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Best match Ishii vs Shibata

Worst match Yujiro vs Toru(still was entertaining)

What to say about this show and this tournament unbelievably good,two motyc's Ishii/shibata was such a great stiff war Ishii is one of the best underdogs in all off wrestling.

Ibushi/Nakamura was also great love the part near the end where they got pissed with each other and started stiffing the hell out out of each other.Well worth the money and we're only four shows in.

Thumbs way up

John Boyle

Night two:

Thumbs up
Best match: Ishii vs. Tanahashi
Worst match: Takahashi vs. Tenzan

Night two actually managed to be even better than the first show. First half was nothing special, but starting with Shibata/Kojima going forward every match was excellent. Ishii and Tanahashi is definitely another match of the year candidate that must be seen.

Night three:

Thumbs up
Best match: Smith Jr. vs. Tanahashi
Worst match: Suzuki vs. Tenzan

The first two nights were much better than this show, but still all really good matches from top to bottom. Really, for this to be considered to be a lesser show says a lot of the quality of these shows. The main event and Nagata/Naito were the standout matches here.

Shane Bliss

Hi Dave,

A million thumbs up.

Best match: Shinsuke vs. Ibushi
Worst match: Shelton vs. Nagata
Best show so far. No bad matches. Two absolutely stunning matches in Shibata vs. Ishii and Nakamura vs. Ibushi. Shibata vs. Ishii was exactly as you'd expect, super intense and brutal. The main really was a star making performance for Ibushi with both guys taking it up a few notches from their usual level. The last five minutes or so just incredible violent looking stuff.
Will Byard, London

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Tomohiro Ishii Vs Katsuyori Shibata
Worst Match: Toru Yano Vs Yujiro Takahashi (only chosen for the sake of choosing one)
Four shows in and the G1 is on track to be worth the purchase. I would say Night 2 at Korakuen and today's event at Osaka are tied for the best show of the tournament so far. Ishii Vs Shibata was an incredible slugfest. The Nakamura Vs Ibushi main event led to a dramatic (excuse the pun) finishing stretch. Okada and Makabe was a strong showing from both men. Satoshi Kojima has stepped up his game for this year's tournament. It's great to see Davey Boy Smith Jr. compete on the same level as the Japanese wrestlers while Lance Archer has improved a lot too. While I am getting worried that the Bullet Club shenanigans are getting in the way too much in Devitt's matches, he is still a fantastic prick heel to the Japanese audience. It's still a long way to go but I am having a lot of fun watching the entire tournament as it happens.
Jamie O'Doherty

Great show.  I think it officially beats out January 4th as the SHOW OF THE YEAR!

So many great matches, and Shibata vs. Ishii may have been the best match this year.  I can't see any match in this tournament beating it.  Absolutely amazing. 
WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt Lovallo
Day 2:
Most favorite: Suzuki vs Nakamura
Least favorite: Kojima vs Shibata
Benjamin- Anderson felt short on time, though they what they did was good. Archer did good and got a great reaction. Smith Jr and Makabe perhaps didn't mesh all too well near the end, but I found it enjoyable enough. Shibata-Kojima wasn't my cup of tea, but they put on a good show. Takahashi won? Stunned and awesome. Okada-Gotou and Naitou-Ibushi were both very good. Ishii getting the Tanahashi treatment was great, obviously. Watched it twice to make sure, but it wasn't the match of the night for me. Real solid show.
Thumbs up.
/ Peter Johansson
Day 3:
Best match: Nakamura vs Yano.
Worst match: Suzuki vs Tenzan
Not a good night by their standard. Actually had a couple of outr ight stinkers. Was there a huge party backstage between the second and third show or something? I was really psyked for the Takahashi-Benjamin match beforehand, but too often felt like they were going through the motions and at some points barely even tried. Suzuki looked unusually wobbly, but Tenzan looked terrible to the point of me feeling genuin concern for them both. Others were merely adequate. Enjoyed Devitt-Ishii, Gotou-Cozyma and the main event pretty much, though had hoped Tanahashi take charge more. Found only one match really great, so there's that at least.
Going with thumbs down for this one. They spoil us too much.
/ Peter Johansson

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