Feedback to CMLL anniversary show

Thumbs up.
So here's the deal. I was really dirty that they pulled the bait and switch, so much that I was feeling ripped off and I didn't even pay for the show. But then they guys in the main event managed to get me (and the crowd) back into it all and I actually had a good time.
Best Match: Sombra v Volador Jr
Worst Match: Probably one of the under-card matches. I wasn't paying much attention. 
I actually feel like watching more lucha in the future, so that's always a good sign.

Charles Harris

CMLL 80e Anniversarios
Thumbs Up
Best Match: El Terrible, Shocker and Negro Casas vs Marco Corleone, Rush and Vangellys
Worst Match: None
I had a little trouble watching at first but it was good starting with the second match. I thought this show provided a lot of special moments, starting with Super Porky doing some flying as well as Maximo being charismatic and working well.
I loved the Rush/Casas trios match, they've been opposite sides of great trios matches going back to June. People will often comment that they wish there was more between the two and it happened here. That definitely seemed like a heel turn by Rush which is very appropriate and he could become the best rudo/heel in the business.
I had trouble with the feed during the first two falls of Panther/Averno but loved the third fall. Panther does great mat work and had awesome facial expressions.
I hadn't realized at the start of Sombra/Volador vs Atlantis/Ultimo that it was only one fall. Yes, everyone wanted to see the vets in the main event but I thought this did work well with Sombra and Volador going over. And perhaps they can hold off on Atlantis/Ultimo until next year with a similar scenario.
The trios titles match had some great flying and was a great showcase for Mistico's team.
The main event started great and had great atmosphere. There was probably too many near-falls in the third fall but the finish went well and the unmasking was cool. I think Volador could be a big start without his mask now. And Sombra was great all night.
Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

CMLL 80th Anniversary show
Thumbs up
Best match: Blue Panther vs. Averno (while Volador Jr vs La Sombra was great and the best action in the ring, I liked the story of this match more)
Worst match: La Sombra & Volador Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Atlantis (nothing wrong with the action in the match but the finish killed the momentum of the card and the crowd turned afterwards) 
Up until the finish of the tag team where Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis lost, I thought this was going to be better than SummerSlam by far. However, my hopes of a different mask vs. mask match were dashed in a moment just like that of the crowd. Still, Volador Jr. and La Sombra had a fantastic match in the main event slot.
This show almost simply gets a thumbs ups just because it is the first live lucha libre broadcast I've ever been able to watch. I really haven't seen a full CMLL show since I used to watch it on Galavision except for YouTube videos. Being able to watch live offers a much better perspective than I've ever seen. Likewise, it doesn't hurt the viewing experience when the action in the ring is as great as it was on this card from top to bottom.
Chris Aiken 

Don't know if you're asking for thumbs here, but.........Thumbs way up, Dave!

Best Match: Volador Jr vs Sombra
Worst Match: There was no worst match. Everybody worked their butts off tonight!

In reading your comments on Rush, I think you're missing the odd presence he's had for some time now. He's been a tecnico bordering on rudo for ages now, being the ultimate arrogant bratty hee.... err, babyface. I used to go crazy thinking "why don't they turn him?" I think other fans have been expecting his turn, but it seems like the longer he stays tecnico, the more intensely they hate him! And every time he and Casas go at it, the fans motherfucking  pop like crazy, even if they do is chop each other! Fredo and I were both saying last night that it's an odd formula, (and knowing the bookers at CMLL, they probably don't realize what they're accomplishing) but it works. This cat OOOZES charisma! Rush gets more heat with one snotty facial expression than most heels do in an entire match. He's really improved as a worker too. He is the new "king of cool" in lucha..... at least that's my take!

I know fans were disappointed that they didn't see Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero square off. Would have loved to see it myself, but Sombra and Volador delivered bigtime. The way they sold the frustration in the multiple near falls was sweet. It wasn't simply the "high spots," they sold the desperation beautifully!

I do agree with you that it was Bryan Alvarez under that hood. However he lied about his real name, which I believe is Mr. Super Chico.

Hope all is well your way!

Kurt Brown

CMLL 80th Anniversary
rating--- thumbs in the middle
best match--- LA SOMBRA VS. VOLADOR JR.
I have never watched CMLL until last week when I saw the link posted at for their show.
Last week I only saw the end of the 2nd last match and the main event. I really just wanted to see Tanahashi last week. The Tanahashi match had very little heat for some stupid reason which hurt it I thought.
The problem with all these 2 out of 3 falls matches for me, is that the first 2 falls seem like just a  rush to get to the 3rd. Really hurts the matches.
I swear I've seen the name Negro Casas for like 20 years in print, and finally I saw the guy wrestle. He's pretty old and it looked like he was going to have a shoot heart attack a couple times.
God, how old is Blue Panther? I crapped on that match during his entrance when I saw he was only slightly younger than my grandpa's age.
The other problem I had was with the selling, or lack there of in a lot of matches.
All of my comments are negative here, yet it was still a pretty enjoyable show. Good crowd I thought.
Dan Petrucci

This was a "thumbs-up" show. I'm not a big fan of lucha libre but this event positively flew by and was very entertaining. The crowd was hot and the show was shot in such a way as to make it appear major league. Averno versus Blue Panther was the best match of the night, while Atlantis and Ultimate Guerrero versus Volador, Jr. and La Sombra was the "worst." This match was all action but unfortunately it was too short to have any real impact.
M.P. Wierzbicki


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