CMLL TV report with Sombra title win over Nakamura

Seductora/Amapola/Tiffany vs Silueta/Marcela/Lluvia
First fall begtins with Amapola & Lluvia exchanging holds on the mat.  Tecnicos got the fall when Lluvia & Silueta locked amapola & Tiffany in a row boat and Marcela used a La Tapatia to make Seductora tap out.  Rudos took the second fall when Tiffany made Silueta tap to a armlock and Amapola hit Lluvia with a Taliban backpack for the pin.  Tecnicos took the third fall when Silueta pinned Tiffany with a fisherman suplex and Marcela pinned Seductora with a double footstomp from the top rope.
Winners:  Marcela/Lluvia/Silueta
Final thoughts:  Good match.  I always enjoy the CMLL ladies.  Amapola really stood out with her heel antics and got good crowd heat.
Shinsuke Nakamura vs La Sombra for the IWGP IC Championship
Nakamura won the first fall using his fireman's carry into a falcon arrow from the top rope.  It was botched as Sombra's legs hit the turnbuckles and it looked like he landed right on his head.  He appeared to be fine after a few minutes.  Sombra took the second fall with a German suplex.  The third fall really got good.  Sombra hit a beautiful springboard dropkick from the top rope.  Nakamura hit a tornillo outside of the ring to the floor onto Sombra.  Nakamura hit his flying armbar but Sombra made the ropes.  Sombra hit a great looking Asai moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor onto Nakamura.  Sombra got a near fall with a huracanranna.  Sombra got another near fall with a clothesline from hell that turned Nakamura  inside out.  Sombra got the pin with his brilliante driver and won the title.
Winner:  La Sombra
Final thoughts:  A really good match and imo one of the better matches all year.  Both guys worked really hard and well together.    Crowd always pops big for La Sombra and this was no different. 
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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