Impact spoilers 5-7 Orlando

They taped for Impact episodes that air on 5/22 and part of 5/29

For 5/22

MVP, Bobby Lashely and Kenny King came out as the new heel group.  MVP bragged about his power.  Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards cmae out and got beaten down, with Lashley spearing Edwards and then spearing Richards off the stage through a table.

Eric Young cut a promo.  MVP, Lashley and King came out.  They started beating him down until Austin Aries made the save.  If you're trying to keep track of how many times Aries has turned, don't bother.  This led to a match.

Aries b MVP via DQ when King and Lashley interfered.  Young made the save.  But Young was beaten down again.  MVP then announced a Young vs Lashley match.  

Dixie and Ethan Carter III came out.  Dixie is mad because MVP hasn't returned her phone calls.  Bully Ray ran in with a pipe and chased Dixie and Ethan out of the ring.  King then blindsided Ray and he got triple teamed.  Dixie came back and told Ethan to get a table.  Ethan then put Bully through a table.

Willow b Magnus in a falls count anywhere match.

Eddie Edwards came out.  He said that Richards had been injured and taken to the hospital.  The heels then laid out  Edwards.

Angelina Love b Brittany to keep the Knockouts title due to interference of Velvet Sky.  They put a paper bag over Brittany's head after the match until Gail Kim ran in.

Bobby Lashley b Eric Young in a non-title match due to help from King and MVP.  Aries ran in and got beaten down aslwell.

This is what was taped for 5/29

Bram b Tigre Uno.  Bram was beating down Uno after the match until Magnus stopped him and told Bram he should go after Willow.

Gunner & Ken Anderson b Bro Mans.  The Menagerie came out and beat down the Bro Mans after the match.

Tables were set up all around the ring.  Bully did an interview  and wanted to put everyone through a table and said he woudn't stop until he finished MVP, King, Lashley, Dixie, Ethan and Spud.  MVP, King and Lashley all attacked Bully until Aries, Young and The Wolves made the save.

MVP & King & Lashley b Wolves & Aries when MVP pinned Richards.

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