Feedback to New Japan Kings of Pro Wrestling

Dave and Bryan,
   Just go t home from the New Japan show.  Tanahashi-Okada was awesome but the rest of the card was not that great (Nakamura-Marafuji was pretty good too).  The Tanahashi vs Okada match was a hybrid of Brisco-Funk and Flair-Steamboat.  Tanahashi working the injured arm so much and escaping to the ropes made me think he was turning heal in a subtle technical heal way.  Throw in his fake knee injury in the beginning and many in the crowd who started chanting for Tanahashi were chanting for Okada by the end.  This was really the only match with good heat but it was not at the level of Kenta Kobashi's last match or recent Undertaker Mania matches.  I bought my tickets just last week and was disappointed to see they black tarped off all 4 corners so it was at least 3000 shy of a sellout.  I really don't know how they'll fill the Tokyo Dome if they can't fill Sumo with their marquis matchup.  One last note.  I've been attending wrestling matches for almost 40
years and when the fans all respectfully stood during the Russian National Anthem it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen live.  My boyfriend (who is NOT a puroresu fan) turned to me and asked "why aren't they booing and throwing things at him like they do Iron Sheik".  I had no answer because I was laughing too hard.
David  Hardy

Thumbs Up. Way, way up.
Best Match: Okada/Tanahashi

Three absolutely great, go-out-of-your-way-to-see matches, a little Gracie wackiness, and Karl Anderson. This guy was given an inch and took a mile. Has anyone ever met somebody that purchased one of these shows and then wanted there money back? Of course not. Another classic PPV.

-- Scott Winter

NJPW Kings of Pro Wrestling
Set my alarm for 2:54 am EST to watch this live. I was not disappointed. I was however disappointed that I ordered WWE battleground. NJPW just so much better quality wise than WWE right now.
rating--- Thumbs Up!
best match--- Kazuchika Okada/Hiroshi Tanahashi 
worst match--- Minoru Suzuki/Toru Yano

The show built up steadily, peaking with the last 2 matches. Crowd was pretty quiet throughout the night until those last 2 matches I thought. 

The Tomohiro Ishii/Katsuyori Shibata rematch from G1 Climax day 4 was another good match. I don't think it came close to reaching the level of the 1st match however. Day 4 had a super hot crowd and they remained hot throughout their whole match in August. This one was physical again, just not as physical and with a weaker crowd. I would be interested in seeing a 3rd meeting if they take that path.

The Nagata/Sakuraba match was better than I thought it would be. The low blow spot from Nagata looked really good, looked like he connected full blow, pardon the pun. The Gracies are a big deal aren't they? I never followed MMA when they were around.

I thought the pre match video on Yujiro Takahashi was very well done. They put over his pimpin life style very well and made him feel like a big deal. I thought the match was quite good yet the crowd was quiet and took away from the match. I really noticed their were tons of women in the crowd. Contrast that with an average North American wrestling show, where the vast majority is men.

Shinsuke Nakamura/Naomichi Marufuji was a very good match. They had great chemistry and some very innovative spots. 

 Kazuchika Okada/Hiroshi Tanahashi delivered again. Expert story telling. Expert selling of the arm by Okada as well. What did they do, around 40 minutes? Not many guys can go 40 minutes and put on a great match but these guys did.

Dan Petrucci

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