TNA Impact spoilers from New York

Results from tonight's show.

This will be matches taped for shows on 8/21 and 8/28 most likely

Tigre Uno b Crazzy Steve (Xplosion match)

Gail Kim won a four-way to keep the Knockouts title over Taryn Terrell, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love

This will be on 8/21:

Bram b Abyss in a ladder match with Janice the board hanging from the ceiling.  Tons of weapons were in play here, including a barbed wire board and thumbtacks.  Abyss took a bump off the ladder into a barbed wire board and Bram got Janice.  Abyss got Janice back, but Bram got it back and hit Abyss with it for the pin.

EC 3 & Rhino & Rockstar Spud came out.  EC 3 blamed Rhino for not protecting Dixie so this was the Rhino turn.  EC 3 slapped Rhino and beat him down.  Spud tried to break it up but EC 3 threw him down as well.  So it was EC 3 laying everyone out.

Samoa Joe b Low Ki to keep the X title

Ken Anderson b Samuel Shaw with an armbar in an I Quit match.  This is building to Anderson vs. Gunner.

The Hardys were out for an interview.  They talked about being back together because the timing worked out.  They said they wanted to have great matches so called out Team 3-D.  Bully said that since they are going into the Hall of Fame, they want to go in as tag team champions so called out The Wolves.  Edwards & Richards said the Hardys and Dudleys were two of the best tag teams in history so if either wants a title shot, all they have to do is ask, any time.

Cage match with escape the cage rules, winner gets a shot at Bobby Lashley's title.  Eric Young and Bobby Roode co-won, landing on the floor togther over Austin Aries, Gunner, Magnus, and James Storm.  They messed up the timing and live it was clear Young landed first, but played it up like it was a tie and the referees couldn't figure out who won.

Gail Kim b Angelina Love in a last knockout standing match with a Samoan drop off the top rope onto a chair.

Yoshihiro Tajiri b Robbie E

Kurt Angle opened the show (this would likely be the 8/28 TV show) saying he will make an announcement about Young vs. Roode and who faces Lashley.  MVP, Lashley and Kenny King came out.  MVP said he's lost all respect for Angle and ripped on New York.  Tommy Dreamer then came out and they all beat Dreamer down and threw him out of the ring.  He came back with a kendo stick and this set up a Lashley vs. Dreamer street fight.

Bobby Lashley b Dreamer in a non-title street fight with a spear.

Tigre Uno & Crazzy Steve & Low Ki b Homcide & Manik & DJ Zema Ion when Low Ki pinned Manik with the Ki Krusher.

Rhino b EC 3 via DQ when he used a chair shot and left Rhino laying.

Kurt Angle introduced war hero Chris Melendez, who has a prosthetic leg.  Team 3-D and Ken Anderson all came out.  Melendez wore his army iniform and they pushed him really hard.

Team 3-D won a three-way over The Wolves and Hardys.  I think this was non-title ending with a 3-D on Edwards for the pin.  They announced a return match that would be "next week" (taped tomorrow) that will be a tables match.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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