Triplemania Notes: Alberto Del Rio appears, Rey Mysterio video

Rey Mysterio was not at TripleMania, but a video of him did appear at the end of the show saying he would be returning soon. 

Alberto Del Rio, as Alberto el Patron, was there as the new lead babyface even though he's also on a non-compete.  The name Alberto Del Rio was used in a graphic and he used his WWE ring music and he ripped on WWE, saying he encountered racism but before he could say more, several heels attacked him and he cleaned house.  At the end of the show, he ran in to attack Perro Aguayo Jr., after Aguayo Jr. had pinned Myzteziz after a low blow.  Alberto put Aguayo Jr. in the armbar to end the show.

Mysterio doing even that much while under WWE contract, and AAA facilitating it, is something to watch out for. 

Jeff Jarrett's was unable to get into the country for the show due to bad weather in Dallas canceling his flight.  Also missing the show was Ricochet, who said he missed his flight.

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