CMLL TV report 6-15

Peq Olimpico/Peq Violencia vs Electrico/Astral
Rudos won the first fall when Peq Violencia pinned Electrico with a senton from the top rope and Peq Olimpico made Astral tap to a half cristo negro.  During the second fall Astral used a headscissors takeover from the top rope to the floor onto Peq Violencia which looked good.  Inside the ring Electrico had Peq Olimpco up for a wheelbarrow suplex but instead dropped him down into a facebuster for the pin.  Meanwhile Peq Violencia was counted out of the ring allowing the tecnicos the win.  In the third fall Electrico pinned Peq Violencia with an elbow drop from the top rope.  Tecnicos ended up winning the 3rd fall and the match when both Electrico & Astral used simultaneous planchas from the top rope onto Peq Olimpico.
Winners:  Electrico/Astral
Final thoughts:  match was good not great.  Some nice spots by Astral.  Crowd didn't seem into it.
Raziel/Okumura/Cancerbero vs Pegasso/Diamante/Triton
Pegasso pinned Cancerbero with a sunset flip and Triton pinned Raziel with a legdrop.  In the second fall  Okumura pinned Triton with a picture perfect brainbuster.  Raziel had Pegasso up for a suplex and Cancerbero came off the top ropes onto Pegasso with a bombs away.  In the third fall Raziel had Triton up for a La Tapatia while Cancerbero had him locked in a last chancery Pegasso snick in and pinned Raziel while Triton tapped eliminating both of them.  Pegasso took over Cancerbero with a headscissors takeover to the floor.  Diamante hit 2 crisp quebradora backbreakers on Okumura and pinned him with a 450 double knee splash. 
Winners:  Diamante/Pegasso/Triton
Final thoughts:  Pretty good match with Pegasso's flying looking good.
Euforia/Volador Jr/El Terrible vs La Sombra/Mistico/Mascara Dorada
Tecnicos won the first fall when Dorada pinned Terrible with a huracanranna & Mistico make Euforia tap to his La Mistica.  In the second fall Mistico dove off the top turnbuckle to the floor and hit Euforia with a headscissors takeover.  Sombra & Mascara Dorada hit 2 tope suicidas to the floor onto both Terrible & Volador Jr while Mistico hit a somersault plancha to the floor onto Euforia.  Mascara Dorada hit a twisting plancha to the floor onto Terrible.  Mistico hit a shooting star press off the top tunbuckle to the floor onto Euforia.    Rudos were dq'd when Volador Jr ripped off Sombra's mask.  After the match Sombra & Volador issued Mascara vs Mascara challenges to each other. 
Winners:  Mistico/La Sombra/Mascara Dorada
Final Thoughts.  A really good match highlighted by Mistico & Dorada's high flying.  Crowd was really into this match.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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