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Tanahashi/Okada was phenomenal. Gotta watch again to determine star ratings, but easily ****+.
Ryan Pike

Just caught up, excellent show overall. All the major matches delivered IMO especially the main, although I did find the rjr. tag match somewhat disappointing. Shame the attendance seemed low for a stacked card. Looking foward to Nakamura/Suzuki, that's a title match I've been anticipating for months.

Do you think Tanahashi could be the next IC champion now that he's locked outof the IWGP heavy picture? Nakamura/Tanahashi would be a fantastic Tokyo Dome 2nd main event, Shinsuke's held that title for a very long time aside from that one month this summer, and that would allow them to continue to promote a Tanahashi title match close to the top of their PPV cards.

Matt P

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Best Match: Okada vs Tanahashi
Worst Match: Yano vs Suzuki

I doubt Tanahashi stay away from Okada for IWGP title again in future. Let's move on. KOPW is great and better than last year's KOPW.

Naito is not fit for IWGP champ. He need to train hard and serious physical like real Shinobi.

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