Review of the new Japanese pro wrestling cartoon

By Johnny Clare

For a kids cartoon, this was appalling. Not for the content or the violence, but for the highly sexualized nature of the show. All of the main characters are scantily clad, have enormous breasts that are barely covered, and there's an unhealthy obsession with showing shots of the crotch. 
One scene that was explicitly outrageous took place in a shower. The key protagonist, Sweet Diva center vocalist, Hagiwara Sakura, is approached by Yuho and Aika as she bathes. They ask her how she got her "bangin' body" and proceed to fondle her breasts against her will. We are then told that her "proportions are the fruits of her hard training", which is an inspiring message to young girls everywhere. After that, Yuho and Aika go and grope Sakura's singing rival, Miyazawa Elena. All of this molestation is played up as comic relief. 
The perversion builds in the final battle, the "hair vs hair" match between Hagiwara Sakura and Kazama Rio, where shortly after a fan shouts "bitch" at Rio, she puts Sakura in a gratuitously crotch exposing move called the "Shame Hold", then the commentator says, "A national's idol got her legs spread wide open! This is too good!". Maybe I'm naive to Japanese culture, but I find it hard to believe this is isn't offensive and unsuitable for children anywhere in the world. 
Besides all that, I kind of liked the show. It had a complex narrative for a kid's show, starting at the end, then jumping to the beginning. It put over the seriousness of Japanese pro-wrestling and the story was believable, to a degree. The end was pretty good with Sakura demanding a rematch after losing her hair and vowing to go pro. 
As well as that, they also teased a few other matches. The first being between Sakura and Elena, who both, in the singing contest, established their signature move called the "ice cream somersault. The second will be with a Crush Girl type called Misaki, who, like Sakura, used to be a singer turned wrestler. 
Even though I wouldn't ever show this program to a child, for fear I'd be arrested, I have to give it a "thumbs up", because in spite of the depravity, which I only found perturbing within the context of a kid's cartoon, I enjoyed it and I want to see more episodes.
Yours sincerely,
Jonny Clare

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