G-1 Climax day two feedback

Hi Dave,

Missed the first 4 matches but a huge thumbs up for the rest of the show.

Best match: Tanahashi vs. Ishii
Worst match: Makabe vs. DBS Jr

Shibata/Kojima, Naito/Ibushi and Nakamura/Suzuki are all worth going out your way to see, but if you only have time for one match make sure it's the main event! Good god I love Korakuen Hall. This was a very vocal, very passionate, very hardcore crowd. On paper you'd look at the card and wonder why on earth Iishi is main eventing, but the fan reaction to him and the match he and Tanahashi were able to work in front of that crowd (I don't think it would have worked in Sumo Hall), and you understand why.
Will Byrd, London

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