TNA Impact spoilers from New York

There were various things taped for shows on 9/11, 9/18 and 9/25

Kevin Kay, the President of Spike TV was at the show and introduced himself to several wrestlers.

Chris Melendez b DJ Zema Ion (this was a retape of a match done last night)

Bobby Roode did a promo for his match with Bobby Lashley.  He said he would win the title.  Lashley, MVP and Kenny King came out.  MVP said that Roode tells a good story but in the end, he's going to lose and is going to end up in the hospital.  Roode said that he can look in MVP's eyes and see fear, but Lashley has no fear.  He said he knows Lashley believes he can beat him but his heart is stronger and he has more passion.  MVP, King and Lashley attacked him and Samoa Joe and Eric Young made the save.  This led to a six-man.

Roode & Joe & Young b Lashley & MVP & King

Robbie & Jessie & Velvet Sky b Knux & Crazzy Steve & Rebel

Ethan Carter III came out and was mad about what happened to Dixie Carter.  He said if Kurt Angle doesn't do something he will inflict vigilante justice.  He wanted to fight Angle but Angle said he'd love to but he can't, so announced Ethan vs. Rhino in a street fight.

Ethan Carter III b Rhino again

They had a segment to announce the  cover girl for the Knockouts calendar.  Angelina Love acted like it was her, but it was Velvet Sky.  Love was mad it wasn't her, so this looks like Sky turning back.  Jessicka Havoc came otu and took out a few women,

James Storm & Great Sanada b Austin Aries & Yoshihiro Tajiri

Bram b Gunner.  Samuel Shaw's interference backfired.  Gunner was mad at Shaw and walked out on him.

Jessicka Havoc detroyed Gail Kim

Wolves won the ladder match over Team 3-D and the Hardy.  Another great match.  Since all three teams have one win in the three match series, they have one more match scheduled.

MVP cut a promo saying Lashley would beat Roode tonight.  MVP called out Chris Melendez.  He said he liked and respected him and offered him a job to carry their bags.  He turned them down.  Kenny King called him peg leg.

Melendez b Kenny King.   King attacked him and tried to take off his prosthetic leg until Ken Anderson made the save.

Jessicka Havok won a women's Battle Royal.

Lashley b Roode to keep the TNA title.  Roode did a leapfrog and "blew out his knee" leaving him a sitting duck for a spear.

Abyss b Samuel Shaw

Samoa Joe b Homicide to keep the X title.  Storm and Sanada attacked Homicide. Manik made the save.

Austin Aries won over MVP, Abyss, Tajiri and Anderson

Low Ki b DJ Zema Ion   

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