TNA spoilers from New York

For the 9/11 TV show

Bobby Roode came out to open the show saying he's got a match with Eric Young to determine the top contender after they tied in the six-way escape the cage match.  Roode said that this time they are fighting for a good reason, and brought up how they started in the business together.  Young called Roode the best wrestler in the world.

Taryn Terrell b Madison Rayne - The crowd destroyed this match

Chris Melendez, the vet with one leg, pinned Zema Ion

Seiya Sanada, now called The Great Sanada, managed by James Storm, pinned Austin Aries with interference from  Storm and green mist.

Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and MVP came out.  MVP said that Lashley will soon be TNA champion and Bellator champion.  MVP called Lashley the toughest man in the world.  Samoa Joe came out and said Lashley wasn't even the toughest guy in this ring and wanted a match.  This led to a pull-apart.

Homicide beat Tigre Uno, Zema Ion, Manik, Crazzy Steve adn Low Ki to earn a shot at the X titel.  Sanada laid out Manik after he match.

EC 3 did a promo.  Rhino wanted a return match.  EC 3 said Rhino had to wrestle Spud instead.

Bobby Roode b Eric Young with the Roode bomb to earn a title shot at Lashley.

Magnus & Bram b Gunner & Samuel Shaw

Gail Kim b Taryn Terrell to keep the Divas title.  Crowd like this a lot more.  Said to be very good.  Jessicka Havoc debuted and laid both out with choke slams.

Austin Aries was mad at his loss to Sanada, saying it was due to Storm.  He challenged Storm to a match.  Storm said Sanada was going to become an all-time great.  Aries said the people in Japan aren't happy with Sanada.  Tajiri came out and it seemed to set up Aries & Tajiri vs. Storm & Sanada as they all brawled.

Lashley b Samoa Joe with a spear.  Joe had the match won at one point with the choke.  Kenny King came out.  Joe went after King, letting go of the choke.

Rhino b Spud, who gored him for the pin and then did so a second time after the match.  EC 3 walked out on Spud.

Ken Anderson b Magnus with the mic check

MVP b Low Ki

Hardys won a three-way over Team 3-D and the Wolves in a tables match when Jeff Hardy put Edwards through a table outside the ring.  Another great match.  Next show will have the same three teams in a ladder match.

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