltimore Arena, and it would be an understatement to say that that was a great crowd.  I've seen a bunch of WCW, WWF/WWE, and concerts there over the years, and that was one of the best ones.  When the first match has a major pop, you know you are in for a good night.  The card delivered from start to finish.  I can't say I will ever be a Jones fan, since he is the biggest mindless douche on the planet. Seriously, he just talks in previously written soundbites.  I wonder what PR firm does his speech preparation for him ahead of time?  Everything he says sounds so condescending and fake.  Anyway, great card, and looking forward to a return to the DMV since it's been two years since we got the Korean Zombie vs Dustin Porier classic at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. 

UFC 162: Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Gomi vs. Vallie-Flagg

TNA Sacrifice: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Storm vs Gunner/ Wolves vs Bro-Mans
Worst Match: Womens'

I thought Sacrifice was a decent PPV.  A really hot opener set the card off nicely, but that crowd was majorly lame.  I can't stand the Impact Zone, and it seems like it hinders more than helps them.  I think it's okay for them to do their TV tapings there,  but they should really make sure they do their PPVs, as limited in number as they are, on the road.  There were a number of good to great matches, and that crowd made it seem like they all took place in Japan.  My only real complaint on the card was the presence of Dixie.  When are wrestling organizations going to learn that nobody cares about the suits, and that we are there for the wrestlers, and only the wrestlers?  Keep the non-wrestlers off of TV and in the boardroom. 

The interesting thing about TNA is that they have a pretty deep roster of guys that can go.  Think about a WWE PPV; they often throw the non-programmed guys into a Battle Royal, and it ends up being guys like Ryder, Santino, etc.  If that were the case with TNA, we would have seen folks like Aries, MVP, Joe, etc.  It just seems like that have better programs for as much talent as they can fit on the card.  I have really been enjoying the turnover and push of new(er) faces.  There are a lot of potential new feuds that we have yet to see, and I'm looking forward to where they go this week.  The only problem is, I have a feeling Dixie will open the show, when it should be Eric Young, The Wolves, MVP, or some piece of talent.

Great to see the Wolves take the belts in a nice match.  The X Division match was solid, but one has to question the purpose of a three series when this was the only match that was given time; the other two were afterthoughts.  The Storm and Gunner feud has been great.  Eric Young had a nice match with Magnus, and I am interested to see where he goes next.  I have a feeling Joe is going to be his next program and Magnus will go into one with Abyss.  I see Magnus getting his hands on the title again within a year. 

Matt Wright